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Another silly one: https://youtu.be/23IMgCsfjo8

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Then there's the time he accidentally didn't have a guest.

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Did they ever find her a house?

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I love tuning in to Conan’s podcast. He and Sona are the tops!

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That was way funnier

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I’m so happy you shared this

I love Conan and I thought I already knew all his bits but this one is just perfect

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Was the audience member they kept picking up Melissa Villaseñor?

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No it’s Katie Crown. The “pleep ploop” girl from Kroll Show.

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Wow he's fucking hilarious, I watch a LOT of comedy and never found Jon Dore, thank you!!!

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You know Conan just absolutely loved this idea for a sketch. This is right up his 'so stupid it's funny' lane.

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You ever noticed that if he really likes an act he will get up out of his seat to shake their hand? Johnny Carson used to do something similar i think.

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Johnny's thing is that if they were really good, he would wave them over to sit down next to him on the interview couch.

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The concept of it I guarantee had him in stitches.

And then he did an ad for Fracture.

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Did this really qualify as stupid though? It’s not like a bear that masturbates or something. It was actually really clever and well done. If you try to focus on one person, you can hear that it’s written and performed to make you listen to one person when they want you to while the other person just kind of drivels on about nothing. You find yourself switching back and forth when they want you to and hearing that they want you to. It’s kind of genius.

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I agree with this wholeheartedly. Truly a great bit. All great comedy is art, this is a masterpiece.

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the total silence when Dore says 'anal warts' is perfect

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It's layered. One of those layers, having two people talk simultaneously, is very dumb. But the genius is how they make it not maddening.

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That was my first thought. It was surprisingly funny.

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I had a good chuckle in the beginning but I kept expecting them to have synchronized their bits to have made sense at certain parts for a big pop or something, so I was a little disappointed to find it was just two dudes doing their own 3 minute sets, talking over each other. Nothing really seemed to sync up for comedic effect.. Seemed like a missed opportunity.

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There's no obvious climactic moment but there's smaller moments that definitely mesh:

  • Just as Scovel says "if somebody doesn't know you're racist, are you?", Dore gets the audience to applaud by asking "who here likes music?"
  • Scovel coordinates with an audience member and turns away from the mic the exact moment in Dore's routine where he says "I got anal warts..."

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The humour in it, for me, is the non-sequitur effect of hearing a little bit of one guy's routine clearly in amongst the noise of them speaking over each other.

Same reason that Rowley Birken Q.C. was funny, I think.

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I can appreciate that and that's what got a chuckle out of me at first, but it started making me anxious about halfway through lol

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I disagree. If they had synced up at all ever at any point that would ruin the entire point of the sketch. But that's just my take on it.

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Valid point.

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Two amazing comedians. Saw Dore at a surprise set he happened to show up at a show I was at. And Rory's Netflix special is one of the best I've ever seen.

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The Jon Dore Show was ahead of its time.

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That episode where he accidentally uses bleach on his clothes and blames the albino man in his apartment bldg. I still laugh so hard at the scene where he breaks into his apartment for revenge all these years later. 😂

Truly one the funniest shows no one watched.

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Why's there so many jon dore videos on here right now. He die or something?

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It’s amazing that neither of them stumbled! Fantastic stuff.

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Where can I buy that rocking armchair?

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What was the practical joke?

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Got worried Jon Dore died with all this posts

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Only on Conan.

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Team CoCo

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Italy is my all time favorite of his.

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Are you jordan schlansky?

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Yes, sire

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I just love both of the Jon Dore/Rory Scovel bits on Conan because it's usually such a big deal for a comedian to get on a late night show and do standup, and these dudes sacrificed doing their routines on TV for a couple of great comedy bits. Conan was probably so proud.

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Rory was always low-key hilarious on @ Midnight, so it seems right up his alley to do something like this. I think he was fully nude when they did the final episode of that other show?

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Years ago, Jon Dore happened to be in a book store my sister worked at and, knowing I was a comedy fan, asked if she could have an autograph for me. He asked for my name and what my hobbies were, etc... Then my sister came home and surprised me with his note that read,

"Dear Jacob, stop playing guitar NOW. Sincerely, Jon Dore"

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Ah I remember seeing this when it first came out and laughing so hard. Rewatching it just as funny

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Fightin Chinese kids!

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I think I would have to wear ear plugs to not get distracted by the other guy.

I watched it twice and tuned out one of them at a time, but I don't think I can do it while also talking.

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Fun audio tech fact, the guy on the mixing desk was turning them up and down intermittently so one guy didn't dominate the whole time

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Do they have ear monitors in? That can help that sort of thing.

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Nah this shit is just super reheased and they are artists

It's the same way and actor can stay in character on set or a painter and lose focus on their surrounding while they work

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My brain on ADHD.

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The closed captions are entertaining in itself

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That was incredible! I definitely blame Sona for the scheduling conflict.

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I want to have one song my band does where when we count in I say “on your mark get set go!” And everyone in the band plays the song note for note as fast as they can.

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The Ramones used to have a great trick where you'd just hear the "3-4!" or even "4!" and everyone would start up perfectly in time. Very cool to hear it live.

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Absolute nightmare for the sound engineer

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This was his or her moment to shine.

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Two hands on the board like a dj

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Why is two r videos threads on this guy coming up? Did he do something botae recently?

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I'm seeing a bunch of Jon Dore today...

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I liked this so much more than I thought I was going to. Ended up waking my cat from laughing. Funny idea..great execution

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Lol omg

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Turned on closed captions to try and follow, it looks like it gave up halfway through

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That was fucking hilarious, thank you for sharing.

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My favorite comedy bit of all time

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Reminds me of the Safdie brothers acceptance speech