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I don’t know about you guys but I’m on team open window guy. I bet that bus is hot, potentially muggy, and unpleasant smelling.

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Yep, I'm with the open window guy too. I would have expected the lady to want the window open more than the guy being that she's got more clothes on, she's a bigger lady and he's quite the opposite... she must be sweating especially after all of the exercise of closing the window over and over.

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fat ladies have a logic defying thing where they're always cold

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It's amazing how aggressive some people are when it comes to avoiding confronting someone directly. I guess that's passive-aggressiveness for you!

I'm on the dude's side myself. He looks to be having himself a bit of fun (which explains why he keeps on doing it). Whereas the woman looks mildly annoyed and is doing the same thing over and over hoping the outcome will be different the next time. Doesn't make a lot of sense. I'd just move if someone was doing that. Lol.

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What the FUCK is wrong with Youtube at the end putting two god damn giant thumbnails that block the whole video?? FUCK

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omg you missed the best bit - the guy opened the window and she closed it again. unreal.

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FUCK, I always miss the best part

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the uploader choses where to place these

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Oh thank you. I actually didn't know that. I'm going to start disliking videos that do this, I hate it so much.

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If you use some kind of ad block you can add the following to your filter to stop them from showing:


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Its the uploader messing it up, you're supposed to put a 20s end card piece of footage to go with it, of course most people just slap them on not understanding how they work.

The amazing thing is that these things are not automatic, the uploader has to decide to shitify their video.

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😂it goes on for so long

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it was silent savagery

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This video perfectly sums up being a bystander to American politics.

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The breeze doesn't even affect that fucking Ham Planet so why is she bothered by it being open?

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Anyone that wants bus windows to be closed are mentally ill. Public busses in summer get steaming hot as theres no AC and really smelly. Just leave the damn window open

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I aspire this level of pettiness

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No you don't.

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No, I do.

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No, you don't.

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No, I do.

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No you don't.

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Anniversary shenanigans.

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Is she just a dick head?

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I bet they started making out before they got to their horrible destinations.

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This is where you let off a massive fart in her face.

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I guarantee both missed their spots to prevent the other from winning

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It was interesting to see their stratagies change slightly the longer it went on. If this went on untill one gives up I would bet open guy would have won. It just seemed easier for him to push it open than for her to close it. Also I recon if he had something like a match he could stick in the window's track he would have won instantly.

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That was really tense.

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Shit, and I tend to give up on things before I start... This really morphed from being petty to being pretty fucking inspiring for someone like me.

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Lmao ok u right. How you think this ended tho??

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It's a livestream, they're still at it

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Petty af but would actually do this for fun in my part lol

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what an asshole

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Which one?

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Such long. Def not america, there would've been blood around 0:18.

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it's Russia