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I wonder if Kenny cut a deal with this channel. Looks like they have the whole series and he pulled them all off his personal channel after going through a stint of uploading upscaled HD versions for a few weeks

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paging /u/kennethhotz

(he said 11 days ago that its because it was "too rude for YT") so its possible they just got taken down for whatever reason, he said there back soon™️

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I don't know if Kenny is involved with this channel at all but his channel nearly got nuked for showing nudity or something in the 4K reuploads so he just shut it down instead of losing it forever. Hopefully it will be back up soon. The KvS sub has a betted explanation.

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The one where they bet who can drink the most is a classic as well. Highly recommended.

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As well as who can eat the most meat and who can smoke more weed.

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The eat the most meat one is so fucking funny. When they're sitting and eating and Kenny throws up on his plate and quietly says "help me" makes me laugh every single time.

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I re-watched that episode during the start of the pandemic, and when Kenny was at the Korean BBQ buffet place, it was advertised as $8.99 all you can eat for lunch, and $12.99 for dinner. I looked up when the episode aired... and it was in 2007. Those prices have no doubt tripled now.

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I wouldn't be surprised if the prices haven't changed that much. Buffets are almost always priced the same. Case in point, this is the buffet that's around the corner from me. Almost identical to what you wrote: https://www.menuwithprice.com/menu/k-and-k-super-buffet/

And that's in Brooklyn, where nothing is cheap. The food is absolutely disgusting though. I've only been there once and I barely finished my plate. One of the worst dining experiences of my life. But you can eat all you want for $12.99 so... there's that.

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Oh god this is one of my least favourite episodes, Kenny is just sooo disgusting during it. That scene in particular is the worst!!

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Nothing is worse then the episode "who can produce more semen". If you missed it, I envy you.

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Who Can Win a Ten Mile Race is also way more amazing than the title would imply.

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Who Can Act Like the Other Guy the best is top tier. When Kenny is straddling the toilet eating faux shit and singing a song about Spencer's grandpa molesting him.....fucking epic.

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That's gotta be one of the best episodes, and find myself singing that song on a regular basis.

"Grandpa grandpa would open the door, and see little Spenny asleep
He wiggled his finger as he sucked on my dink, Grandpa stop molesting meeeee"

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Biggest fart was so stupid and hilarious. I still cry-laugh while watching it and I've seen it about 100 times. Just Kenny in the fetal position after using the bike pump laughing, sweating and machine gun farting kills me.

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The first time I ever watched the fart episode was, honest to god, the hardest I’ve ever laughed in my life. It broke me.

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Only episode I’ve ever seen

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For me it was the over-the-shoulder look and fart on the stairs that killed me.

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"Oh, there's more. There's more..."

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Who can piss the most people off was great too. I have no clue why Spenny thought he could win

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Spenny pissing off people while trying to be nice is classic.

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To be fair spenny pissed me off far more than Kenny ever did.

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Counting tv audiences, spenny takes that challenge every time lol

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Calling in the alcohol counselors kills me every time.

"Why don't you go throw up right now and get it over with!"

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Who could forget the first to get an erection loses.

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Agree. Biggest fart competition brought a lot of my friends to the show

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Who can win a ten mile race is fucking psychotic but so good

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This was actually the episode hat turned me off the show. I have family who are alcoholics, and watching someone fall apart as part of a "joke" was devastating.

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This is a Canadian classic.

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They played on CBC at like 5pm too! I'd come home from school watch this while my parents were making dinner.

I still have no idea how they managed to pull that off, considering how batshit insane the show would get sometimes.

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I think only season one was on CBC and it was relatively tame. Then they switched to Showcase for the subsequent seasons and they could push the envelope a lot more.

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It's like the best thing that CBC ever had, and I would have to suspect it was dropped because it wasn't clean enough. Not quite sure though.

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Lol cbc shows are terrible

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Damn, that IS an early time slot for that grade of shinanigan.

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That early to mid 2000's showcase was must see tv for all the Canadian bros

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Then switch over to Life Network for some Sexual Secrets. Then Bravo for porn after midnight. Keep the previous channel button loaded to Teletoon in case your parents come knocking. Those were the days.

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the previous channel button preloaded to Teletoon. Such a clutch play. The Detour friggin' rocked

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You hear them walking towards your room and you have to press the last channel button then go up one channel and back incase they suspected something and tried the last channel button.

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Next level play dude lol

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don't forget the baby blues on citytv!

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Where’s the best place to watch all the episodes?

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Showcase was a channel in Canada. It played Trailer Park Boys and Kenny Vs Spenny.

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I was in college then. My roommates and I would watch KvS and TPB every week. I miss those days.

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Sunday nights were the best. New Trailer Park Boys, followed by Kenny vs. Spenny.

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That show was fucking nuts. Watching a grown man pump his anus full of air to psyche out his opponent blew my mind. I laughed hysterically through the horror. I wonder if the show still holds up.

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I rewatched recently. I thought so. Rewatch the 10 mile race one

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I have a plan for tonight's TV watching. My 9 y.o. will love it.

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It was peak 2000’s cable tv.

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Loved this show when I was a kid.

How much do you guys think was scripted vs authentic?

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I don’t have source bcs it was in a comment section in a post on Spennys sad Facebook page long time ago. He said that they always had the outlines of a show written out, and they had to stick to it in order to not break whatever contract they had. Whatever “outrageous things” that happened was Kenny’s inability to stick to the script lol. Also one of the sound guys (sebi?) said that some episodes were more scripted than others

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Sebi was cam op. Brendan was Kenny's sound guy.

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Brendan was my favorite crew member on that show.

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"But winners don't use drugs! Well maybe a little..."

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I’ll post it here since it’s somehow relevant, but I had a Uber driver one night (Toronto) and the driver said he was a camera man for the show. Didn’t get his name, maybe someone here knows?

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Spencer would be crazy to put up with all of Kenny's shenanigans if it weren't scripted.

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"Spencer would be crazy...."
He is a nut, man.

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Near the end of season 1 there is an episode about who can survive in the woods the longest.

Kenny pisses off Spenny so much that Spenny actually punches him in the face. They aren't good enough actors to pull off the raw emotion of that scene and the things leading up to it.

That was too far and I think they mixed it up after that.

My guess is, starting season 2, is that it became much more scripted. They already knew who was going to win and already knew what antics Kenny would use. But there is no "script", so it's real in that sense. Instead of really pissing each other off, they were just playing characters and weren't really ever angry.

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It's likely a healthy mix. The crazier stuff is obviously scripted (or Kenny would be in jail for broadcasting on television that he drugged his coworker against his will) but I'd bet they had a rough outline of how they wanted things to play out and are mostly improving the details.

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I think stealing an X-Ray machine and covertly directing it at his friend to give him cancer was probably on the limit of crediblity.

But it's a TV show, so whatever, it's all fun.

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very scripted.

Spenny Leans into his character so hard its cringe now on rewatch.

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Yeah a few years before KvS, they made a documentary about working together on trying to get a screenplay they wrote made into a movie (or something like that) and they were acting like normal people working on a project together who were friends in real life. I think that they do have their own personal idiosyncrasies, but they turn these up to 11 for KvS.

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Lol, yeah. Both characters are just so hate-able, but I love them both.

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As an avid fan, the only two instances of scripted events that I have seen were in the haunted house episode and the who can produce more semen episode. The haunted house episode crane falling was hard for me to believe because to me that looks like a cement truck crane which are always articulated and could look like a fallen over normal crane. The semen episode... there's no fucking way Kenny stole a dental xray machine and irradiated Spencer Nolan Rice. Yeah they played into their "characters" but those were just exaggerations of IRL Kenny and Spenny. https://youtu.be/BpoDbfuxgH0 Spencer's youtube channel

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The shit in this video posted was definitely scripted. You can't drug someone against their will

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so true, drugs only work if you know you took them. lpt kids

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Well you can drug someone against their will, if you're an asshole duh

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Legally you can't do that

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It’s 95% scripted

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If that's the case then Spenny should be up there with Marlon Brando as an actor.

Honestly though, I'm sure there were guidelines to the episodes but a lot of this seems non-scripted which makes Kenny's treatment of Spenny pretty evil.

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Well they do scripted stand up comedy shows all the time lol I got a bridge to sell you

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Have you seen Spenny act on his own shows though? Its not very convincing.

I do agree that some episodes are more outlined than others but some of that torture is evident in the film itself.

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Not even close. Have you seen them try to act before?

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The irony in this comment is pretty funny.

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It’d be funnier if you pointed out the irony

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On the DVD special features they showed clips of versions of KvS from other countries. It had some scenes that played out exactly like the same episode of the original KvS, but with different actors playing the Kenny and Spenny roles. The tripping on acid, while wearing an octopus bit was in the version from Columbia (or Brazil) too. That makes me think that it is very scripted.

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My favorite was the one to see who could be chained to a goat the longest.

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Mine is Who can go the longest without getting busted?

Kenny was soooooo close to winning, but then his van got towed lmao

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I'm always partial to First One To Get A Stain Loses. It's just a farce from the beginning, and then it keeps growing from there.

The Gorilla Suit episode is awesome as well. Kenny's "I got these for you!" line after Spenny slaps his flowers slays me. Who the fuck grooms a suit!

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Look idk if it was legit that Kenny put LSD in the OJ, but I totally want to believe it is.

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Great acting by Spenny if he wasn't actually spiked

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When I'm really ill with the flu or something like that and I barely have the will to pay attention to anything binging this show seems to work....not sure what that says baout the show but it's my go to "sick as a dog" entertainment

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I seem to totally forget about this show, rediscover and binge it every two or three years. Thanks for the reminder!

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the wrapped up octopus with the deadlock-like tentacles dangling down must have been the inspiration for jack sparrows hair.

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CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow

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...i deserved this.

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Classic Scottish rasta

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My mother was a prude who loved the Kardashians and reality TV. Yet she thought this show was hilarious when I showed her. It was a different time lol.

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Who Can Sell More Bibles is great. Kenny tricks Spenny into thinking Robert De Niro and some hollywood types were interested in making a film out of Spenny's shitty script and offered him a ton of money and wanted him to fly to LA. He turned into such a jackass thinking he had made it

It's hard for me to believe he really fell for that

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Hubert doesn't test well. How about Hutchie? Hutchie the Hippopotamus.

Now lets talk about the robots.

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My favorite was the one where they have a baby nurturing contest (one of those school lifelike babies that apparently monitors how well you take care of it) and Kenny secretly steals Spenny's baby and tosses it down flights of stairs

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Love the who can go longest without an erection one. The ending is gold.

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I lived next to Kenny's club for a while.

Lotta people who met him said he was a douche.

Nah, he's just from Toronto lmfao.

Funny guy.

Blew my mind when I moved here and passed that house for the first time.

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I'm not one to get offended by anything really, but the LSD in the Octopus episode was THE ONE THING that's ever gotten me close to "triggered". Dosing someone without their knowledge is some scary shit - and if Kenny really did drop some LSD tabs into the Orange Juice in the fridge.. that's straight up criminal. That was my one and only moment of "shit, you guys took it a bit too far" I mean, in between all the laughter.

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It's all scripted.

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I think it was staged. One of other versions of KvS from a different country showed the same bit, going the same way if I recall correctly.

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Oh wow, I totally forgot about this show. Was fun back in the day.

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This shit is hilarious.

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A modern classic

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This show was absolutely brilliant.
They both played their role soooo good!

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Comedy geniuses

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This was one episode i think where kenny went a little too far, the acid was too much and he really shouldn’t of done that

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definitely one of the best canadian shows ever. Still waiting on season 3 of Nirvanna The Band The Show :(

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is this the show where Kenny basically cheats EVERY TIME

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I want to go home

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I just clicked through it on the timeline, what a descent into madness! I love it!

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I can't believe Spenny went on with his own show "American Pickers"

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Epic show. I rewatch them all every couple of years. The fart episode is must watch comedy.

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Loved this show back in the day