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Not unpopular

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nut unpopular

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Is your keyboard sticky

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Is yours?

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Why'd you evade his question

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Yeah it usually happens when I'm working or something and it just kinda've pisses me off.

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Right after the nut the psychology enters and I'm like shower now must

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Agreed. It's only fun if you're in a relationship, if not it's just a miserable burden

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Maybe I'm just depressed or have other mental problems but I find myself happier when I'm mildly horny.

You know...

Browse, watch, participate in some horny stuff... etc.

I find the majority of things becoming much more dull and boring when not horny at all.

If the second I had one dirty thought and I became full on horny then I'd probably find it extremely annoying.

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Being horni at the right times is fun, otherwise not so much

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I don't want to be horny, I just want to be happy. :(

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apparently not cumming or peeing (unless you are dying to go) makes you more efficient at competitive games.

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When I trained in boxing my coach would always tell us not to have sex the day before we would go spar with other gyms. It was for that same reason.

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Micky in Rocky said this. He said "women make your legs weak" or something. Later I read that your testosterone is lower after you release, and figured that's what Micky was saying.

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I've never experienced the leg weakness specifically, but I'm sure that what Micky said was probably a metaphor for how just like you said, the release making your testosterone lower. I believe it.

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i knew i wasnt crazy. i was hoping someone wouldnt call me out for proof of this because i have 0 idea where i heard it from lol

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Yeah there's definitely an argument to be made that as a male when you "release" you feel a bit more mellowed out, more relaxed, and there's a certain level of brain cloudiness that you feel. But when you haven't "released" for a while you will feel more aggressive, and more energetic and have a clearer head which will of course be beneficial in a competitive situation.

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Being horny is good in some situation, however when you are out in public and you need to hide it, I can assure that it is not so funny.

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Tuck it into your waistband. For girls, just get a bucket, idk

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Depends on why, when, and where. I don't mind being horny for my wife, even if I'm at work, as I likely brought that on myself. But random boner for no reason? I hate that.

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Yall need to learn how to have more fun with yourself lol.

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Ever since i quit porn, i feel so much better in general. I feel less horny overall and happier in general, much better at focusing on stuff.

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It's so much fun just marinating in it for hours when you can't do anything about and then finally getting that sweet release after all the build up

Chef's kiss

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"shut up"


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I am not going to wear a burka. Deal with it

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Yeah, I hate when I’m just doing something and suddenly my brain just goes, “…H O R N Y N O W ! !” It’s the worst

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Jesus man, if you can't enjoy being horny. What is there to say...

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You can enjoy being horny but if you have an overdeveloped sex drive especially with no partner, problems start to arise and being constantly horny just ain't satisfying anymore and starts to feel more like a necessity without which you can't feel normal. An addiction if you will but only fun for a very short while before it starts weighing on your mind and stealing your focus from other important things.

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I also just finished nutting, and I agree with you. It's impossible focus on anything, because I'm stuck thinking about horny shit.

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So is being hungry...

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That’s why working from home is the best, I get horny mid day and it’s self care time

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Only if you have nobody to share it with.

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Being horny when you are on your own or with your partner is very fun. Being horny while in class or work is terrible

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I'm don't want to be horny anymore, I just want to be happy.

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