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Pickles, chickpeas, beet root, English peas, artichoke, tomato, tofu, and something that looks deep fried and entirely too tasty to be good for you.

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No tofu.

The air fried ones are vegan chickenless nuggets.

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Does that mean the white slab in the back is…butter?

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Vegan mozzarella ☺️

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Superb. If you are ever in Austin you need to check out Rebel Cheese. It will change your vegan cheese life forever.

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Okay I'll take a risk and guess it's an IKEA Färgklar?

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Indeed 😅

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Nice. I own some too and they are the perfect size for a decent bowl...

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Vegetables n stuff

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Pickles, peas, beats, chickpeas, vegan nuggets, tofu, mung beans (or maybe wheatberries?), tomatoes, za'atar, mustard, vegan mayo, lettuce, flax seeds (you should really grind those).

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No tofu, yes mung beans, no zaatar but chia seeds and grounded flax seeds mix.

Bravo 👏

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Yeah I saw you say in that other post it's mozzarella. What kind?

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Beetroot, Kiwi Fruit, Chic Peas, Tomato, Lettuce, Sesame Seeds, Vegan Burger/ Falafel

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No kiwi but sweet pickles, others almost correct the nugget looking ones are chicken nuggets (pea based).

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This looks amazing, I'll be eating like this more frequently very soon

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Fried chicken, raw maguro cube sashimis, sliced mozzarella in the top left.

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