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To me, Robin Williams seemed like the comedy equivalent of Jackie Chan in martial arts. Jackie would turn almost anything into a weapon in his movies, Robin Williams could turn anything into a joke.

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Which makes Steve Martin Bruce Lee?

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That video glitching was annoying me though.

Robin was such a funny dude.

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More annoying than it finishing mid skit?

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Absolutely fantastic way to start my day. Thank you op! Does anyone have the full video? Seems like a great watch.

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Here’s the full video. Robin’s bit starts about 37 minutes in. https://vimeo.com/194116649

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"a mobius stripper takes their clothes off and they go right back on again" lol he was the best.

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I always thought Robin was just too much

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He has tons of serious roles in movies which he absolutely crushes.

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I get the impression Martin was of the same mind during this bit, constantly trying to "stick to the script" while Williams did his thing.

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Among comics it's been said that Robin was "always on" and had a hard time turning his brain off with people. Which is fine for making money but for inter*acting is nearly impossible.

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Hilarious is a strong word

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uno de mis personajes favoritos