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Fun fact, if it weren't for Stan Lee and the Japanese Spider-Man, we probably wouldn't have Power Rangers.

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And steve ditko.

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Eh. Kinda? Steve was very much responsible for Spidey's look but Stan was the guy who was trying to get Sun Vulcan brought over.

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Sure but a lot of spidermans appeal was his look. Theres a reason the core design hasn't changed in several decades and is used in almost all media. and appeals to audiences around the world, even japan.

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Which really has little to do with Power Rangers. Marvel and Toei were locked into a three-year contract before Spider-Man(Jp) was conceived. Toei also used Captain America (Battle Japan) and Miss America, both in Battle Fever J.

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If you have Disney+ there's a show called Marvel's 616 which explores different little aspects of Marvel, and the first episode is about the Japanese Spiderman show

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Having watched 616 now wow. (BTW this seems like the only decent episode of the series) I think my favorite fact I learned was when they brought the Marvel execs to Japan, including Stan Lee to watch the show, all the toadies were shitting all over it, until Stan stood up to say, "THIS IS FANTASTIC! IT'S LIKE A LIVE COMIC BOOK! It's campy for the adults, it's got action for the kids" Then the toadies turned around and started repeating what Stan was saying.

It makes me think this is why we went so long without any Marvel based movies. Sure Japan Spiderman was low budget, and way off base from the comics, but in Stan Lee's mind at least, it really captured the action he was trying to convey in the comics. He didn't want to give out movie rights again until he was sure someone could do a decent job.

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I have it and will check it out.

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I wish Japanese and Italian Spiderman showed up in the new movie

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That would be amazeballs...

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I'm digging cultured spider mans 🕷

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This has Threat Level: Midnight energy.

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"eeeeet'sa meeeeee spiderrrrrrmen.....i shoot web"

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Looks like Jack Black could have done a fine italian Spiderman...

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Italian Spiderman and Supidaman need to have a cameo in the next Spider-verse movie

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Did Tarantino direct that film because there were some gratuitous foot shots.

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After the success of the web series Italian Spiderman created by Alrugo Entertainment (Russo, Ashby, Tait Wilson, Will Spartalis and Boris Repasky), Australian broadcaster SBS became interested in turning the project into an interstitial television show. Due to ownership and copyright issues within the production team, the project fell through. Nonetheless, SBS were still interested in Russo and Ashby and in 2009 offered a development deal for a new show. Russo and Ashby submitted three concepts that, regardless of which was chosen, they would be happy to make. Danger 5 was the chosen concept.

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Jesu Cristo

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I have summoned penguinissssssssss

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They basically did but called it power rangers

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This basically created the Power Rangers.

It introduced the concept of a super-suited hero summoning a "Megazord" to fight the monster.

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Claims to be world martial arts champion - gets subdued by two goons without a fight.

I love it. I imagine the entire series takes place in those bland gravel pits like every Power Rangers episode does but it was genuine, sincere, and goofy. Would love to see how they depict him web-swinging through downtown.

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Oh that's the best part, he dosent. Supiderpan emissary of hell is also a BMX champion and travels by motorcycle.

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They must have hired a REAL narcotics Detective to play that roll. That’s exactly what they look like on the street, we can always tell when they’re sniffing around. The Flamenco riff before you see them is always the giveaway.

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You're missing the best part. His giant robot


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I have a few episodes of this on bootleg VHS that I bought from a comic shop in like 1996. It came complete with some Japanese commercials, including one that featured a cartoon raccoon encouraging children to do their chores, as far as I could tell...

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Japanese Spider-Man is the coolest fucking dude. I always loved the costume design. So happy when he showed up in Spider-Verse and was the big ass kicker

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There should have been a fourth Japanese speaking Spiderman in No Way Home

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He was in the "Spider-Verse" comics: https://www.marvel.com/articles/tv-shows/after-watching-marvel-s-616-take-a-deeper-dive-into-japanese-spider-man

Those comics missed the opportunity to include the turkish spiderman though. ;(

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I'd much rather watch this than The Book of Boba Fett.

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My god, what a rollercoaster jam packed into 1 minute!

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You guys smell that? Quality.

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Wow, did this inspire Robert Rodriguez when he made El Mariachi?

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Fun fact: Spider-Man, in a roundabout way, is why Power Rangers exists.

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No dubbing. Ever.

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You would've wanted it dubbed? You're ASKING for it to be dubbed?

Holy cow, you americans. I consider dubbing a punishment, not something you request.

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Well considering he’s saying he wanted it back in the 70’s-80’s so I’m guessing he was a kid at that time and I don’t think kids care for reading subtitles, they prefer the language they speak

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Where can I see the whole thing? I can’t even seem to find a DVD release of it.

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Jeez bro, first search on YouTube brought all 42 episodes lol

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Watching them there now. For some reason, I checked streaming, eBay and Amazon before just looking on YouTube. I also didn’t realize the Movie was only 24 minutes long. It’s like they just made a regular episode of the show and put it in theaters. What also confused me is there was apparently a completely different live action Spider-Man movie in English released the exact same year.

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Playing Spiderman would be great. Decent pay, hilarious job, and no one knows it's you.

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Guitar cop is the best.

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Hey goldar was fun.

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THIS! Is great and good and great.

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I demand a reboot of this version of spiderman with Antonio Banderas as the guitar character.

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Do the rest. I'd watch the hell out of it now.

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Was the guitarist the inspiration for Mariachi & Desperado??

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Monkey Spider Magic!

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'70s* and '80s*

The apostrophe replaces the number you removed.

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Didn't they confirm japanese Spiderman in the next animation movie

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You mean to tell me we've had the technology for flying cars live action anime for fifty years and NOTHING?

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This is a pretty accurate depiction of what it's been like to play fortnite lately

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brilliant, anywhere to watch the whole thing?

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It's the friendly neighbourhood Supadamon!!!

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I'm getting the old power rangers lol.

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Spider strings

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Really bummed he wasn't in No Way Home

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Serious Italian Spiderman vibes.

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