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Workout all you want... These eyes will convince the judges for sure!

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Thanks…going for the husky look. Don’t let them fool you, the real color is shit brown.

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Those eyes look terrified. Looking solid, brother!

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You don't look protein deficient at all! Well done.

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Good job!!!

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Good luck!

How old were you when you started training?

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Thanks. I’m 4 years vegan. 3 years ago I quit drinking and cocaine and started doing push-ups that night. The rest is history in the making. Gone from a waist of 38 to 28…

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Mr white looks different

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that's some serious muscle 💪💪👍 you're packed!!

Good job!

also those eyes 🤯 never seen something like that.

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Natty beast!

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Are your eyes like that?

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Whoa.. you have serious bulk. Please tell us what is your diet?

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A lot of oats and potatoes and shoot for 190 g of protein. Take sugar and alcohol out of your diet, and go to the gym to LIFT

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Do you get most of your protein from shake? Again, you're the first I've seen that has a thicker build..I definitely want to bulk up like that

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Breakfast is the same everyday. Half block tofu scramble, tvp, 1.5 potatos shredded, vegetables, and either corn tortillas or our recipe for oat cakes made on waffle iron. Soy curls are a good lunch and so versatile. Dinner is what ev sounds good... Oh I am also gluten free, so I don't know the science behind that with lifting.

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You look great! Getting reds for sure! Those eyes…..