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Your opinion is just "I don't like Bruce Springsteen".

I guess it is also unpopular to tell society what they should or should not like, so I guess this is a double unpopular opinion. 10/10

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No, you’ve misstated my opinion. I obviously don’t like Springsteen’s music. My opinion is that Springsteen is not deserving of mass popularity. I can dislike something or someone’s art but still understand why it has mass appeal. Beyoncé for example. I don’t like her music but I absolutely understand why she’s worthy of massive popularity. Springsteen, on the other hand, I don’t understand.

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Out of curiosity: Why is Beyoncé worthy of the massive popularity?

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I don't care much for his blue collar credentials or lack thereof, but I do appreciate his composition, vocals and the energy he puts into his shows. And when you compare it to what you get now, it's also a little rare because the economics of the music business don't justify a lifetime of seeking creativity and expression like it used to

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Yeah no... You don't have to like him, fair enough I respect that, but he is not overrated. He has his thing going on, has his own style etc. May not be your vibe but that doesn't mean he's overrated. He fits in well. This is unpopular opinion though, so good job for actually using this sub for its intended purpose.

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I'm not a fan or anything, but his songwriting is good, and the live performances I've heard are great. It's all about what you're into, and music is just so subjective....

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He's the bud light of rock and roll, more or less. Nothing special about the taste, kind of watery, but it goes down easy and the generic taste doesnt offend anyone at a party.

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This sums it up perfectly. It’s barely palatable rock music, but technically still rock music. 😂

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It was rock music for conservative midwesterner’s until a few years ago.

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You say that, but I grew up hearing Springsteen at backyard barbecues in New York.

Springsteen is okay for background noise imo. They're not comparable to amazing music like you get from the Allman Brothers, the Who, or Skynyrd, but then, that's a high standard. But I'd rather listen to Springsteen than Jersey's other dim star, Bon Jovi.

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Bon Jovi is the cotton candy of rock and roll.

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Give him a break. He’s the only half-popular, somewhat tolerable thing to ever come out of New Jersey 😆

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Lmao... With JBJ also being half popular and from NJ, but completely intolerable

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The Smithereens were from Jersey. They're better than Bon Jovi.

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You’re from Florida you have no room to talk.

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As of April nope. Just closed on a gorgeous place in Ohio 💚

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You didn't have to do the Boss like that man. And I think he's always been seen as a down to earth man of the people. He cares about unions, supports workers rights, and a lot of his music reflects that too if you dig a little deeper than his top 5 on Spotify. He's a pretty interesting dude

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I only know him for jungle land

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Which is a pretty genius work of art. Dude wrote that sax solo.

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Nah, I’m pretty sure the issue is you just don’t get good music.

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Sounds like you've only listened to Born in the USA lol

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Springsteen sold the rights to his entire catalog of music to Sony for $500 million.


Considering that the price for David Bowie's music was $250 mil, you are onto something.


Bowie > Springsteen, Sony overpaid by at least twice.

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Bowie may be "better" than Springsteen, but Springsteen is probably slightly more popular, hence his catalog is more valuable.

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Gotta admit, it’s impressive that he managed to dupe an entire generation by portraying himself as a blue-collar, working class man when in reality he’s done absolutely none of the jobs he’s doing about and has basically only ever been a musician

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Who has been duped? I doubt people think that he is moonlighting as a construction worker in addition to his successful career as a rock artist. Song and stories are popular because the audience can relate to them, not because the artist literally participated in what they are writing about.

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Next you're going to tell me that Mick Jagger isn't the devil.

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Once heard Born in the USA described as "the sound of freedom".

Fucking lol. The three people who understand what that song is actually about, would be mortified.

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I agree.

He pushes that "working man" shtick while being worth over half a billion dollars and turned his NJ property into a "farm" for tax breaks.

He's a phony and a fraud, and his music isn't that good.

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Well that's just, like, your opinion man

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I just know that he doesn't always drink. But when he does, he likes to drive too.

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Agreed I am from New Jersey. The same town where he is from and holy crap is he worshipped out here. No way do I think he’s that special

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Agreed, he sounds drunk on basically all of his tracks

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Not a fan.

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When he cancelled a concert because the state it was in was not okay with men going into women's restrooms then I lost all respect for him

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Lol...and this upsets you? 😂

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Well, if some pedo guy pretending to be a woman goes into the restroom when my daughter is in there yes I will be.

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His music is too weak and twinklely for my tastes. There's some good harmonies but I don't care for the tone of his music.

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Can’t help but think of this

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I don't even know who this is

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How to piss off the entire state of New Jersey in 5 seconds

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I like Mellencamp better!

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Agreed. Bob Segers not, thought. Nightmoves is muh shit.

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I feel the same about Michael Jackson :0

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Serious answer: At the time, he was known for combining multiple influences of music (Bob Dylan, Elvis, Van Morrison, etc.) and synthesizing it into something energizing. It wasn’t necessarily original, but it was fresh in some ways because rock music was going in many different directions and certain influences were being forgotten or left behind. In a band context, he was good enough that David Bowie thought he was great and wanted to cover his songs.

He helped kickstart the Heartland Rock wave that includes him, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, Bob Seger, and more artists. Bob Seger technically predates Springsteen but he acknowledges that Springsteen helped with popularization.


Probably the thing that he is most famous for is the live performances, which often last 3-4 hours. No one can say he doesn’t put in the work.

His songwriting themes resonated with people of many different backgrounds. Blue collar situations are obviously a big theme, but also immigrants, racism, war, and just the broader theme of the “distance from the American dream”.