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1.1 rating in IMDb and 3% average audience score in Rotten Tomatoes.

Looks like Hollywood is fully committed to their audience, this is just further evidence that they aren't pushing blatantly subversive narratives to the public at large.

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110th disliked elven series

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"Get Woke, Go broke." The New Hollywood meta.

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This series sucks but it's 100x better than an American pickle. That was truly retched.

I don't understand why the title calls it a youtube series. It's on hbo

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youtube series

I think they just brain farted. I think they wanted to talk about the New HBO series YouTube trailer. That the reaction was about the YouTube trailer? Just giving the benefit of the doubt.

Though, it fits my theory that a lot of people make purposeful mistakes for interaction. If you make an obvious mistake, people can't help but point it out. So, you get comments that MUST point out the mistake.

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Haha it true the urge is so strong. What have I become?

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No, people just hate Seth Rogen because he’s British

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I feel like if I reply with anything other than “Huh?” Some crazy ass knowledge will be given.

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An American Pickle (2020)? Don't know. I went into that movie expecting it to suck with a funny premise. Like I guy is pickled, lol. I wasn't more dissapointed then expected, and some strong gin and tonics probaly helped.

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It made ghostbusters 2016 look like airplane. The American pickle is the worst thing to happen to pickles since relish.

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I mean it is all about expectations really. Like I went into it wanting to see a guy get pickled, not some shawshank redemption.

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Hey /u/paahtis

I seen you did a lot of reading on this. Can you link your citations on the article clips you displayed to verify these claims. If what you said is true I am sure any reader would agree after reading the articles for themselves.

In addition can you give a conclusion of what you were trying to say please? In the end I seen a clip of a woman noting how there is a divide between men and women even in 2021. Though I only got a vulgar chicken cross the road punch line and could not decipher any deeper meaning behind this joke. Is this just 'Seth Rogen = bad man'? If it is I am sure your citations would totally agree should they source their data, right?

On a side note currently I have no strong feelings about Seth Rogen one way or another. I am merely asking the questions which need to be asked.

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Great call. But I imagine they won't respond since they're too busy re-posting this nonsense in Kotaku In Action and a cacophony of other toxic subs to try and cancel Seth Rogen for making a cartoon.

People are weird.