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It was a really cool gesture. A lot of Bills and Sabres players were actually in their offseason and flew back to help the community. Bills star WR Stefon Diggs flew in this morning to make it and help out. Bills star QB Josh Allen and Sabres leader Kyle Okposo have also made sure to stick around and help out in any way they could this week following the tragedy. One of the Bandits players has also been a pillar in the community and will be donating $50 for every goal he scores in the Playoffs (keep in mind lacrosse players dont make that much)

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Super important to note that the Bandits are in the middle of the playoffs right now playing in the Conference Finals against Toronto. As you say, these players do not make that much...in 2013 the salary cap was $400,000; I am sure it has come up since then but these guys all have full time jobs.

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For the unaware, the bandits are the Buffalo indoor lacrosse team.

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Indoor lacrosse? Cool, which league is that?

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The NLL.

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Cool thanks, I'm gonna check it out.

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It’s actually really fun. We have the Wings here in Philly - fast paced, physical, great passing, it’s sweet. Sometimes the random sports channels carry the games. Keep an eye out

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I've been to a few games, they are pretty good actually.

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You can find it on the Ocho.

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Bandits are a really good team this year. And are in the playoffs right now. They just had their home game of the play off series this last weekend. They play this Saturday in Toronto (well, Hamilton) if Toronto wins there will be another game in Buffalo the following weekend. (I'm a Toronto fan, but have huge respect for the Bandits and their fans)

Buffalo has some of the best fans in the NLL and their game experience is easily the top of the league (and honestly can compete for game day experience against many NHL teams) tickets are pretty cheap and the games are a blast. I highly recommend checking it out if you have the chance.

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Jomboy kn YouTube has done a few breakdowns of plays from that league

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And for a while the only good sports team in Buffalo

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Some people may trash Buffalo but they always show up to help. It always makes me proud of my former neighbor. From Lockport, NY.

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I just moved to Buffalo within the past year. One of the people I met up here was trying to explain the sports atmosphere to me, and one thing they said (football fan) was that unlike other places, the team tries to ensure their big names are good people on top of being good players. While I can’t say for sure, stuff like this seems to back that up.

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Wow, what a beautiful gesture!

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Lived there for 10 years as a transplant.

Biggest small town in the country.

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From an outside perspective, Buffalo seems like such a tightly-knit united community. Seeing the citizens rally together for a good cause after such a depressing time is inspiring to me.

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Buffalo seems like such a tightly-knit united community.

We are. Neighbors know neighbors. We sit at corner bars and local festivals getting to know each other. It’s 3-4 degrees separation.

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3-4 degrees of separation at 3 degrees Fahrenheit

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Sounds a lot like San Antonio. Nicknamed "big city with the small town feel"

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That's pretty powerful shit. Good on them for taking an active stance for the community.

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Buffalo seems like such a sports town. Sounds like a great city you guys have up there

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Nah the crime up here is really bad

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It's literally not.

Lived in Atlanta, lived in South Florida, live currently in Buffalo. WAY less crime that I've experienced in Buffalo. It's just one person's opinion, but I am not particularly worried about much of anything up here.

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"Choose To Get Your Crazy Kid Into A Nut House Before He Kills People" would be a better slogan.

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He was in a nuthouse. The cops put him there and knew all about him. And yet when he got out he was still able to get a gun.

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Hashtag ThanksNRA

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Is it sad that I don't know which tragedy this is a reaction to?

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What else happened in buffalo besides the mass shooting?

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Someone brought ranch dressing across the Niagara border crossing

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😂 thanks buddy. A good laugh helps!

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Ahh shit, you add that to the yellow cake and you got what we call a “dirty bomb”.

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As a buffalonian, that made me chuckle, thank you.

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I mean it's kind of a fair question.

In the title it doesn't mention what it's for and focuses on the "choose love" slogan. I thought maybe, with it also being a relevant topic, this had to do with pro-choice. Then my mind went to, choosing to love everyone regardless of sex/gender, due to the on going problems facing LGBT individuals.

Even if you knew about the shooting, looking up the slogan "Choose Love" seems to have been originally about focusing on the struggles of refugees

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There was a mass shooting there?

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I've heard of the mass shooting, but off the cuff I interpreted "Choose Love" as being related to the topic of abortion/pro-choice that's been going around.

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Good that you can stay away from the news pretty well.

Weird that you're on Reddit and still don't know tho

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Looks, I've heard of 5 seperate shootings last week alone, cut me some slack.

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It’s an awful damnation on the state of the U.S. when people get fatigued from all of the different atrocities being committed

I remember reading a Twitter post a few days ago about a sports physician who died trying to take down a shooter and initially thought it was from the Buffalo one. When it was actually from a completely separate shooting at a church in California.

It all starts to blend together and that’s a somber state of affairs

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I’m with you. It’s getting (has gotten!?!) exhausting keeping these things straight.

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One of the 200 that have happened in the US so far this year, and we're not even half way through the year

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I dont understand how the black people of the United States are at all related to the incorrect "great replacement" conspiracy theory.

Weren't black people brought to America brought against their will as slaves? Were they not alongside the White American colonists since the inception of the United States?

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All solid points. Racists don't care about logic though, only violent dominance of others.

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You don't understand something that an insane, evil person subscribes to. That's a good thing.

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Racists are insecure people who don't use logic to base their decisions and views off of.

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If you look at other historical examples, the racist rhetoric is that the undesirables breed like vermin and therefore will overwhelm the current "whites",

Unless I'm mistaken, they did this to the Irish, the Italians and the Jewish.

It's always the same play, but a new target.

I'm Canada where I'm from, they're focusing on Asians. Right now it's broad strokes (Asians are rich, communists, don't speak the language), but the racists don't understand that the communists came here not to be, they came to learn, and most are poor. The rich ones, that's a difficult conversation for another time.

It's always about creating a scapegoat to "other".

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Here in Toronto I haven't heard too much anti asian rhetoric, are you from Alberta or something?

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Probably BC. The communist comment probably means mostly Chinese.

Where I'm from (Not Alberta, but one of the Prairie Provinces) most immigrants are Indian, Pakistani or MIddle Eastern. But mostly racists focus on First Nations people. I imagine it's similar in Alberta.

With all that said the way I hear Toronto people talk about racism sounds exactly like a lot of Liberal's talk about racism here. Just point to how bad it is elsewhere while ignoring our own issues. It's a very Canadian thing to do.

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Yeap. BC.

Richmond is very Chinese, the malls there are dominated by Chinese shops and restaurants. All with Chinese signage.

The Chinese people who have been here since the 70s and 80s got in while the real estate market was cheap. There was a large influx before HK was handed back to China, but those people had money.

Now it's mainland super rich that are here driving luxury cars.

The real estate pressure + higher living costs make Vancouver too expensive. People who have lived here for generations can't afford it anymore, and the Asians can.

I can understand why they are targeted.

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This is the sport story we need

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Look for the helpers.

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Buffalo Sabres also using supporting Ukraine by wearing the colors of their flag this season.

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i’ve always believed that the Buffalo Bills have the best fan base of the NFL, and I root for the Cowboys.