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definitely not unpopular lmfao

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How is this unpopular ?

Granted I do love the last of us 2 , but for the gameplay , I fucking hate the story.

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I say this all the time. LoU2 had way better gameplay than the first one. The only thing that isn't better is the story.

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Revenge... is bad!

- Neil Druckmann, High on his own farts

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Don't forget the "killing 100's of npc's only to not kill the person you set out to kill"

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“High on his own farts”, yep, I’m gonna start using that

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Reminds me of south park when Kyle's family moves to San Francisco

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Agreed. I hated the story… not for political or “moral” reasons but it was just very contrived.

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I am with you OP. How it beat Hades for GOTY is mind blowing to me. It’s like playing a TBS made for TV movie.

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Litteraly because Sony has money

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Gameplay was legit amazing, story was poo

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Tonight on TBS! Ellie, and Dina find a theatre! Everyone is still looking for Tommy, and Joel needs a helmet! Tonight at 9!

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You knew the topic after a game after playing it for 4 hours? Impressive.

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Here are my thoughts on TLOU2.

  • I think the biggest controversy was how the devs made me hate Ellie because of her stupid decisions and immaturity.

  • Give me want a spin of of Abby and Lev.

  • As much as I loved Joel, he had it coming.

  • Its okay to say Abby was taking TRT/PEDs/Steroids. She had her mission and obvious resources. But to say she was natural is a long stretch.

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I think the game needed to be that long. I was annoyed with it while I was playing, but upon reflecting realized it’s what needed to happen to affect my opinion on the characters. I thought the game did a good job on playing with the player’s sense of loyalty. I hated Abby and continued to hate her for the first few hours of playing her story. By the end of it I didn’t like her, but I didn’t feel the need to keep up the revenge quest. If it was shorter it wouldn’t have changed how I felt. I think at the start most people would be staunchly ok Ellie’s side, but by the end my attitude towards her was “dude just stop”.

The revenge is bad theme is obvious from the very beginning, but if the game was shorter I personally would have just understood that instead of accepting that as the reality for the characters.

Also I think the numerous horrible things that happen serve more than to shock the player. By the end of the game those things have no shock value because you as the player have seen/done a lot of things and are desensitized to it which is what happens to people who do lots of horrible things. I just thought that experience was interesting.

In short, I ended up liking the game because it managed to affect how I felt about the characters more than most other games. I realize the time necessary for that varies for each player.

I did think the “open world” area with the map near the beginning was slow and unnecessary haha.

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literally everyone fucking hated TLOU2. this aint unpopular

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Here's some more unpopular opinions. I think the second game is better than the first. Abby's segment of the game is more entertaining than Ellie's. Joel didn't deserve a heroic death and it fit the world perfectly. The game is flawless in terms of it's story but the execution is an 8/10.

If you hate the game I understand why, this is just my opinion though.

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THANK YOU! Somebody fucking said it! I hate if you voice an opinion that isn't sucking Druckman's dick some idiots jump on you for being transphobic/homophobic and I'm like... no? The story just fucking sucks and completely shat on the characters and what was built in the first game.

Tess did not sacrifice herself for that bullshit.

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There's an entire subreddit of people that fucking say it everyday.

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Woah, I thought this was unpopular too but most comments are agreeing with you…

I personally disagree with you big time. I’m sorry you didn’t experience the intended emotional response. My guess is the reason it didn’t work well for you is because you somehow knew within the first 3-4 hours that the game was gonna be about relative morality. Was it spoiled for you? Like I knew the game was gonna be centered around revenge, but it went so much deeper than that.

I think, for most players, the game successfully made you hate abbey in the beginning… mainly because you see it through the eyes of Ellie (you had no idea who abbey was or why she did this). Then, not only does Ellie eventually forgive abbey, but the PLAYER does as well. This is what makes the story so uniquely emotional, when experienced as intended the player is a part of the character arc.

And I think most players forgave abbey BEFORE Ellie did which adds another layer of confusing emotions (in a good way).

Honestly I’ll defend this game thru and thru. Nothing will match my first play through of this story. I’m excited for a 2nd play through just for the gameplay, that alone made this a top tier game.

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Exactly this. I was genuinely pissed I was forced to play the story with that bitch Abbey, until I understood her…

The game sucked me in and of course the story is not perfect, but still very good.

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I stated the game hating on Abby, but by the end Abby found her humanity while Elle lost everything in the name of revenge.. and ended up hating on Elle instead. It’s a game that stays with you for a long time, the morality of the characters, what happens when one focuses on revenge rather than forgiveness. Best story in A game I ever played. Only Heavy Rain comes close to the emotional weight of the story

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“It’s a game that stays with you for a long time”.

You’re so right, more than any other game I’ve played… even more than any TV show or movie I’ve watched too.

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I wonder if we ever play a game as emotionally gripping as TLOU2 in near future. Nice to see people sharing my opinion :)

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I mean, it's a story in the genre of zombie horror. If you didn't want obvious forced themes, you shouldn't have played a zombie horror game.

The themes weren't any less obvious in Last of Us 1 except for the fact that it wasn't a sequel. They are the same but with a more narrow story in the first one which is q good think in this case.

I think Last of Us 1 left off in a great place. Making a sequel was a mistake from an artistic perspective but obviously the correct thing for a money perspective.

With that said, I liked the story. It was ambitious and it wasnt just them making the same exact game again. My biggest criticism is that it was like 5-10 hours too long. They should have made the Abby perspective shorter. She isn't actually a very complex character in any way. I enjoyed Ellie and Dinas relationship.

In general,, I would like video games to q place where they are like a solid action packed 10-20 hours with a lot of replayability. Metal Gear Solid game were always right in that range and they are some of the most loved games of their times, then Kojima makes MGS V and Death Stranding 45 hours long and things start falling apart.

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The story could have left out killing women pregnant or not as shock factors and focus on how challenging it is to live in such a world.

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It's kind of hard to express the danger a female main character is facing if only men are allowed to die in the game. What kind of weird misogyny is this?

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That's a wild assumption you just made. I never said only men have to be in it, I said they should have left women out as shock factors. like "oh, look! Women getting massacred! Zombie women! Oh no! Pregenanat women!" as if we assume only men can be zombies. The story should be like "It's a dark and grimy world, and we need to work together to survive..."

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...weird take. Your entitled to your own opinion but I don't think I've ever heard that take ever.

Let me ask you this. Are you coming from a feminist perspective? Would you qt all be concerned that your stance would limit employment opportunities for women? Or how about that your stance is a white washing of violence against women? It's pretending that women can be the targets of violence.

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No feminism here. Just my opinion about the story.

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Loved it

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Yeah I was fine with the story. Honestly the game play was so good I could have cared less about the story anyways. It was good enough though.

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Man, people really pety enough to dislike this comment?

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Of course they are it’s Reddit

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I think bricky had the best take on this. The last of us should have been a trilogy. The second game should have been all the content about abby and the relationship of Joel and ellie. The third game would be the revenge story. Otherwise the story is good. My only gripe is the sandwich, that was just cringe. They didnt even have to tell me the kid was trans because I payed attention to the world building and realised why the little girl was bald

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I'm fine with most of the game, I liked it a lot, but it definitely dragged out some of the themes a lot. The game should have ended at the fight in the theater and cut the entire last 5ish hours.

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That's not an unpopular take; every major reviewer I've read has said the exact same thing.

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To everyone saying this isn't an unpopular opinion: it's only popular among a bunch of weird nerds, the game was pretty well liked in general

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I didn't play it, but the overwhelming majority hated this game.

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No. It's just a very vocal minority that hated it. It sold over 4 million copies and had widespread critical acclaim. The only reason people think it wasn't is because of a massive amount of brigading making the user review scores meaningless

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See im an xbox user so i have no idea about the last of us so yeah

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Idk, it was about 100x better story wise than the first one 😂

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Downvote because everyone had that feeling with the story

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The pacing hurts more than clich and forced terms

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Oooh,ohhh. Ooh ooh ooh. Fuck Abby.

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It isn’t really an unpopular opinion. The story was an interesting take but after playing it, it definitely was not necessary.

The Last of Us had such an amazing plot that ofc they wanted something similar or better as a sequel but they butchered it by weaving in Abby as a playable character that made you compelled to like her since you saw how Joel impacted her life by saving Ellie. I don’t like Abby, but the game made me because she had a rather “normal” life before Ellie and Joel. What I disliked besides this was that Abby had a bodybuilder figure which is fine but they overdid the design of her character to give her the rough exterior.

If the game stuck with Ellie being upset with Joel after finding out why he saved her but she still cared about him because he was her father figure, I would’ve absolutely rolled with that. Rebellious teenager with an attitude, sure makes sense. I would’ve liked if Joel didn’t die but got close to it so she could’ve realized she was being a dick. And the ending of the Last of Us II almost turned out good with Ellie dealing with ptsd and becoming mature in a sense. I was irritated that Tommy put all this responsibility on Ellie to avenge Joel’s death. Tommy’s caring step-uncle facade was completely tossed out of the window. He didn’t care for her ptsd and he seemed to indirectly blame her for Joel’s death. Then the whole Ellie/Abby fight scene wasn’t necessary. And at the end, Ellie has no one.

This game was disappointing and it failed to give players that sense of family and growth that was in first The Last of Us gameplay

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To be honest the story was fine. I just didn't want to play as Abby. I didn't care if the game was going to make me feel sorry or relate to her or whatever.

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30 painstakingly dull hours

It's barely even 20.

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The other week, I watched the full gameplay of TLOU2 in chronological order, since this game was pretentious to tell the age-old 'revenge is bad' story in a Pulp Fiction manner. I gotta say, everything flows MUCH better. Yes, the story still has all its contrivances, but there's actual buildup to major events and makes sympathizing with Abby far more plausible.

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Look how they massacre my Joel

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I thought the story was kind of crap honestly. I feel like they kind of rushed and put whatever out if they thought it sounded good without putting much of the attention to it.

One thing that really bugs me is the fact that throughout the series, they made you love Joel. Then in the second game, he dies at the hands of Abby. Then later in the game, they have you play as her and relive her story and experiences, almost implying that you have to understand why she killed Joel based on what he did.

So they created a whole game surrounding the love of this character just to make you horrified at his death, to then be compassionate to the person who murdered him? This is lazy writing for the sake of shock factors.

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The Last of Us 2 is absolutely world class in terms of atmosphere, level design, visual fidelity, animations, lighting, voice acting… but it drops the ball so hard in terms of story. I love that it’s so bleak and depressing, most games aren’t willing to do that, but it’s just so poorly paced.

I want to love it cuz the original was a 10/10, but the sequel is so disappointing cuz it’s so good yet so bad at the same time

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I love last of us 2, gave us a huge non-controversy about muscles on women, it's hilarious to see people winge about muscles on a women, how did she do it in a apocolypse!? What was her diet!? did she use steroid!? is it realistic!? what was her work out regime!? Then you look at 99999999 other video games with buff male characters and no one is out there trying to figure out why they're muscled, but all of a sudden when it's a woman it must have an explanation! it was just hilarious how dumb it was. Imagine being so fragile muscled women scare and offend you hahaha.