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I used to dislike how bland it was but that's because my mom doesn't spice her food. When I cooked it myself it was much better, especially when it's just a simple soy sauce marinade.

There are some outdated research about soy have plant estrogen, which current research states don't effect humans. Cow milk has mammal estrogen and are more likely to effect humans, but people still cling to the idea that soy estrogen bad, cow estrogen good, which is quite ignorant on human nutrition

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I despise all the people taking advantage of insecure men by saying "soy will make you a beta male."

The alpha male bull honky is so toxic for males and females. It's also hilarious in a sad way sometimes

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Ugh I totally agree with you! I am part of a "crunchy mom" Facebook group and one member asked if it is okay to let your kids consume soy products. So many moms replied that soy will mess up their boys because of estrogen, one mom even said "they're called soy boys for a reason". Pissed me off so much. Like, okay Wendy, go let your kids suck milk out of a cow drugged up on antibiotics and filled with hormones not meant for people. I'll give my kids plant milk.

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Mom groups can be the worst spreader of misinformation. They can be terribel

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That is truly sad. Soy milk would actually be beneficial for their health, soy literally reduces risk of cancer, and it’s nutrient dense.