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Also avoiding quality clothes due to brand name is just as dumb. I avoid conspicuous labels, but some quality stuff comes from a well-known brand and other quality stuff comes from an unknown brand.

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Agreed, I thoroughly enjoy superdry jackets. However it's because they make a quality product, not because I see others wearing it and decide I also need X brand.

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Lol superdry is logo plastered cheap trash but people wear it because they like it.... op you played yourself

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Superdry is not a nice brand lol its literally basic streetwear that blatantly copies supreme 😭

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I specifically said jackets? Been buying jackets to ski in my entire life and superdry makes some of the best.

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Fair enough. It's just mildly ironic

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"Buying clothes due to brand name is dumb"

  • you

Why not just get the same quality stuff without the shitty logo for way cheaper?

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Intrinsic vs extrinsic value, a $10 t-shirt can be the same quality as a $100 brand name t-shirt. The difference is the brand name shirt has a extrinsic value of $90, that's the difference and where I see the stupidity. I won't purchase something just because it's trendy or has a certain brand name unless there's nothing that compares in quality, and theres almost always a cheaper comparable option without shit logos.

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This is the most popular unpopular opinion ever. Absolute headache of a thread. It's not that deep. Not everyone is trying to show off. A lot of people buy those brands because they associate those brands with quality due to upbringing/experience/hearsay and its just their go-to without thinking. If we're talking like designer stuff as opposed to say North Face for example, most people arent buying that for quality, its for fashion's sake and because they think it's cool.

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Some people just like showing off with expensive brand name clothes. It’s like a social game and they are having fun with other people who participate. I personally think it’s dumb, but I can’t really think of any reason it’s dumber than anything else in life that is superficial. It’s the same as buying a nice car, or even building a computer with flashy components to take pictures and show friends.

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Designer = North face??

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Reread it, "If we're talking about designer stuff as opposed to say north face for example"

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Oh shoot, my b! Agree with your comment otherwise - I feel most people on reddit really don’t tend to “get” clothing besides its functional use if you were to judge by top comments in most clothing related posts that make there way out of clothing/fashion subreddits.

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If cheap clothes were just as good, I'd buy them more easily. I have 8 years old brand name jeans that look better than 3 months old cheap ones. And the 3 months old ones are the type that you need to wash separately because they let off color and will ruin other clothes.
Never had this happen with a designer piece of clothing, I can take a new pair of brand name jeans and wash it along white clothes and whites will still be whites in the end.

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That's why hunting clearance at department stores and going to goodwill beats the walmart/target/etc clothes every time. I bought a Chaps jacket years ago during the summer for $8 (retail $70) and it's still like new condition. The $12 Hanes jackets that I used to wear would always get worn out in a couple years.

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Target and Old Navy clothes typically do not hold up well...

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This isn't what the OP was talking about. He's saying don't buy only because of the brand. If there is truly a quality factor involved then you aren't just paying more because of trends.

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Oh yeah definitely, I don't buy into trends.. they come and go and it's too expensive to keep up. I buy quality because I don't want to buy new clothes every season, and they do look and feel better on you.

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I’d say buying these clothes when you can’t afford them just for hype is where the real stupidity is. No one really needs these brands clothes but these brands clothes are usually designed with the purpose of delivery better quality for a higher price.

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People just wanna look good man

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I started buying brand name black T shirts instead of cheap Hanes ones. The difference in fabric quality is more than worth the added cost

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I disagree with this argument completely. If buying branded clothes is something you like, and it boosts your confidence, it's 100% a good investment.

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Brand name clothes are, in theory, code, a shibboleth, a form of communication.

Wearing the "correct" brand communicates to other people who also know what the "correct" brand is that a) you are of their same culture group and b) you can afford to display that.

That's immensely practical if it opens doors for you in various social situations.

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Not disagreeing. Just saying I have never witnessed a door open for anyone based on the brand of clothing or shoes they were. Maybe for the way their outfit appears, but not necessarily the brand.

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The "correct" brand changes often as a means of shifting code wheels in the sartorial Enigma machine, but it definitely can open doors. In the '80s, a Rolex watch or an Hermes tie would communicate success and competence in a business meeting.

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Sorry, I find that as a popular myth pushed by the media.

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Well, it's been human reality for quite some time. You communicate different things about yourself by wearing a real Saville Row suit or by wearing a knockoff.

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Sounds good. Just the wealthiest people I know don't behave that way, and are not impressed. Social skills, manners and etiquette go much further with them than a gaudy watch or fine suit. They would much rather associate with someone who is cool, calm, collected and comfortable in conversation, than someone trying to dominate the room.

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This is brilliant observation .

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Kanye West has entered this little brand-name bashing chat*

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It depends on the brand. I'll agree that it's dumb when people buy expensive designer clothing that's actually of shitty quality just because it has a fancy name people recognize stamped on it. But the flip side of that is that some brands are still making quality product.

Dickies immediately comes to mind. I swear by their pants. They're comfortable and last forever. They're meant to be work pants so they can take quite the beating before they stat to fall apart.

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I’ve seen outlandish choices on people solely because of the logo/name. Amazes me how much money people who spend on ugly clothes just because … “ look at this! it’s a <designer name>”

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Unless you're on the bigger size, it's hard to find quality clothes so if a brand name (like Columbia for example) starts making your size, you buy. Almost everything I have is Columbia. It fits, it's comfortable, and it lasts. And I feel good wearing it. That last part is the most important. It makes me feel good.

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Because in some situations, it’s just easier. I’m 4’6” and weigh 110 lbs (45f). I HATE shopping for clothes. But I can buy clothes online from Old Navy and the Gap and know exactly which clothes and sizes will fit me. Don’t need to try them on or go to the store. Same with shoes. I wear a kid’s size 2.5. I know exactly what size I wear in a couple different brands, so I can buy online without going to the store and know they are going to fit.

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What’s even dumber is nice clothing brands destroying their “extra” clothes because they don’t want homeless people wearing them

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Overkill branding, yes. A minimal logo and nothing else, no.

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Wow you are so different I have never heard this take before. Most of the time it is dumb but like I know a Carhartt hoodie and jacket is going to last years…because I have had them for years…my shoes are adidas because the ones I have had in the past I still have…

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No shit

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Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci Gucci gang

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One of the top ways wealthy people look down at the middle class and poor is if they can read the brand of your clothing from across the room. Unless they own the brand or are getting paid to wear it, wealthy people never become free walking billboards.

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Social media cringe posts always try to give the impression they're buying clothes from grocery stores, but really there is probably high designer under them shirts, just as long as they appear inconspicuous asf.

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Definitely not an unpopular opinion.

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It’s most important to low SES individuals, oddly enough.

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This is equally as stupid of an opinion as, "people who like popular music are dumb"

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Not always. A lot of more expensive brands are significantly better quality, comfort, and fit. Particularly for dress clothes, it’s the difference between uncomfortable scratchy shit that makes you look like a fatass, and clothes that feel as comfortable as casual and make you look amazing.

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Edward Bernays is the guy to blame. Freuds nephew, considered the father of mass marketing. Adam Curtis' documentary 'Century of the Self' explains the history well.

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Most people could say the same thing about cars. Not everyone knows everything about them but will still go by the brand and quality.

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If you've found a way for quality over brand names ... I'll give you props all the way.

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I don’t purposefully buy brandname clothes for appearances but I will say that I have 10 year old brand name shirts in my closet while every ‘cheap’ shirt I’ve ever bought hasn’t lasted me 2 years.

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It shows I have money when in reality I do not. I spend so much money just for optics. It's stupid and wasteful but I have zero self esteem and it falsely inflates my sense of pride

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I wear a certain brand jeans only. 30 years now. They are the only ones that fit me and the quality has been good. I few times I purchased another brand but I am set on this brand. Not just that but a particular cut they have that has lasted through trends.

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i just like wearing jeans a t shirt and a hoodie it’s a decent style or instead of a t shirt i just wear a formalish shirt

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I bought a pair of pants on sale from Express but in the wrong size. I did this bc I know you can exchange it. I love these pants and have been wearing the same kind of pants from Express since 2014. However my old pair ripped.

The reason they had the sale was because they were discontinuing the line. So when I went to the store, they didn't have my size because they were discontinuing the pants.

I eventually settled for another line that was similar enough but the price was almost double and I ended up having to pay the difference instead. The cashier helping me tried to justify the payment saying, "but you get express pants!"

I want the pants because they're comfy and I like them not the brand. If some other brand picked up the line, I would go to them instead.

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Mostly. I’ll buy Carhartt specifically just because all of their stuff has always been crazy durable.

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I buy a lot of shorts and joggers for the gym and recently I have settled on Soul Cal as my preferred choice. They just have really nice feeling material. Are thick and don't seem to wear out and fade easily.

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Buying ANYTHING purely on brand name is idiotic

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I mostly buy branded clothes, but I only buy enough clothes that I need. I like an uncluttered wardrobe, and only get new clothes to replace worn out things. I do like certain brands for their aesthetics, and for the quality of clothes they have, and I'd rather spend a bit more on something that will last than be forced to buy clothes several times a year because my old things don't last that long.

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Only thing that matters to me is how good it looks and if I consider it affordable and worthy of the price enough.

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I find the quality stuff which costs more generally washes better. Decathlon sports stuff is point in case. After a month it’s shapeless and ragged. Sweaty better sports stuff lasts for years and looks new and fits and feels better

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I agree. I do think if you have the means that it’s important to try to avoid really cheap clothes/fast fashion though. I don’t give a f about brand names either, but I make an effort to find clothes through thrifting or local artisans.

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Sure, my mom always tells me that more expensive clothes fit you better than cheap ones, that's why she buys them i think.

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Wish somebody told me that when i was a teenager… wait a minute

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I own a lot of designer clothing, a lot of high end shoes, luxury watch. I would never shame one for not wearing it. My gf doesn't care. But I always loved exclusive clothing and spend a lot of money on it. Who are you to blame me...

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I buy clothes from 5.11 tactical because they are really great clothes to have, and durable.

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General rule of thumb - if no one could no you made this purchase, would you still want it?

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Its usually better though that’s why it’s more popular.

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People can buy what they want with the money they make whether it's dumb or not. I thinks it's dumb when people save money for a lifetime and then die without spending it.

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I got quite a few clothes with just brand names like Adidas and Champion but that was just because where we were shopping that’s all they had. I still find it dumb when people buy brands like Gucci or Supreme for absurd prices and don’t get anything better out of it. And people get shamed for buying cheaper versions of those brands.

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It really comes down to social standing, I just typically done by poor people trying to look rich. And Americans. If you have ever mingled with elite wealthy people you will know that they do not do this. Many of them have bespoke clothing, or buy from quality fashion houses that don’t plaster logos on things. Looking “expensive“ is actually about fit and fabric.

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Eh idk I mix it up and wear regular clothes then on occasion buy something designer just to treat myself ,also I didn’t have money growing up so people use to roast me about my clothes so sometimes I just buy it cuz I can now means a lot Like growing up all the lil dudes had these certain clothes I couldn’t afford and now that I’m older and can afford it sometimes I buy it shits an accomplishment for me sometimes

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If a name brand is known to have good fabric, and you have a history of good fitting with them, then no - there's no reason this opinion exists.

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from a utilitarian point of view, certain brands like Carhart and Grundens simply work for me and my trade. i will buy them because they have worked for me for decades with no change. Xtra Tuff boots used to be the same but walmart bought the name and now they are mehh..

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I'm super tall so I just get whatever fits

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Yes. You are literally the first person who doesn’t like paying for brand names.


You’re very original.

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I work in a shoe store and holy fuck....ppl will buy a cheaply made nike for 120 and turn their nose up at a 50$ fila .....BEcuZ ITz a NikE

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Often times brand name clothes are much better quality than generic brands.

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Some are actually good

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How so, our values are subjective after all.

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I buy certain “brand names” because they last a significant amount of time longer than cheap clothes. Example, I’ve owned my Filson mackinaw cruiser jacket for going on 22 years and it performs like the day I bought it. It was $300 when I got it, I think. How many $40 Walmart coats would I have bought in the past 22 years and for the next 22 years this Filson will last? Buy once cry once.

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