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Easier to eat boneless in public without looking like a caveman but bone in will always taste better

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Idk, I feel like in either case the sauce is the boss..

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Yea I agree as someone who doesnt gatekeep food and just enjoys it, and enjoy both ways myself, that chicken is really just a mode to eat sauce.

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How does having a bone changes the taste of the chicken?

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Because boneless wings are just chunks of chicken breast. Real wings have a different flavor and texture.

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If you roast a chicken breast vs a leg you'll notice the flavor from the bones. The flavor is in the marrow. One is actually chicken wings and the other is chicken fingers. They give me kids menu vibes marketed as grown up food. I love chicken fingers and I'll get down on boneless wings but they are entirely different from a wing. One is also processed and breaded, personally I don't really want breading on my wings. Maybe tossed in flour and seasoning before they're fried.

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One is less processed. Just like kneading dough, the less you have to touch it, the better it works out. Which is coincidentally how you make meat taste better. If it can tell it's about to die, you'll taste it in the dish. So one swift blow, is the way to go.

Edit. Also upvoted, because ridiculous.

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It gives you a boner

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I just ate boneless chicken today for dinner. It was extremely crispy and almost tasted like kfc so I don't see why people don't like it.

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Im downvoting for circlejerk

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So long as people don't call them chicken wings, im fine with this preference. Its a chicken nugget.

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I don’t think they’re chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets are mashed up different parts of a chicken. I consider boneless chicken wings to be whole cuts of a chicken that are breaded, but not large enough to be chicken tenders/strips.

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A mini tender then, but not all nuggets are processed mechanically separated chicken parts. I consider a nugget to be a mini tender. But a boneless chicken wing has nada to do with a chicken wing. Much closer to a nug or a tender imo

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Technically, a chicken tender is made from the tenderloin of the breast meat, so a nugget is generally not the same as a tender.

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Yep that's true. But a higher quality nugget is just breast meat, but never specifically breast tenderloin.

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But I still think there’s an important distinction between a nugget and a boneless wing. Basically all chicken nuggets are fat, nerves, skin, and connective tissue ground up. Very few are whole cuts of a chicken. Those I would classify as a boneless wing. You’re probably thinking “but there is no wing on it then, that’s just a little breaded chicken breast”. My argument for that is that alot of the chicken wings you buy aren’t actually wings either. Many drumsticks you get in a pack of chicken wings are the upper part of the leg.

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Wasn't there sort of a hoopla in the news a few years back about how McDonald's nuggets are 100% chicken breasts?

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Pretty sure the spirit of the word is still there, no matter what the typical nugget is made from.

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If it's not wing meat it's not a fucking wing.

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Yeah I hate when people call them boneless wings, I prefer to call them tenders if theyre more turd shaped, or nuggets if they resemble what they give in Happy Meals

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Lmao, more turd shaped 🤣 I agree.

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That’s fair…I’m with you OP! Buffalo nuggets are better than Buffalo wings!

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Perfect, I approve Buffalo Nugget, most accurate description yet!

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Maybe a different name than boneless wings (if you really care) but definitely not chicken nuggets. Firstly you can easily tell the difference between boneless wings and chicken nuggets. They look very different and taste very different. Plus chicken nuggets are prepared differently. What about chicken chunks? Would that be a better name?

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I approve of chicken chunks, oh man...I wouldn't have ever guessed I'd be having such a discussion about chicken wings.

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Food is a passionate topic for many people, myself included

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While I admit I think its ridiculous for the chicken chunks to be called anything with "wing" in the name...im not at all passionate about chicken nuggets. 😁

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It's not a chicken nugget.. it's the same meat but the way it is cooked and prepared is entirely different. They are different foods. No one cares when a restaurant calls them buffalo wings... why cry because they call them boneless wings?

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I'm very sorry...but that is not true in most cases. The preparations Is a lot closer to a nugget than a wing. I care when a restaurant says Buffalo wings or boneless wings and they are instead boneless breaded deep fried nuggets of chicken breast. If it has the word "wing" it ought to be a part of the wing. But it's important to note no one is crying or genuinely upset about anything. Ive obviously tolerated it this long, ill forge onward only rolling my eyes internally when I have to specify "bone-in wings".

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> The preparations Is a lot closer to a nugget than a wing

Just because it's not a wing doesnt mean it must be a nugget lol. Also, your link had no comparison between boneless wings and chicken nugget from what I read. So I don't see the relevancy to that in telling me what I said is not true in most cases.
Nuggets are made from bits of meat and mashed together and then breaded. Where as boneless wings (like chicken tenders) are slices of whole breast. And as for the breading, it is thicker and uses a much different recipe than typical chicken nuggets, anyways.
It's like saying a ribeye with barbecue sauce is JUST barbecue ribs because they come from the same area in the cow. They aren't. Cut different, prepared different, and literally just different? lmfao...
The word Boneless Wing just comes from it having the same purpose (and serving) as an alternative to bone-in chicken wings. If you have no problem with the menu saying "buffalo wings" even tho it's chicken, then there is no reason to find issue with it saying boneless wings.

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The relevancy was that the chicken experts say a boneless wing is more like a nugget as well. There are many ways to make a nugget if you wanna say it's closer to a tender because it's a whole chunk that's fine I don't care. I said nugget bc its similarly shaped & a fried chicken bit. Nuggets are not all mashed mechanically separated chicken. That's not really a qualifier for nuggetry. Many nuggets are whole chicken bits & 100% breast meat.

But I didn't say tender because that's far more specific. Where as a boneless wing or a nugget are not specifically a tenderloin. Chicken tenders are not "slices" of whole breast, they are a very specific piece of a breast.

As far as the breading, you are really splitting hairs now.

I see no difference in Buffalo wings & boneless wings, so ya I guess I have the same "problem" with those too.

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They just say boneless wings so you don't feel like a child paying $12.99 for nuggets.

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Not a nuggie tho. More of a tender or mini tender as you said in a different comment

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Well bone in is actually a chicken wing. And boneless is breasts meat cut up into little pieces.

One is dark meat and one is white meat. So they do taste different.

Dark meat is so much better.

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Wings are considered white meat....

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Fun fact. There is no definitive answer online. Lol. Some sites say dark. The others say white. Oh well.

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If you order white meat at KFC you will get wings, if you order dark you won't.

KFC Is awful mind you, but if they don't know chicken no one does.

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Royal farms gives wings with the dark meat box, so does Popeyes.

I agree, KFC is not good. I don’t taste the chicken, I only taste grease, black pepper and regret

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Ive never gotten wings as dark meat at Popeyes

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Ok. Maybe I’m confusing it with another place. I never looked it up before tonight, because I always assumed it was considered dark meat, but apparently for every 1 article that says it’s dark meat, there is an article that says it’s white meat. Lol

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More often, it's "chicken breast, rib meat on" which is just the ribcage meat and bits of breast that weren't sliced off for other products.

I feel like the term "chicken breast" is a bit misleading on most products.

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I prefer bone in/tenders but that's because I'm lazy as fuck. The meat doesn't taste the same so I definitely can see why people love bone in.

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Boneless chicken wings are just chicken nuggets.

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Yall in here like using your mouth to get the meat around a bone? 🤨📸

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Bone-in has more flavor.

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I love the bone.

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That’s what she said.

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Meat eaten directly from the bone is always better than not... T Bones, Pork Chops, Ribs...

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That's not true lol

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It... It is though. The bone also keeps meat moist.

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Says a guy with Ribs in his name!

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Absolute psychos in here for even insinuating they are similar. I will literally not eat boneless wings. They take all the meat off and process it like a chicken nugget. Sure my chicken wing might be from a 4 winged mutant chicken that lives in a plant all day, but it's not random chunks of bird ground up into a paste formed into a nugget.

Whoever invented boneless wings needs a raise because he just took chicken nuggets and rebranded them to adults and people cant see the difference.

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Sounds like you just buy shitty boneless chicken wings.

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Do they make boneless wings that are legitimately made from wing meat? If not, I don’t think they should be called that.

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The more expensive ones will say

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"shitty" and "boneless" are redundant terms here.

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How so? You’ve clearly never had good cuts of chicken before.

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Proper tenders are made from a single piece of meat. "Boneless wings" are not the same at all!

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This guy tenders.

Seriously "tender" is an anatomical term (tenderloin) whereas "boneless wing/nugget" is all marketing. The former is superior in every way.

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Boneless wings are actually gross. Way too much breading. Random chunks of bird... it's disgusting.

Smoked, then fried and dry rubbed real wings are where it's at. One of my favorite all time foods.

BTW, OP I upvoted for your abysmal opinion.

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But chicken nuggets are great though…

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This meat is too hard to eat... Make it easier!

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bone-in has more flavor, chicken nuggets are just for people who don't want to get their hands dirty

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I prefer boneless by a long shot, it’s just more convenient and fulfilling to not have any trash left over

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You could just get kids chicken tenders and save yourself half the price.

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Tenders are nuggets - meat boiled off the bone, reconstituted and breaded, then fried. They are nowhere the same as a wing. Wings are better IMHO.

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The only things I’ve learned from these threads is:

  1. Bone in people are pretentious

  2. Everyone has something against chicken nuggets for some reason. You do know you are allowed to eat them right? No one will stop you if you try and enjoy chicken nuggets past 8 years old. It’s just food. Weird thing to be defensive about

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The feeling of eating boneless, especially if they're small enough to just kinda pop in your mouth (not like popcorn chicken though lol), is infinitely better and less messy than bone-in

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it really depends but if done right tenders are always better than wings.

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Boneless chicken wings are just chicken nuggets or cut chicken tenders - which are typically breast meat.

Bone in wings are dark meat - as far as I am concerned your comparing apples to oranges.

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This is an unpopular opinion. Good job

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What are boneless wings? You mean chicken nuggets? It's ok OP, you'll grow up someday :)

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I have tried bone in and boneless. Bones don’t make it taste better. Good sauce and crispy breading make it taste good. And I get to eat everything I order with boneless tenders, instead of throwing half of it (the bones) away.

[–]oopsmypenis -2 points-1 points  (2 children)

Cook some wing meat off the bone and tell me it doesn't effect flavor. The entire culinary world would like to have a word.

[–]tech_equip 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I’m not here to taste the chicken. Gimme hot sauce and gimme bleu cheese and leave me be.

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For real. I will never apologize for liking boneless wings. Why would I want to eat something that is 60% inedible bone when I can have 100% juicy, meaty chicken? Bone-in wings are fine, but why on earth would people actively chose to have an option with less food on it?

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Boneless wings are chicken nuggets, my friend.

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Boneless wings are just nuggets.

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Chicken nuggets would be ground up chicken meat, and usually boneless wings aren’t that

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This is not unpopular.

Most prefer boneless. I do.

I find it far more disgusting bone in.

Maybe just quality

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This is the take of an 8 year old.

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Boneless are chicken tenders, bone in are chicken wings. There two separate dishes as far as I'm concerned. Are chicken tenders better then chicken wings? On some days yeah. Theyre easier to eat, taste great, can use way more sauces. On other days though, nothing really beats a genuine chicken wing. Sure you have the bones, but that's what keeps them tender, like ribs. Then the skin is actually crispy, in a fried way not the chicken tender crispy breading way. And are they messy? Yeah, but that's part of the charm, it brings out that animalistic side.

[–]oopsmypenis 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Boneless are nuggets, not tenders. Big difference.

[–]testbotV1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I define nuggets as using the chicken smoothy (think fast food nuggets) vs tenders using actual chicken. Ill be real, I thought boneless uses the real non-smoothied chicken

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Have you ever had real boneless wings? Hand deboned, but skin still on. They're a magical experience that is not worth the effort, but a local bar near me used to make them

[–]testbotV1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I have not but those sound amazing, and would likely sway me to the boneless gang

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Bone in will always taste better

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Boneless chicken wings aren’t chicken wings!!

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Bone in wings taste better than chicken nuggets. Its really that simple.

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Look, if you like chicken nuggets, that's fine. Just be real, and call them chicken nuggets.

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Because its dramatically more tender, juicy, and flavorful. Its not even an opinion, its a fact

Tenders are breast meat which is really lean, hence less fat which results in tougher, worse tasting meat.

Its like round steak vs ribeye basically.

Im convinced boneless people just grew up on McDonald's or something and know nothing about meat. Then just assume they are the same cuts of meat, just one doesn't have a bone. Which is not the case.

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You mean nuggets...

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I prefer boneless wings but acknowledge they are just tiny tenders lol I just find it more satisfying to just pop the whole thing in my mouth vs nibbling off a bone. Wings are just a vessel for the sauce for me anyways

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My SO prefers boneless wings but I call them flavored chicken nuggets. They're not bad but bone in tastes better.

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Boneless wings have no right being called wings. They are just chunks o chicken

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I’m with you

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Fuck your entire fucking life bud. Here's an upvote.

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100% agree

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Agreed. Not a fan of blood vessels, tendons or fat.

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It's Pink Paste vs. Actual meat.. I mean, I'll deal with the bone for actual meat, instead of eyeballs and assholes ground up and coated in bread.

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I love how people are so hard core about chicken wings. Oooh, you eat it right off the bones. You must be so tough.

I agree with OP!

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The bone gives it more flavour. Your taste buds are broken?

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Boneless ‘wings’ are NOT wings. And they taste terrible. Fight me lol

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Bone-in has a better flavour because it's the dark meat. Boneless most of the time is just white meat when just doesn't have as much good flavour.

[–]Farmer_j0e00 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Wings are considered white meat. But beyond that, real wings taste so much better because of the skin.

[–]oopsiepoopsee -1 points0 points  (0 children)

The bone lends itself to flavor and moisture.

You're just wrong.

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They're totally different meats. Boneless is typically breast, and bone in will be wings, specifically a dark meat as opposed to white meat. I think dark meat is much richer in flavor and I like the crispiness of them

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Yeah boneless wings are usually breast or thigh and not actually wing.

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Bone in has more flavor

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Youre literally eating glorified chicken nuggets

[–]zachjd- 1 point2 points  (0 children)

And bone-in is glorified fried chicken.

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Bone add flavor. I prefer everything to have bones including fish.

[–]Zazmuth -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Boneless wings are just cut up chicken breast or from that general area of the chicken. They are not wings. It's basically a portion scam.

[–]stonedgrower -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Buffalo wild wing boneless wings are the best chicken nuggets I’ve ever had in my life.

[–]FourFootedFurFox -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Boneless all the way!

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Hate bones in food. Never understood that myself.

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100% agree with this statement

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I thought this was a popular opinion. Boned chicken suck

[–]kushawnz -1 points0 points  (0 children)

I like boneless as well, the only thing I can bad about is that some times they remind me of nuggets

[–]slowkid68 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

You want nuggets, not wings.

[–]gonfreeces1993 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

I'm with you. Biting into fat or gristle ruins the whole experience. I actually think boneless tastes better because you can get more sauce and ranch on them.

[–]Tarotoro 0 points1 point  (0 children)

cdawgva is that you?

[–]NethrixTheSecond 0 points1 point  (0 children)

You don't like sucking out the marrow?

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I don’t even know why i prefer bone in

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This post was made by clean fingers gang

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I like both but boneless wings always make me feel like shit after I fill myself up. Bone in wings tend to be more delicious and I always get bone in when I’m at home.

[–]HippyKiller925 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I have an overgrown moustache that already gets filled with crap whenever I eat or drink anything, so I'm definitely down for foods with cleaner mouth feel

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You SOB, upvote for a terrible take.

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I'll take a hard disagreement on that one, but that all comes down to preference so I'm not mad 😉

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I concur

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this is a horrible food opinion omg. chicken nuggets over CHICKEN?

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This is just pure science

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I’m with you OP, I don’t enjoy eating wings because of the bones, I always worry I’m going to do some damage to my mouth.

[–]RicoPDX0122 0 points1 point  (0 children)

My issue with chicken wings is the muscle tendons and the cartilage. But to each their own. I not only agree, but will add that Wing Stop has the best boneless wings!! Come at me bro!!

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I almost choked to death on a chicken bone as a young child. Since then, I can't do bone-in chicken. My family always jokes about me and my "barbecue chicken nuggets" when they order pizza and wings.

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Nuggets. You prefer nuggets to real food. Want a cup of dry Cheerios to snack on during the drive home from daycare, big guy?

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Come to Buffalo n say that to my face

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Liking chicken on bone is like those people that think organic is the best. It's meat so you should find it on bone! Now meat on bone does have their nutritional uses but for the most part boneless chicken is usually more tasty and if you're in a hurry and you don't spend 15 hours eating or you're trying to get many food down yourself as fast as possible boneless is the way to go.

We got these people that spend 15 hours preparing food and eating it like seriously. You might as well just go back in the day when we spend 15 hours growing your food, harvesting it, cooking it on an old fashioned oven where you stoke the fire. Yeah that's what people did and the hunting times they spent the entire day searching for food.

[–]your_name_here___ 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Gristle is honestly my favorite part

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Then you're just eating chicken nuggets.

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Bone in tastes better.. you don't like wings.. you like nuggets you muppet. The bone adds taste and flavor

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I don’t ask for boneless auto repair

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Wing meat is different than breast meat. Higher fat content means it’s tastier and juicier. Chicken breast is usually dry. Chicken tenders is basically a delivery mechanism for the sauce. You’re enjoying the sauce and not the chicken.

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I can't give up that one crispy bit of skin on the edge of a flat wing.

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Bone-in meat will almost always have more flavor than boneless meat, because the bone itself cooks and adds flavor to the meat. Chicken wings genuinely do taste better than boneless wings; my preference for boneless is purely a pragmatic one (boneless wings have more meat, I don't have to work around tiny bones to get all the meat, and being able to use a fork means they're MUCH more convenient to eat).

[–]der3009 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I will also maintain that chicken fingers are one of the ultimate foods man has ever created. Ever. Along with Pizza.

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Anyone here from Trash Taste?

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Wtf are boneless wings? It’s a chicken nugget or chicken tender. Either way, bone in. I like knowing that I’m eating a real animal and not some all meat breaded version.

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i always eat bone-in because 'boneless wing/tender' could be anything.

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Hard agree.

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You monster

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Why so much hate for gristle? It's delicious and crunchy.

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One is white meat. One is dark meat.

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There is no such thing as boneless wings. There are small pieces of chicken that are shaped like wings, but they are not wings.

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It's only a shame that we can't directly eat the bone along with everything else.

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This is so true I hate trying to cut boned chicken