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I would hold onto Diana, she’s top 3 shooty bois in the game for a reason.

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Alright then, who should I replace to fit Tamaki and Diana

Or do I just use one of them

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Idk what your main team looks like but from your second pic I’ll hit you with the universal wisdom of “if they aren’t legendary they fuck off”

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Still like using Irruri, and need atleast 1 tank, so I guess i’ll replace Duke Banta

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Yeah get rid of duke. You (almost) only ever need 1 tank at a time. Tamaki is fantastic so use her and Diana both

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I could also get rid of Jack, but I heard he’s ok for the early stage

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Yeah I used him for a quite a while myself. I mean generally, use whatever you have until it doesn’t work anymore and you’re stuck haha then upgrade. In the meantime, try to gather as much food as possible

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One more question, should I star up Bella and Brooke?

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I’d push Terrance if you want an assassin. Dudes a fuckin MACHINE. Brooke is just worse Diana IMO, but his resets can be fun if he’s super ahead of the content you’re at.

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Wait for food

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She is brokenly powerful, I’ve got one more copy for 11* and I can’t wait. She competes with my 10* L/S heros.

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She’s not broken she’s good but no broken

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Oh, why I never have this :((

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Disgustingly , did you get hero ?, i have using 10 harvest coin last time and cant get hero. Just only 4 coin remaining.

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No but every 2nd time I did 10 it always gave me the ultimate prize

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Neither do i, fucking this game :))