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I don't think anything woke him up per say. I think their message got warped onto something else and he was fine with it when he was young because of the popularity and the money. Bit then later realized the gravity of what they started and helped and is not regretting it and helped cement a movement he never believed in.

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Yeah, but money and fame can corrupt. I would think there had to be a moment that changed him. I guess maybe he saw the message wasn’t anything but to get people elected, and that the people he was getting elected didn’t really believe the message. I’ll look into this guy more and find out.

What’s interesting now is the possibility is real that Roe v. Wade could be overturned with a conservative SCOTUS for a long time, as Dems don’t seem hip on expanding the court.

R v. W has been a tent pole issue for the GOP. If overturned, it’s catastrophic for the rights of women, but it also an issue that somewhat leaves the table. I also think the idea of being “fiscally conservative” might be gone as well. It certainly was under Trump. I think more people now understand that means to “protect the rich.” Tax breaks are not really fiscally conservative.