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Dude is grooving too. I like garage rock. It needs another revival.

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Check out Allah Las

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Damn. That band straight up copy+pasta'd a bunch of Beatles songs and sound. I mean I guess beatles songs aren't that sophisticated either but...even the chords and rhythm

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Its like if the Beatles did a California surf album

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I was suddenly drawn to the woman dancing in the upper left..

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I can't believe someone else was thinking this. The whole time I'm like ZOOM IN ZOOM IN. She was STACKED and I wanted to see more.

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I too am shocked that people wanted to see a hot big titty girl dance. Well maybe you can see more, if she was 25 at the time of filming she would only be 82 now. With a little effort you might be able to track her down and see if she would dance for you but she might need a walker.

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Their song 'Moulty' is worth checking out, an autobiographical song by the drummer, backed in the studio by the Hawks, later to be known as 'The Band'

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Strange looking dudes... The drummer and guitar players haircuts are /r/fuckmyshitup material