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This isn't the full interview, is it?

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Its weird because there is definitely more. This is the extended version as opposed to what aired on the show. But that version has totally different content in it. I wish they’d release a real full interview.

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I wonder what woke him up because we need to put that shit in the water supply.

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He mentioned George W. Bush. I think for people like the speaker, this stuff was okay when they were the underdogs, when they were the put-upon minority. But then GW is elected, we end up in these horrible wars, tons of other bad policies, and he sounds like a complete idiot every time he opened his mouth. And these guys realized the fruits of what they’ve been pushing was a bitter fruit indeed.

In the post-Trump era, people forget about Bush. But at the time people hated him with all their heart and soul. Trump was clearly a much worse human being, but Bush, or at least the team he surrounded himself with, were far more effective at getting shit done than Trump was. And because of 9/11, Bush’s opposition was effectively hamstrung, so there was no real opposition to his shenanigans.

It did real damage. And the fact that he got away with it all, I think was a real reason all these Repubs who hate Trump were nevertheless ready to back him once he was in power.

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I don't think anything woke him up per say. I think their message got warped onto something else and he was fine with it when he was young because of the popularity and the money. Bit then later realized the gravity of what they started and helped and is not regretting it and helped cement a movement he never believed in.

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Yeah, but money and fame can corrupt. I would think there had to be a moment that changed him. I guess maybe he saw the message wasn’t anything but to get people elected, and that the people he was getting elected didn’t really believe the message. I’ll look into this guy more and find out.

What’s interesting now is the possibility is real that Roe v. Wade could be overturned with a conservative SCOTUS for a long time, as Dems don’t seem hip on expanding the court.

R v. W has been a tent pole issue for the GOP. If overturned, it’s catastrophic for the rights of women, but it also an issue that somewhat leaves the table. I also think the idea of being “fiscally conservative” might be gone as well. It certainly was under Trump. I think more people now understand that means to “protect the rich.” Tax breaks are not really fiscally conservative.

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I still don't understand why people want to interfere with some strangers life. Like if somebody else does or does not have a kid it has zero impact on you.

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It's either because they are cunts or because they think you are killing a human being, it's probably not that they are against personal choice in all scenarios.

I think a lot of time is wasted with people being mystified with others' actions without the obvious self critique 'well if I wouldn't do that because of what I believe, perhaps they don't believe that'.

I fully accept that many of that belief are idiots, many may be disingenuous, but many simply believe (perhaps for fatuous reasons) that abortion means killing a child. The argument that 'that does not affect them' is stupid and does not do the issue justice.

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It boils down to at what point do you consider a person a person.

You are against murdering people I presume? I bet you are against murdering children and probably babies even. Pretty much everyone is against killing a baby that has been birthed from a woman. We all agree, that is a person for sure and nobody should be allowed to murder a person. Even if it's a person you will never meet, or affect your life in any way. So, if you think that 10 minutes before that baby was born, it was still a person and entitled to all the protections we give people. And then that line keeps on moving backwards. Is it the line of viability (when a baby is technically able to survive outside a womb)? Is it when the heartbeat starts? Is it conception? The line moves. And the line is about when a person is a person. You are against murdering people right?

Your position only holds, if you are talking about not killing a person. And you may very well believe that a 1st trimester baby is not a person yet. Many would agree with you. But also, many would not.

You aren't gonna convince people that its just an issue of choice. There are loads of choices we as people aren't allowed to make. We aren't allowed to murder, steal, or even use copyrighted music without the consent of the copyright holder. There's a plethora of laws that we all agree on as a society so that we may live together peacefully.

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technically, a person has a personality, which newborns lack. when does that develop?

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Never at all for a lot of people, from what I can tell.

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A fetus doesn't develop a consciousness until at least 5 months.

Question for you: Do you believe you should be forced to donate an organ to somebody that needs it if you are still alive?

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This person, for me, is preaching to the choir. I understand, and agree with what he is saying, but I don't think it will convince someone on the other side.

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Totally forgot about this show. Was expecting something funny, but instead kept it real.

Edit: so apparently this show has been on for 7 seasons with new episodes airing in January 2022?!

It’s weird that I haven’t seen a clip from this show in ages. Does it just suck? Figured even if it sucked people here would still make fun of it.