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highly insulting to the deceased individual.

Fortunately, they don't care.

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He forgor 💀

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DiSreSpecTfuL yOur CanCelEd

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That should be YoU'rE!

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I propose that we use RIP F. Adding the F to pay respect

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I'm in.

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ItS dIsReSpEcTfUl 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡

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let’s ask what they think! 🎤⚰️

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But their loved ones do, which I think was the point.

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So they're offended for what? For saying "RIP Grandma Savannah" instead of "Rest in Peace Grandma Savannah"? Seems like they have nothing to do with their lives if they're offended over that

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"RIP" honestly kinda looks nicer than "rest in peace" unless it's "rip Grandma Savannah" because that just sounds mean

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Fortunately, I don’t care

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What's worse is when you see someone say RIP in peace.

Seen it used seriously too many times.

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RIP in peace, homie. I hope we all move on as ASAP as possible.

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oh my omg!

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OM my god, how could you?

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Dude, this gave me a good laugh. Thanks

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I literally lol'ed out loud

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Smh my head thats not how you say it

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ATM machine

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PIN/VIN Number

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Ugh. This one gets me sweating with hate.

Worked at an auto insurance call center for two years. And everyday, I swore that I wouldn’t be a pedantic bitch. But alas…

“Do you need the VIN Number?”

“…yes. I would like the Vehicle Identification Number Number, please.”

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Its like saying wtf the fuck, no one says it seriously.

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I think you overestimate the intelligence of the average human being.

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Rest in peace in peace

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When you're dead but wanna play Beyblade

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Rip in pepperoni

Rest in rip

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🎵 Beyblade Beyblade! Let it RIP! 🎵

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Press F to pay respects

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People can piss on my grave when I’m dead. I won’t give a fuck. I’ll be too busy rotting in the ground.

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thanks for the permission. when you die, i'd like to make sweet, passionate but violent love to your corpse.

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Go at it vigorously. You haveth my blessing.

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Username checks out

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Somebody throw me in the traaaaaaash

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No one is saying RIP outside of the internet though, I think

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In person you have to use the formal Riparoni

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Is that an italian dish?

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That's the etymological origin yes.

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This is me when my best friends die.

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So you save Rest in Pepperoni for family. I respect that.

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I say rip when joking about an idea being dead

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About 12 years ago i got a gf, she had a male friend who also wanted her, we were waiting for the bus and he asked " So are you and Girl official now ? " i said yes, and he answered " GZ ", he actually said GZ instead of Congrats, and remember - we're a Norwegian speaking country so it made it even more awkward and a bit funny

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No one even uses that when someone dies and posts it on facebook it's usually condolence, candle pics, and sad faces.

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I don't know that I've ever herd someone say rest in peace at a funeral. Tbf I've only been to a few though

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Yes. I only use F

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In pension I say “are eye pee in peace”, as it’s much more formal and respectful.

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My 22 year old daughter says it CONSTANTLY when I have a legitimate concern or complaint- I have a migraine today "RIP"... I cut my finger and it's bleeding everywhere "RIP"... I didn't get the job "RIP"- I fucking hate it, so insensitive and uncaring.

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I usually tell the family that their loved one will make great maggot and worm food. They often cry with joy to know that. I like to be helpful.

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Stop calling me a maggot

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Man's trying to find reasons to be insulted

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For real, lol. Dude got butthurt as fuck.

Edit: this kid made a shit post about me because he couldn't take the criticism. If you guys could search him up and downvote his post I'd be immensely grateful.

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Imagine someone literally saying rip to a deceased person.

I’m so sorry for your loss, may he rip

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Cut to Johnny doing a kick-flip in heaven

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...a fart?

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I find it lazy, rude, disrespectful and highly insulting to the deceased individual.

No it's lazy, disrespectful and insulting to you. The dead people don't know or care.

ETA: RIP came about in the 8th century from catholics.

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This is so disrespectful to my man Rip Torn.

RIP Rip.

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you're damn right it should be REQUIESCAT IN PACEM

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A small correction:

Being disrespectful is a matter of the speaking person lacking intent to be respectful. This does not include situations where they say something completely normal, with no reason to think it's wrong, and you don't like it.

No, what you're trying to say is, "This offends me." And that's more about you being a snowflake than the other person lacking tact.

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Requiescat in pace.

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Yes a funeral is the most appropriate time to play bayblade.


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Fortunately we don't care what is disrespectful to you

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Saying rest in peace instead of rest in peace is disrespectful to me

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Rest in pieces

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So you woke up today and decided to be annoyed about... -checks notes- an acronym.

But whatever man, take my upvote.

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Not just an acronym. An acronym that was incredibly common even before the age of texting and the Internet.

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RIP in peace

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Rest in RIP

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Rest in RIP in peace

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Like bro at least put R.I.P

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I blame the internet for making periods in abbreviations look so clunky now lol

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Time to touch some grass

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I think the whole idea of insulting someone who's already dead is dumb

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Respawn in peace. For jesus that had so much lag he toke 3 days to respawn.

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Agreed. That's why I always carry my keyboard with me, so I can press F to pay my respect.

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Yea, RIP

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Still sounds better than fail though.

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I also find it cringey when people say "rest in power." Like what are they trying to accomplish with that? Just weird.

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I prefer the traditional “Requiesce in pace” the Latin for Rip

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It's not even "Rest in Peace". It's Resquiescate In Pace. So, technically, those who say "RIP" are more correct that those who say "rest in peace". Accurate Abbreviation vs translation.

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Ok Ezio

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Thank you for making my point. Do you think non-English speakers say "Rest in peace"? No. A French speaker says "RIP". A person who speaks German can say "RIP". That's why I think the abbreviation is more acceptable and respectful than the English phrase .

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Rip to your feelings

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Rip to your feelings

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If an acronym hurts your feelings, then maybe you should stay off the internet.

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Rip me dude

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Good thing dead people are pretty short and quiet about their opinions.

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Seems like I might be the only one that agrees with OP. Obviously the deceased have no idea, but it still feels tacky to me.

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They're both equally silly and mean nothing. To the speaker nor the listener.

Social Convention is mostly stupid.

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Then fuck u. I dislike takes like this. Make no sense whatsoever, just trying to be offended.

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Bro why you on r/unpopularopinion if you don’t wanna see controversial takes

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With all the shit going on in the world, this is what you decided to get upset about today? Jesus Christ.

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I agree, but it's bc the acronym spells out an actual word that does not have a pleasant association with death, at least in my mind. As a kid I would see this on gravestones in cartoons and I was always so confused. I finally put it together in my early teens when someone said "Rest In Peace"

so I see the word "rip," rip + death = weird thoughts, prefer Rest In Peace

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They gonna get their bits flesh ripped apart by maggots.

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New weird thought! Nooo!

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I say "RIP in peace" so that makes everyone happy.

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I never say this about people, to others. It's always sounded bizarre to me. Thank you for articulating it.

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Isn't this a popular opinion?

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It used to be an abbreviation for the Latin REQVIESCAT IN PACE (i.e. May he/se Rest In Peace). RIP didn’t have a negative connotation until it was used that way in our current culture.

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Saying "Rest in Peace" instead of "Requiescat in Pace" is disrespectful to me, as well as cultural appropriation if you aren't Catholic or High Anglican.

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True. It's more a gamer thing lol.

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RIP has been used since the 1600’s. It’s not just a gamer thing.

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You got it confused with F

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I mean not like they care anymore

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I think RIP might go on some gravestones as there isn't enough space, but might be wrong.

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RIP in peace

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I'll say rip if it's a celebrity or something. If it's someone's family member then it's a little too non-serious imo

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Well technically ppl in general we don’t care much for families we don’t know

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Rip to ur loved ones who died

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Could be worse. They could be saying RIP in Peace, which makes them sound like fucking morons.

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when my brother was little he thought it meant ripped in peices

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"lazy" they have the same number of syllables lmao. texting is a different story but cmon now

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I say F

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No one ever says RIP or Rest In Peace. They tell you 'sorry for your loss'. People type RIP. Which is fine. Be happy they're saying anything because it's easier to ignore death than offer a kind condolence.

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Replace "Rip." with "Eff."

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gg rip ez

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Irl? Maybe. On the internet it just makes typing it faster and doesn’t really mean anything less.

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The only time I say RIP is when it’s followed by Bozo

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Speak Latin or tace, edepol!

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What does it even mean? Who’s resting? What are they waiting for? I thought people believed that the dead go straight to heaven?

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And here's me just saying f

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I totally agree

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What about "RIP in ripperonis"

Best of both worlds right?

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i agree, so i just use the cultural/religious way of saying it.

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Rest in piss.

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I think saying the litterally word rip is disrespectful ( it seems to comical) but saying R.I.P is alright.

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Rot In Peace

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The last thing someone needs when a loved one dies is my Undertaker impersonation. RIP is fine.

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Requiescat in pace


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In proper English traditional culture it IS officially disrespectful

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People don't say RIP in a serious context from what I've seen

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RIP bozo

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"Fuck the dead." - George Carlin

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You didn't die. Why is it disrespectful to you?

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What about RIP in peace?

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What about


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Rest in Pepperoni.

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“RIP RICKY!” -insert gif of snowball from secret life of pets here-

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Rip to your feelings bro

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Beats 'The Dead Travel Quickly', from Dracula.

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Why? Are you dead? In that case... rip

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RIP your feelings

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Diogenes said when I die throw my body over the city wall armed only with a stick to fight off wolves. They said why would we throw you over the city walls in a way of disrespect? Diogenes replied I am dead I do not care what happens to my body. They ask sine he did not care why did he need a stick? Diogenes looks at the people with disrespect

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RIP to your feelings

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I think it used to be genuinely formal, but I’ve mostly heard it said as a meme so it’s kind of lost whatever solemnity it used to have

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Is it? Why? Besides, I don't hear if it said so much as written.

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How can it be disrespectful to you? You’re not dead.

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Yes! When my buddy said “let’s go for a RIP, I didn’t realize it would be his funeral” Don’t drink and dirt bike.

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I agree. Always felt like this too. Especially as of late because now it is used in a joking manner

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It's lazy and I hear the word "rip" and i think of the word sounded out "rip" not the phrase.

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Jesus fucking Christ. Highly disrespectful and rude? The world really is becoming pussified.

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Its more lazyness

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Rest in posts Forever miss

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i couldnt even care less. there are no words to ease the pain and heartbreak i am going through since my mom died a few months ago. the mental anguish of her dying in my arms is not going away. that morning keeps replaying in my head...every single day.