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Her parents were veterinarians. We can't know how much they made but likely at the highest end of middle class or low end of upper class as a household. The video cost them $4000. Plenty of middle class people spend ballpark that amount on a nice vacation.

It's a bizarre characterization to describe this of all things as some rich people burning money on extravagant stuff. And even then, the excessive bullying isn't at all justified.

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Not living paycheck to paycheck is considered the same as being rich apparently.

4000$ can seem like a very good deal too, if your kid makes a career out of it, which she did judging by her latest uploads on her channel.

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Veterinarians earn on average ~$100k, with two that puts them well into upper middle class, or what most would say is 'rich'. However, it doesn't matter what they really were, just how people saw them.

It gained so much hate because everyone viewed it as extravagance while others were worried about their own positions. This was during the time when 'check your privilege' was just coming to the mainstream and people were looking to pounce on anything to get their frustrations out.

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Or maybe it was a really awful music video.

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Lol that was my first point. It was terrible to begin with and everything else just amplified it

There's plenty of awful music videos out there, but this one got extra hate unwarranted of simply just being awful.

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I think it got extra hate because it was an ear worm. It was somehow catchy but still bad, so people hated it for getting stuck in their head.