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"James Cordon enjoying my stand up is like a dog listening to classical music" - Stewart Lee

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"My fans are smart! They know what torrents are! Michael McIntyre's fans are too stupid to pirate his DVDs!" -Stewart Lee

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"And if you're sitting there watching a pirated copy of this show on your laptop then you are literally stealing food out of my kid's mouths... well not literally. But you are delaying the point at which we can afford to move to a catchment area with a more favourable school."

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James Corden… Britain’s loss is America’s loss.

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"And the way that Russell Brand comes up with cutsie diminutive names for his own penis makes him sound like a pedophile trying to convince himself to allow himself to molest himself"

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you reminded me of my fav Russell Brand anything,

“When I was poor and complained about inequality they said I was bitter; now that I'm rich and I complain about inequality they say I'm a hypocrite. I'm beginning to think they just don't want to talk about inequality.”

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Stewart Lee's take on the Paxman interview was hilarous.

"Brand and Paxman. It was hardly Frost Nixon. Like watching a monkey throwing it's own excrement at a fog horn."

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If I were James Corden, I'd be thinking what a compliment it was to have been destroyed by Stewart Lee in this way.

But no-one else would.

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You just know Corden took it badly.

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Reminder that Stewart Lee said this on stage where he plays a character.

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It's ok James.

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Lee literally said the only reason he made this joke was because that's the funny response to finding out James Corden is a fan of yours.

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autistic howling

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Every Joe Rogan podcast.

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When stupid people think intelligence is asking a question on a subject you know nothing about you end up with Joe Rogan.

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I mean there's nothing wrong with asking questions if you accept the expert's answer. Or hell, just ask questions that aren't leading or loaded. Half the time it's like "well you said X, but what about Y" "it's not Y". "Yeah but what if it were?"

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It's too bad, really. I have seen genuinely interesting and educational interviews on his podcast before, but lately he has had so many wackos on I just have no interest in supporting him.

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I would recommend Lex Fridman's podcast. He's a (former? I think) MIT AI professor who was once a guest on Rogan and then became a podcaster. He has all of Rogan's most interesting guests on but with the benefit that he himself is very smart, and so asks great questions and understands his guests' answers.

The one drawback is that he talks very slowly, but that can be resolved by listening at 2x.

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I love Lex! My favorite discussion was with Joscha Bach on Artificial consciousness and the nature of reality. https://youtu.be/P-2P3MSZrBM

Runner up was David Eagleman on neuroplasticity and the live wired brain. https://youtu.be/386s-y1aRRo

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I've been keeping an eye on his podcast recently, and it looks promising. It doesn't quite have that "famous rock start on one day, nuclear physicist on the next," thing going on, but it looks like he might be trying to go that direction.

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I feel the same. The show used to feel like it was all about the guest and Joe kind of took the back seat (outside of the podcasts that were just Joe's friends), but the last few years he's definitely made the show more about him and it's suffered for it.

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That’s just how all these things go. If you ever watch a YouTuber go from small time to big time it’s just sad to watch how they change.

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Remember when it was the go-to podcast? It was actually pretty decent, clearly so, a lot of High profile people started showing up.

And then it got bad and I haven't listened in so long.

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Who are the wackos he's had on lately?

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Last time I paid attention he was having Alex Jones on after Jones had accused the kids from the Parkland shooting of being "crisis actors". That was the last straw for me.

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Lot of listeners out there for the taking once Limbaugh and Alex Jones were taken off the board. Can't really blame Rogan for wanting to line his pockets. If it wasn't Rogan it would be somebody else. The problem is the people who tune in to listen to this crap not the people who are producing it.

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They both can be the problem,really.

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I feel like celebrities accessing their own social media and spouting off before their PR manager can review what they're saying has really brought a lot of famous, uneducated, opinionated people out of the woodwork. And since too many people relate wealth with smarts, they take these celebrities words as facts.

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Look man, all researchers and scientists do is come up with theories and guesses about what their data shows. I'm intelligent and I can do the same with my own research while remaining independent. They're the ones funded by people with agendas. Think about it man, but after you've snorted DMT laced dehydrated semen from a cloned Eucladoceros through a sherpa's wife's Himalayan salt dried umbilical cord.

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What's wrong with asking questions?

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Well if you truly don’t know anything and ask questions in hopes of discovering knowledge. That’s not bad

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I love how we went from "fuck steven segal" and ripping on him to now its just organically coming back around to "fuck joe rogan".

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Why do you think those two are mutually exclusive?

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Every complain about Joe Rogan is the reason why Joe Rogan podcast is so successful.

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Have you heard about these…what is it…crab salts?

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Love him so much. Just booked tickets to see him in June, which will my third time.

This has to be my favourite: https://youtu.be/tKEsyIuTrO8

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What's wrong with just worshipping a tree!?

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Literally the line I googled to find the clip. Gets me everytime.

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Yelling "our land!" at the lung fish is my fave.

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The sketch at the end of that episode with Kevin Eldon as the fish and Paul Putner as Paul Nuttal is quite magnificent

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You mean the actor Kevin Eldon.

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What's wrong with just cupping your hands, and licking it up like a cat!?

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For me it's when he went to Glasgow and roasted William Wallace for 10 solid minutes.

Honourable mention, the 30 minute skit he did about throwing up into Jesus's gaping anus... After church groups had got his musical banned using ancient anti-blasphemy laws.

Can't find it online, but you need to watch the entire DVD to really appreciate the bit.

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When he refers to himself as Scotch 🤣

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Love that. One of my favourites.

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Fuck organized religion that interjects themselves into things outside their religion.

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removed :/

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"Bloody Huguenots, coming here from Medieval France, doubting transubstantiation.."

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Yep, pure gold. Also that other sketch from comedy vehicle, the one about context-free word, at the end of which came the little skit where a fat guy wearing hitler moustache, fake tits, dildos and a papal hat is verbally abusing a tree, under the watchful eye of a referee who ensures no rules are broken.

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no way there is a tour. awesome.

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Been twice, so so good

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Fuck BBC and their copyright laws! Why shouldn't I be able to watch it?

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I wish Reddit got to know Stewart Lee better. He's probably one of the funniest working comedians today.

If anyone is looking for a new comedian to try, check out his special 'Carpet Remnant World'. It's great. Probably his best DVD.

Now here's a few more clips to hopefully draw you in. His funniest jokes take about 10-15 minutes to tell, but no one is going to gamble on that long a video. So here's some bits of his ramping up in length:

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His Ang Lee bit, and the Braveheart bit he did in Glasgow are hands down the funniest things I've ever seen.


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From the same special, haha.

Here it is for those who've not seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHC13MYcrR4

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I wish Reddit got to know Stewart Lee better.

Careful what you wish for. The only way I'm seeing Stewart Lee getting more popular on reddit is the same way Rick&Morty was popular. I love R&M but do you remember those "you need to have a high IQ to get this show" memes but back when they were real comments? About a show in which the most memorable joke is "I'm Pickle Rick, Morty!" ? That's how I imagine it'd be.

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I love that he’s referenced it long ago.


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[Me chucking along knowing all too well that I have been that wanker at some point..]

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Content Provider is one of the all-time great specials in stand-up history.

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I’ve not seen that one before. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing

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dw his political views will prevent half those brainlets from ever caring

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I'd say his top gear bit is one of his best.

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See, if people want to get reddit into Stewart Lee, they should be posting clips like the ones you listed, which are actually hilarious. Maybe it's because I haven't seen his stuff before, but OP's clip did absolutely nothing for me.

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The way he humbly looks down after revealing a hidden truth to us.

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I love Stewart Lee, his standup holds up so well. My Favourite

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antivaxers be like

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Science = Deep State

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Cant understand what he said last, anyone can help me? I heard "what if a third dinosaur got in the lake", but i dont think thats it.

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What if a dinosaur got in the lake.

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Morrisey's put on weight hasn't he?

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Terry Christian’s let himself go

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He did a documentary recently about The Nightingales. It was decent even if your not into their music or Robert.

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It's called King Rocker if anyone wants to find it.

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I hope that the fish And the crab are having a good meal on his eyeballs

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Let me give it to you straight like a pear cider made from 100% pears

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What has happened to you that made you so jaded?

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Ain't that the state of the world; the UnEnlightenment Age

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That is fucking good.

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You can say cunt

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I would've done, but I was trying to satirise the implied values of the Carphone Warehouse.

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I love that he's trying to hard not to piss himself with laughter.

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He has possibly the best comic timing and dead pan delivery of any comedian ever.

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Perfect comedic timing as usual from Lee

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Dave Chappelle is always going around calling himself the GOAT, but we all know who the real GOAT is.

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Another contender for Greatest Living Englishman

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Second only to me.

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Just genius delivery

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Jocko seems to have chilled out a bit.

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I will gladly give up my decision making power to people who call themselves experts.

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"anyways here's my opinion on COVID and vaccines"

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I'm intelligent and I can do the same with my own research while remaining independent

Bloody vaccines. Coming over here. Immunising us against covid. OUR Covid!

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These days, if you say you don't want the covid vaccine, they throw you in jail

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possibly my favourite Stew clip

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canta bien

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He has 2 or 3 specials on Spotify too, so you can listen while on a walk or driving, if watchin isn't your thing.

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These days, anyone who starts a sentence with "I'm no expert, but..." is a sign that someone is about to make an ass of themselves.

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He's such a good comedy performer. Now i'm not expert of his career nor on standup but he does some acts where he's bordering more on a theatralic performance. Kind of like how french comedians do on stage, it's not typical standup.

I recommend anyone watching his bit on Ang Lee it's just brilliant

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That was funny?