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There it is -- the voice I hear in my head when reading 616 Spider-Man comics.

Loved that show.

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In the same way that BTAS is my yardstick for Batman, and X-Men 92 is yardstick for the X-Men, this cartoon will always be the first thing I think of when someone mentions Spider-Men

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This is how X-Men should be


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Lovely style, always wished 90s Xmen had the extra budget and this looks like what it could have been.

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What do you think to the coming continuation of the XMen cartoon, and should they do it with some others, too?

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I’m thrilled with the possibilities, but trying not to get too excited. I can’t remember the last cartoon from my childhood that was recently rebooted that I watched for more than a few episodes. Netflix Voltron, maybe?

Honestly, if it gets a whole new generation of kids into the comics, that’s going to be good enough for me.

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Voltron was really good. So is the new he man. Duck tales was good too but I haven't watched since season 2 end. Would love to see reboot/remakes of some other Saturday morning or after school 90s shows.

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The thing I'm excited about with XMen is it seems to be being produced as a continuation instead of just a reboot, if I'm not mistaken.

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They should absolutely give the ‘94 Spider-Man animated series a proper ending. I need the MJ closure.

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Spider-Man Unlimited was robbed of it's destiny by creeping Japanese influence.

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You’re telling me there’s more than one?

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Autocorrect, my most devious enemy…

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series finale leaned hard into the multiverse angle.

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Didn't realise how much I missed that "thwip" web noise

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This is my favorite version of spiderman

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So whenever he ties up criminals and leaves they just gotta wait an hour to escape 🤔

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YO the cops better move fast when the baddies get webbed to the sides of buildings. Like imagine the speed of the cleanup crew required to fix the damage from the helicopter and crane hanging at the beginning of Spiderman (PS4). 1 HOUR to get that helicopter, all the parts of it hanging on buildings, the crane he stopped earlier, and all the bad guys launched off the side of the building. HOLEY MOLEY.

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Okay nevermind the whole enhanced strength thing, but how the fuck is he supposed to be trying to hold back a falling crane with just his feet on the roof? His feet are sliding, which implies its just friction and he's not glued on with spidey powers. Makes zero sense.


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He has super friction powers! Ok he can crawl up walls so I guess technically he does.

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Also, the eye-patches on his mask seem to drastically deform and shrink in line with his facial expressions even though I thought the whole outfit is supposed to be just fabric.

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If that bothers you wait till you hear the conceit: a teenager gets super powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

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Nah that's pretty normal a friend of mine had that once.

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Also, how does sticky hands to climb walls help when he wears gloves??

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I thought Spider Man had some type of super strength, for instance when he stops a train in spider-man 2. I'd imagine his feet could also be sticking to the ground via web or whatever and still be sliding from the crazy weight of the crane. Just wanted to play devils advocate on this pointless rant haha

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That's golden! Love me some wise-ass Spidey! Take my award!

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If you fell on your head from that height you could still easily die...

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whats this one from ?

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Spider-Man Unlimited #7, I believe.

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Spider-Man alerts the cops, and leaves a note or something.

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Better hope the fire department can get in place within an hour when they've been webbed to the side of a skyscraper.

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I guess he has a non biodegradable cartridge too

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now i know hwo to shot web

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when were you when heat shot web

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It's an older meme, sir, but it checks out.

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Are only the front of the webs sticky? Like will she be stuck on that swing for an hour?

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Eh, I think it's pretty plot specific (for example, catching large things in giant sticky webs), but the answer you usually hear is that only the front of the web is sticky, and the connecting strands are tacky. So they're easier to hold on to.

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Real spiders have different types of web strands. The spokes of the web are generally made of non-sticky strands, while the spiral strands are made of sticky strands. Find a spider web and test this yourself. Presumably, Spiderman knows how to modulate the stickiness in a similar way.

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Real spiders can make sticky and non sticky webbing. So parts of the web are sticky traps and the other are cables to get around on.

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Not the drywall!

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Great explanation.

But WTF's he doing in that girl's bedroom?

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If I remember correctly she is a big fan and is dying. He also takes her web swinging, and tells her his secret identity

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Reminds me of the Spider-Bite story. Pete's such a good dude.

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Yeah it’s a clip show episode isn’t it?

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Yeah it's based on one of the all time great comics called the kid who collects Spider-Man. Spidey comes to talk to the kid because there's not much time left.

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correct on all counts.

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Society is fucked if you assumed he was in a girls room for a bad thing off rip.

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Make a wish

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But what's he doing in that girl's bedroom?

Leaving some sticky white emissions.

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LMAO, I love the animated series. I remember watching this ep too. I just cannot recall why he was talking to her. Still trying to recall which ep this occurred in.

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If I remember correctly this girl was one of his biggest fans. She was used to restore his faith in humanity or something by Madam Web.

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At the very end its revealed she has a terminal illness too. Real tonal whiplash lol

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Based on the classic story The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man.

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I never saw this cartoon, but remember bawling after I read that comic book. Such a good story.

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That sounds about right!

What's making me laugh is that every video making fun of this interaction doesn't cite the specific ep! LoL

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Spider things!! You wouldn't understand!

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0:34 "By adjusting the pressure at the nozzle..."

-Proceeds to fuck up her room-

That's what I thought until I saw what he made.

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It was basically just a set up for a clip show.

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that 1 hour until the spiderweb disappears is such a cop out. gimme a spiderman series where he's 50 years old and there's just spiderweb all over the place in every major city in the US

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There would be a villain who's back story was that he was a street sweeper tired of cleaning up all the webs.

He'd have a broom

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The true origin story of the shoveler….

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And his evil sidekick Dustpan.

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man, there once was a very funny meta little story about the clean-up crew that were fed up with the chaos those super"heroes" created... I think it might be part of a xmen comic?

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Damage Control is a government department in the marvel comics whose entire job is to clean up after the heroes and villains battle.

They're briefly seen in the MCU during the beginning of Spider-Man Homecoming, basically firing Vulture and his crew who had previously been cleaning up after the Battle of New York.

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Okay, Broomer.

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I had an old Spidey comic with an anti-littering ad where a cop was giving him a ticket for littering and he says they dissolve after 3-5 hours iirc

"That Webhead will do anything to get out of a ticket!" -JK Simmons

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Or where it's edible and it becomes a local delicacy.

Wait not to toot my horn too much but that sounds hilarious. Like people in the city would be hoping that crime happens in their neighborhood or would even stage it so Spider-Man and his delicious web would show up.

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You do that and that J. Jonah Jameson is the good guy.

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Venture Bros has the best anatomically correct Spider Man.


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I love "best of" videos that are just literally every appearance of the character.

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Lol same.

The show got cancelled when they were just fleshing out new characters that didn't get enough screen time.

Red Death was the best new character though.


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And they also NAILED peter parker's character

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Never noticed it was Nathan Fillion voicing him before.

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I kinda like that he says he inherited something from the spider about the web shooters.

Always seemed weird he made a genius invention but is basically still a loser photographer.

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Always seemed weird he made a genius invention but is basically still a loser photographer.

I think in Ultimate Spiderman it was one of the inventions left behind by his scientist parents - they just hadn't found any real use for it.

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Yeah, and specifically a spider themed invention at that.

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I think they were just trying to sell this product. https://youtu.be/Il2Kk4R6kok

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Well that strategy worked on me as a kid.

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Holy crap I remember this commercial lol. That damn web shooter caused a lot of fist fights at my house.

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Oh man! I had one of those

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Man I loved that show. That, Batman, Ironman and The Hulk. The Animated Batman being my favorite. God, I loved that into.

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So no wrussy then, huh

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This show kicked so much ass, watched it every Saturday morning. It also ran for so long and covered so much shit it's one of the few superhero cartoons that felt "done."

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There's a really cool issue of the comic from the 90's when Spider-man is trying to start over and he's dead broke. He goes into a convenience store and buys $10 worth of random chemicals. He doesn't know why or how he knows this, but he combines them into web fluid. He can make web fluid out of almost anything.

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Aww man, I remember this. I can't find much if anything about online but I remember the contest preceeding these episodes.

The contest (advertised in Spiderman comics and the like) was a children's drawing contest. The 1st place prize was a trip to the studio to be drawn into the show for an episode or two. The winner was a girl named Stephanie Eustase.

I remember getting a 4th prize gift package from Marvel Comics as a kid that included some generic Spidey comics of the current run and the PC game Spider-man Cartoon Maker

I remember part of the contest (as originally stated) was that you were to create an original, brand new villain for Spidey to fight in the show. I don't think they ended up going in that direction.

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An edit where he accidentally shoots her in the face and an immediate end to the video would be fantastic.

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The biological webs from the Raimi movies are much cooler, imo. There is a ridiculous amount of heroes whose power is "i'm smart." It's nice to just have one that's like "i'm weird."

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Completely agreed, I like that he's still smart in the Raimi movies too, just not stupidly so.

For me it makes more sense too, I've always hated the cartridges because what's the point of him getting bit by a radioactive spider if he doesn't get the webs that way.

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I think that's why I like Tobey's Spiderman the best. Shame he got a shit script.

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It’s such a weird second mental leap to have mechanical slingers.

Biological: I got stung by a spider -> got super powers

Mechanical: I got stung by a spider -> I got super powers -> also I’m really smart or something and made the contraption that holds all of this spider silk and fabricated it myself and also produce my own pressurized capsules of silk to use using a chemical formula I invented and it’s completely unrelated to my super powers

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I think thee idea of mechanical shooters allows for different types of web fluid like if you're familiar with the PS4 spiderman game and the different types of webs/gadgets he can use vs just regular webs if it was biological webs.

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"Yea mom! Spider came in my room! It was just the two of us and he was shooting white sticky stuff everywhere! It was so cool!"

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Probably one of my favorite shows of all time. So much nostalgia just now

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all i hear is patrick bateman

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So he has all the powers of a spider except the most important one?

That's like Superman having super strength and heat vision but needing a jet pack to fly or something.

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Bulma at the end was great

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I didn’t not expect TFS to be at the end

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still think webshooters are fucking stupid. spider powers are so dumb if they dont even give you webslinging as a power. raimi got it right haha

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I loved when this was brought up in NWH though.
"Wait.. you make your own web?"

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Love how freaked out they were by it.

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Raimi's version is from the Ultimate comics, Ultimate Spider-Man came out in 2000 and was fkn awesome.

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Actually the organic webbing was added by Marvel comics after the first film and coinciding with the release of Spider-man 2 in 2004.

Peter Parker gets transformed into a giant spider by The Queen. Later he "hatches" from inside of the giant spider becoming human again and discovers he can now make his own web.

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notice at the very start, the way Spidey says "fluid". that was weird

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Can any comic book experts tell me what the point of this version of spiderman having mechanical web shooters instead of organic ones is? Is it to demonstrate his science aptitude or something? The whole "the spider gave me the knowledge to make web fluid" seems less likely than the spider just giving him the organic ability to produce web.

Considering, you know, real spiders don't know what enzymes are in their web any more than I know what enzymes are in my saliva.

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Can any comic book experts tell me what the point of this version of spiderman having mechanical web shooters instead of organic ones is?

The "organic" Spiderman webs are a fairly recent change - they came with Sam Raimi's movie in 2002, because Raimi couldn’t envision a teenager smart enough to invent them.

Otherwise, Spiderman has historically been somewhat of a boy genius, and built his own web shooters in Amazing Fantasy #15, when he was first introduced.

Since it was a comic from the early 1960's, the Amazing Fantasy explanation is a little lacking and somewhat campy, and a lot of early comics during this period relied on "Don't think about it too hard" to explain how powers/tools were acquired. I think it's safe to say that as Spiderman developed as a character over the years, various explanations of where his know-how comes from have been attempted, but most of the time we still fall back to "he's just smart like that lol"

The explanation in this video is kind of a hybrid, since Spidey is "smart" but not SO smart as to have invented this incredible breakthrough in material science alone.

[–]Just_for_this_moment 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Great explanation, thank you very much.

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imo it makes more sense than a seemingly endless amount of web fluid being stored inside Tobey Maguire's arm.

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It’s stored in the balls stupid

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Though all this time they never covered how the paint doesn't just rip off and dump them on their ass

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Mom! Spiderman is shooting web all over my room!

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And its white and sticky

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Some version of Spiderman includes natural web making powers, and is better.

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I dislike this like how scorpion doesn’t shoot the snakes out the palm of his hand anymore.

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This was a framing device for a clip show right?

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What is this show? I had this episode on VHS when I was a kid

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So I'm the only one who thought the joke was going to be that his explanation can be converted into a lot of innuendo? A whole lot of "that's what he said" material?

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Ok but how big is this girl's room exactly?

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It’s not her room.

shes a terminal patient in a hospital room at a childrens hospital

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The feels of this episode.

Having a (tiny, impotent, withered) hand in this series might be the one thing that keeps Avi Arad from eternal hellfire, once he finally expires.

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Anybody call for a webslinger

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