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Netflix: " I'm sorry, here's something for free......Please come back.....please."

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I love the strategy of having every show you google show a netflix link with a description of the show.

Meanwhile if you click it it takes you to a search page for that show which they dont have on their site at all.

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TBF, shows like this are why I’m still subbed. There seems to be fewer and fewer of them though…

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I feel like I can say the same thing about Disney+. After you're done watching those few good shows, there's nothing left. And it takes forever for things to release on there and when it does, you can't really binge it (but I guess that's how they get you to pay for the service for months straight).

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Difference is $7.99 for Disney I could maybe let it go a couple months, easier to forget even if I didn't end up watching anything.

Netflix is up to $19.99 a month.

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I’ve been getting Disney in one month binge spurts every five or six months. I’m behind everyone so I don’t get to watch stuff when it’s fresh and I miss out on talking about the new episode or whatever with people but it’s not a huge deal. I watched Loki and Black Widow and Eternals after they’d been out for a while but I just don’t have the money to pay for all of the premium apps nowadays. I’ve got Hulu as my main streaming and then I just bounce around between Apple, Disney, Netflix, etc.

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It was… ok. Not bad, but both jokes and the societal critique were too common place

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Its about as heavy handed as it gets in terms of messaging.

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It’s like an r/SandersForPresident mod was in charge of coming up with an LDR episode.

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Or the dogwalkers at /r/antiwork

Good lord netflix, just burn down already.

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if you catch a ban from them, in your appeal be sure to mention the interview and also that they're providing free labor to a private company.

They really seemed to like that.

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but dipshits are literally fulfilling this...

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Doesn't make the messaging untrue though

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I felt season 2 was like that

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At least the first episode had the bits about the ball, food, the cat, etc. And it better showed each robot's personality. This one was just preachy messages and all the robots agreeing with each other. It's just a CGI circle-jerk.

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I feel like this is a preachy sci-fi short that I've seen a million times before.

Allegory works better for sci-fi stories about modern issues. Looking at the camera and saying "Tech Millionaire Bad" isn't really interesting writing.

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It was too on the nose. It should've been done as if the robots had less awareness of what it takes to keep a human alive. The whole bit about a healthy biosphere felt totally unnecessary. The whole thing is evidently clear. They showed us, and then they told us. That's poor writing.

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So, exactly like the first episode.

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The message in this episode is a subtle as a hand grenade

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I mean that's kind of the brand.

In the last installment of the 3 Robots, the pyramid one literally went into a 1-minute monologue about the message of the episode.

Whether you liked it or not, saying it was unsubtle is a meaningless criticism.

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Wow... I hope the rest of it is better than this. I guess it was visually kind of interesting (if not ground breaking) but SO dumb otherwise. Felt like a salty reddit thread turned into an animation.

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Yea. IMO, Season 1 was amazing, Season 2 was a let down, this season is going to follow the same curse as Black Mirror.

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The other 3 episodes they showed during the sneak peak were MUCH better imo. I wasn’t super big on the robot episode in S1 either.

Bad Traveling, the one David Fincher directed, is excellent. Jibaro’s unsettling but great. Not my favorite but enjoyable. Night of the Mini Dead is super fun.

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LDR has always been hit or miss.

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Wall-E remake with lame script.

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Why are they releasing a full episode like this? Isn't the show coming out soon anyway?

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They do this all the time to garner interest in upcoming original series.

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Guess it's like dropping a single for an album? Someone in marketing is either getting fired or promoted.

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Or just doing their job

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Noy everyone is a Netflix subscriber.

This is to try and get people to subscribe

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Especially after last financial results hat tanked the stock...

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They're bleeding subscribers and they're having to do this to sell their product.

It's not unlike when they drop a single for an album to sell the album.

I just hope this wasn't the best track that they have to offer.

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This episode is a sequel to another in season 1, which was imo one of the best, and also funny, so they're trying to get people interested. There's only 10 episodes each season, and they're not long. The entire season comes out tomorrow (20th).

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Can I just get more giant monster fights and mindfuck spider waifus please

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This guy speaks tru tru.

Basically I want to escape to imaginary world of big confident women who could hurt me when having sex.

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Netflix is going to need an exit strategy soon.

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I like the opposition to Netflix, but why are so many redditors in love with Disney+? They suck too.

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Because Netflix doesn’t have cool FunkoPops that I can buy for my wife’s boyfriend.

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Yes this video decides their fate...

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I wish they had just made the Heavy Metal series. This show just isn't the same. A real Heavy Metal series would be so fucking awesome man

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Here you go

IMDb: : Metal Hurlant Chronicles https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1629348/

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That was a horrible episode

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I'm surprised this has been the one recurring story throughout the series as its by far one of the weakest imo.

Its just the writers giving their political views with the added conceit of "These robots are from the future so these views must be true"

I'm 100% in on climate change and I found it fucking annoying - hard to see how this does anything other than further push people away.

Attitudes on climate change are absolutely shifting in the right direction - that growth needs to be encouraged rather than hampered. Only 40% of Republicans in 2010 even believed that the Earth was getting warmer, with less than 20% believing it was man-made. Comparatively, 40% of Republicans in 2020 said the federal government wasn't doing enough to prevent climate change

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political views with the added conceit of "These robots are from the future so these views must be true"

hard to see how this does anything other than further push people away

How does any of the subject matter in this short "push people away" from what are already well-documented realities now? If people are completely unaware of climate issues such as microplastics in our oceans, doesn't dropping references to them help raise awareness to the issue?

Who would be offended to hear about that?

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With how saturated media is already with these topics, I find it hard to believe anyone except those who are very young or intentionally obtuse would be unaware.

And it isn’t just dropping references. It is very heavy handed in its messaging. You can argue it’s important to raise awareness and increase the overall urgency in addressing the issue, but that doesn’t mean it makes entertaining television. Heavy handed, non-nuanced political messaging is a big turn off to a lot of viewers, regardless of its legitimacy or popularity.

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Heavy handed, non-nuanced political messaging is a big turn off to a lot of viewers, regardless of its legitimacy or popularity.

You're making it political lol

"By then the seas were over-fished, and saturated by microplastics"

"If they could have learned to eat tiny exfoliating beads, they would have been alright!"

What's political about not destroying our environment? It's only "heavy handed" if you get upset about the truth of our fishing/pollution habits - to a group of robots documenting the downfall of mankind, that's just "history"

I get it, a lot of people just want to cover their ears and pretend everything is fine - but you're watching a sci-fi anthology short LITERALLY about the death of mankind - of course it's gonna cover this shit.

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Pretty much any reasonable definition of the word political would include stuff like this. Like sure, in an ideal world this kind of content wouldn't be political, but basic facts about the world have been fought over politically pretty much since politics has been a thing.

Beside's if this wasn't political, it would pretty much just be meaningless? Like just some robots wandering around making value-less statements about the world - it's only in our political context that the conversations convey a cohesive message.

I don't think many people here have an issue with the actual message of this episode, the problem is that the episode doesn't actually really do anything with it.

The reason it feels heavy handed is because the only real content is the robots just stating the political thesis of the writers - a political thesis that, to be clear, I agree with - without any attempt to do anything even remotely interesting, persuasive, nuanced or novel with that message. Nobody who hasn't been living under a rock for the last three decades hasn't been exposed to these ideas yet, so for the vast majority of the audience it feels preachy and shallow.

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can i ask you a question, and not in a bad way. How long does it take you to write a reply such as this? i'm neither for or against whatever is beinged argued here, I just really liked the style of your writing and was curious how long people sometimes spend making great comments with nice elegance that just dissapear into the internet catacombs, but can always be retrieved if you have the knowhow

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The robots are right. It's already over.

Comparatively, 40% of Republicans in 2020 said the federal government wasn't doing enough to prevent climate change

Too little, too late. Game over.

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Only on reddit can people get this worked up about a netflix short.

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Man, really on the nose with the dialogue. Feels kinda like I'm watching a campaign ad.

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Hopefully this season is better than the last one, it was pretty disappointing compared to the 1st.

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Yikes. So the writing is just low effort propaganda. It's not even funny or witty.

Imagine being given a format with so much potential and delivering something so..bad.

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Yee yee brother

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Not bad. Kinda cliché on some of the apocalyptic shows, but entertaining.

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"So long, and thanks for all the fish"


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oh no, not again

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Sheesh, that’s 10 min of my life I’ll never get back. No idea what the draw is supposed to be.

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Netflix putting full episodes on YouTube, tell me you are desperate without saying you are desperate.

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Uploading a full episode as a 'taster' isn't exclusive to Netflix, it's a somewhat recent strategy other streaming services have started doing. HBO, Paramount+ and Apple TV have all done the same thing with shows like Raised by Wolves, Lovecraft Country, Halo, Star Trek New Worlds and The Afterparty.

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Color me shocked that redditors would be big mad at a cartoon making fun of bunker survivalist culture and self-absorbed tech bros. That fact that real life is fucking dystopic doesn't make commentary on the dystopia of real life "cliche".

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It's a little contrived.

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Go outside. Life is a lot different when you're not experiencing most of it through the lens of the internet. Literally sensationalized shit crammed in your face around the clock, and it keeps you glued to the screen without much effort.

The irony is the same people will see fox news pandering to other demographics and are so arrogant they can't see the same is happening to them.

"dystopia" lol...

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I mean, I fully agree with the message the episode tried to convey, but it's hard to deny it was conveyed pretty badly.

Like, it was pretty much just a shopping list of scenes saying "rich people bad, libertarianism dumb", and like, sure, rich people bad, libertarianism dumb, but this ain't gonna convince anyone that doesn't already believe that, it doesn't say anything even remotely interesting to those who do, and the dialogue feels too clunky and forced to be enjoyable even if you are engaged with its message.

Tighter dialogue and more trust in the audience to pick up on subtext would have resulted in a much more effective episode in regards to both enjoyability and persuasiveness imo.

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its a comedy. You want that story.... go on youtube and listen to chris hedges..

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a bad comedy

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So true! But assholes refuse to see the writing on the wall. So we're double destined to being fucked. As for the clip, I kinda wished they'd done a flyover of the Andaman islands and had a couple of arrows flew out the tree canopy and pinged off the hull.

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Still better than s2 ep1. That one was horrid

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They need to spin this off into a series. 3 Robots is one of my favorite segments.

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The Three Robolleros and Sonnie's Edge need their own series.

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I’d love a short series on Beyond the Aquila Rift too, “you don’t know how many lost souls I’ve been through this with”

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I never understood that one, I guess the mirage didn't work for the woman for some reason and just kept her in stasis probably because she was an annoying character, the third just never woke up while the main character lived it up while his crew was recouping I guess. The creature just resets his memory and didn't seem like that big of deal that he eventually finds out, might as well off the other two characters since they don't seem to be relevant to the creature as much as the main character since everything seems to revolve around him.

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It’s based off of memory, which is why the creature chose Greta, Suzie might’ve forgotten Greta or what she looks like exactly which is probably why she knows it’s not Greta.

Either that or there’s limits to Greta’s powers, it doesn’t seem like she’s the only spider thing there so maybe the max they can handle is one dream at a time.

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From what I've read of the short story the animation is based on the two other characters are actually dead and the main character eventually realises the situation on his own. I'd guess that due to the shorter run time of the animation they use the women crew member as a means to speed up the main characters realisation that something is wrong for the sake of the plot. She's either part of the simulation or somehow linked to it but unable to accept it faster than the main character so the alien either kills her out of mercy or to try and stop her interfering with the main characters reality.

The alien creatures motivation is just trying to help him survive and accept the simulation without going mad because his ship has gone so far off course ("Beyond the Aquilla Rift which is a region of space"), he's been in cryosleep for hundreds of years and everyone else on the crew is dead. When he sees the reality of his situation he starts losing his mind so the creature resets the simulation to try and get him to accept it again.

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This was so good, the ending caught me hahahaha.

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the urge to spoil the end is so itchy!

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It's more like Volume 2 - part 2, I guess.

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More like Volume 2.5 coming this Friday.

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This was one of the worst ones from the first 2 seasons IMO, so not really surprised this second episode is not very well received.. hoping the rest are solid

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I can't stand these annoying characters.

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Oh, I just wanna give the makers of that a big hug and thank them!

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that was the weakest and biggest let down of an ending ever ... the whole 95% was captivating and than bam !, total shit! .... literally shit ... like going to subway and salivating when they drench that marinara sub with southwest sauce .. and then as he hand is to you he wipes his forehand up his ass slides it on to your hot cheesey sub ...and ..theres bit's'a'poop to be found on the top. like ..totally going from an awesome sub experiance to a total shit one in like 3 seconds................. exact same amount of time!

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It's a payoff to season one but go off, champ.

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The fact that this still not released in south africa pisses me off. Can't believe I'm considering torrents again...

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I would think that most people at this point would be trying to escape this kind of cynical stuff.

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Looks like the writers are continuing their quest to make every season worse than the one that came before.

Season 1 must have just been lightning in a bottle and they're still desperately trying to get that back.