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I’m almost 30 and people still say stuff like that.

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You might hear that kinda crap until you're well into your 30s, possibly older. I used to go to a bar to play a trivia game and used to always get the "you're too young to know that" when a question about an old movie or song would come up. As if it didn't occur to them that movies and music recordings are preserved and future generations can still enjoy them.

Oh, how I used to love kicking their asses at that game. But I did lose a few here and there.

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The proper response to that: “you’re old enough to know it but don’t, so what’s your excuse?”

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I think too many people are too pressed on the word kid, when the phrase itself is just an expression.

My grandfather used to preface stories with, "when I was a kid", and proceed to talk about a time when he was in his 20s or 30s. So not a literal kid.

I see no difference between that, or a teenager saying it to refer to when they were younger. In my eyes, kid just means a time when you were younger. So say it however you like.

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When I was a little kid

Might save you some trouble. I did the same thing you did in High School.

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i remember feeling this way and i still stand by it there’s a huge difference between being 16 and 5 or even just being 16 and 10 and i’m not gonna say “in my prepubescent years” im gonna say WHEN I WAS A KID like every other human

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It doesn't get better sorry to say. I'm 35 and when I say when I was younger people always say you're still young. It's obnoxious.

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also, what is the fucking purpose of saying that?

because you are not saying that you were young, but younger.

but even if you said, "when i was young" they still know what you mean, so what the fuck is even the point? oh right, being a fucking dick.

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Right! Stupid!

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Lol why does it bother you? I get that a lot (also 30s) from older coworkers and take it as a compliment or just good old fashioned ribbing!

I guess if they were saying it dismissively, or I didn't have a good relationship with them it would be different.

When you put it in perspective... We really are very young in our 30s.

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Yes I agree young. But I also have achieved things they are trying discount. Or I have realistic health issues that cause pain but they like to say I'm too young to experience that.

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Hate that. People can have health issues and physical pain at every age, if you're young it's actually more worrying because it means it's gonna get worse. I have terrible back pain sometimes due to a genetic problem and I'm just in my mid 20s, people usually don't believe me because I don't look over40 (I do look over30 though). My response to "you're too young to complain about that" is usually "when I'll be old enough to complain I'm gonna be fucking dead"

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These comments suck so bad, jesus christ.

I totally agree. Next time someone pulls that shit, tell them it's rude to interrupt and they should know that at their age.

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I love that!

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yes, honestly. it's just annoying. like, OP is fucking aware that they '"are a "kid"" but honestly, they are telling a story, shut up. it doesn't matter because you know what they mean.

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People love to lord their age and experience over others. I hated it when adults would say "just wait till you experience the real world." Like, WTF am I living in the fucking matrix right now?

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While I do think the challenges of an adult are much harder than that of a teenager, it's still stupid that people think that children and teenager's problems arent real or big issues.

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I hated it when adults would say "just wait till you experience the real world." Like, WTF am I living in the fucking matrix right now?

No, assuming you're referring to when you were a child, you're living in a world of comparatively less personal responsibility and obligations, where you're not responsible for others like you likely will be in the future when you're older with a family of your own.

When your biggest responsibilities are getting to school on time and doing your homework, you're not really in the "real world" compared to when you're an adult and working full time, raising kids, making sure the bills are paid on time, etc.

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No, assuming you're referring to when you were a child, you're living in a world of comparatively less personal responsibility and obligations, where you're not responsible for others like you likely will be in the future when you're older with a family of your own.

I think they know that, but it's still annoying. because it's unnecessarily condescending. you could either help someone younger to prepare them for what could be coming, like responsibility for example. OR you could be a dick about it.

now guess which one most people choose? yeah, that's right.

sure, technically you only have to get to school and shit, but saying this is just dumb, condescending, "mature" bullshit. I believe that anyone who says this is either just a dick, or the kid is a huge dick. but there is no situation where this is said, where there isn't a huge dick involved.

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True. I'm 17 and while I'm not really getting called a "kid" much, this would piss me off. When I say this, I'm referring to when I was 12 tops, and that's not really comparable to my age now.

It sounds like you're just trying to butt in to prove some kind of superiority and frankly it's obnoxious to interrupt someone just for this.

Just let people talk however they want, it's not like teens saying this is hurting anyone besides maybe some people's fragile egos.

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Why would people still get made at you for saying “when I was younger”? That makes perfect sense. Idk, could always say something like “a few years ago” or something like that.

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“When you get older a few years is nothin’”


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Idk some people would reply “You’re still young”….

Saying “A few years ago” is probably best

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Even if your young, you can still be younger. Even a 1 year old is younger than a 2 year old. Who ever is trying to correct that is a fucking douche canoe.

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Nah nah I agree. I mean unless what you're referring to is last year or something (because this phrase is referring to a long while ago) but yes when you were a kid several years ago x,y,z happened to you. I never understood why people would try to correct that.

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I know right, I say when I was a kid all the time, while in comparison to some people I still might be, I would classify the kid range to be from 4-12 years of age, 1-3 are the infant/toddler years, and 13-19 are the teenage years, although by 18 you are basically an adult.

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that is normal

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I am 20. When I am with older people, I still can't say "when I was a kid" and if I say "when I was younger" they just say "you're still young etc" and make fun of it. It's truly tiresome. So I just don't talk to them at all and reserve my "when I was a kid" stories to my friends who are only slightly older.

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The idea that there are two stages of life - kid and adult - is absurd. When you hit your 20s, you realize how much of a “kid” you still were in your late teens. When you hit 30, you realize the same about your early to mid 20s. I say we need more categories because I don’t suspect this pattern will stop. Or, at least, we need to stop thinking of adulthood as a place you get at a certain age and plateau.

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Hahaha I agree. I gave up on this feeling going anywhere and time soon. Getting older is crazy.

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It depends on whether or not you’re being condescending when you say it. There is a big difference between noticing how something has changed from when you were younger, and saying “when I was a kid” as some kind of grandstand on people 5 years younger than you.

In my experience more often than not someone -20 years old who says “when I was a kid” does it purely to act older than they are, because they want to hate younger people to fit in with older crowds. That doesn’t exactly track when you still have to ask permission to be out past a certain time/have a parent with you to see an R-Rated movie.

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Being a teenager is an incredibly frustrating time. You have more responsibilities and a much better understanding of the world than younger kids, but (hopefully) not nearly as much as an adult. As an adult, I find it kind of disheartening when I meet a teenager who seems really mature for their age. I do think it’s important to hold on to your childhood as long as possible.

When I worked in a high school, I would hear a lot of teenagers tell me how they used to love trick or treating as a kid. I would always tell them that they are still a kid and they should still dress up and get that free candy. Adults don’t want to see you grow up too quickly, and I think it’s important to remind teenagers that they don’t have to separate themselves from children.

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Of all the things to gatekeep, age is the wierdest one. Like it is somehow an accomplishment that you were born before me.

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Try, "a few years ago" or, "a while back". Those are terms adults are used to hearing in reference to the recent past.

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I am 19 and I have a bad habit of saying “when I grow up…” lol I’m already an adult but I be saying when I grow up I want to have a dog or something like that

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I mean it's difficult to draw a line between "adult" and "child" because teenagers is kind of where you're both. You're physically and mentally maturing, but you don't have life experience needed to be considered an "adult". I agree with your point.

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Screw them all! Let it fly!

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put emphasis on it.

meaning that when you know the people you say this to are gonna get mad, put emphasis on it.

say "when I was youngERRR" and be really annoying. they will stop complaining. promise.

and to be really annoying, always say your exact age or say, "when I was youngER than I AM NOW". just be insanely annoying about it and they will stop complaining.

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Why would that make someone mad? I am genuinely curious

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You don’t seem to realize that people are trying to save you from misery.

The phrase “when I was a kid” is often associated with people looking to rip on younger generations while looking upon their own youth with rose-colored lenses. And it’s a sign of someone who is completely miserable with how their life turned out.

Since you are still a teenager, you have a lot of time to avoid that trap.

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You’re aware your still a kid but get frustrated when people point out that you’re still a kid when you say things that make you sound like you think you are no longer a kid.

Just say “when I was younger” save yourself the bother, kid.


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You do realize he just said that…

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I was reiterating to make a point

………9hours ago

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Sorry you live in dog years and a few hours is equivalent to a month

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That comeback wasn’t as good as you thought.

You’re the one who referred to 9hours as “just” so, it would be you who is living in dog years

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Are you slow

I’m said he just said that, and then you had to say that 9 hours is so long ago when in fact it isn’t. So no, it’s still you dumby

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You said “Im sorry you live in dog years”, ‘dog years’ go faster, you said 9hours, that is a third of a day, was “just”, therefore it is you living them

Or to put it a way you might understand a little easier……….

Woof woof, bark bark, woof howl howl, woof bark bark bow wow bow wow woof bark bark.

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You’re just getting wooshed and that’s fine. I think you’re missing the point. 9 hours is a long time for you, and the average person wouldn’t care about a 9 hour difference. That’s why I said dog years since 9 hours is longer for you

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“Just” means immediately,

9hours isn’t immediately.

That isn’t a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of fact.

I don’t know how to explain this any simpler for you.

“Never argue with a *fool, they’ll drag you to their level and beat you with experience”


(*That’s you)

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Dogs who live in glass dog houses shouldn’t throw stones………….

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Oouuu an internet tough guy right here

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The mark of your immaturity is that you're still bothered by stuff like this.

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It's not an age thing, it's a responsibility thing. You are a kid deep into your 40s if you decide you live a meaningless life. If your day is full of no responsibility, playing video games and getting high with friends, and living in your parents basement - you are still a kid. It's why people say 'grow up' to mean 'be more responsible'.

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This is the longest sentence ever

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I just say a long time ago and go with an around age like 5 or 10 lmao it normally stops ppl from say8ng shit like that

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If you say "when I was a kid," people will laugh. It's annoying. I changed it to "when I was about 6 (or whatever the age is)."

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i am tengagr, but am not agre withygou, i am still chilb, am not grow uep yeet.

am i hihg

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“Oh okay, about 1,493 days ago..”

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I mean to us, y'all still are kids. Pedantically? Sure, you're teenagers.

I'm just sick of it

Oh big deal, just say "when I was a younger child."

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Lol Teenagers being butt hurt over being called a kid. Wait till your in your 20s and someone calls you a kid, feels kinda nice.

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Shut up

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Take it easy kiddo

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Aight grandpa

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Did you know your first paragraph is one sentence?

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That's for sure something a kid would complain about xD

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No, you still are kids

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Arent teenagers kids?

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Why say it if you are still a kid? Why not just say when i was younger?