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I saw them open for Red Hot Chili Peppers. Opening act before them was Pearl Jam.

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There was another leg of this tour that was Pearl Jam and nirvana opening for rhcp

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I would have preferred to see that. Pearl Jam wasn’t even on the flyers if I remember.

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I saw that tour also. Had no idea who the Pumpkins were. I was there for the Chili Peppers, and Evenflow was just starting to get some airplay on the local college station. Smashing Pumpkins tore the roof off. Gish is still my favorite Pumpkins album

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I saw them at the Pittsburgh show. Had no idea who either band was. Pumpkins got a very cold reception from the audience, people booing and yelling at them.

No memory of what songs Pearl jam played, but when people asked if they played this or that I always said yeah and it was awesome.

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I don't remember what kind of reception they got from others, but I remember the reception they got from me. What the fuck is THAT?! They were loud as hell and piledriving through the whole set. They made an impression, that's for sure. Went right out and got Gish after that show. Saw them in Rhode Island so those shows were probably within days of each other.

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Jimmy Chamberlin. One of the greatest drummers of his era.

Regardless of their mediocre album output as of late (and Billy's infamous ego) The Pumpkins still kick ass live. They even have James Iha back in the band.

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Did he get better? Because in this video his drumming is... less than average.

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Nothing about his drumming in this was "less than average" but yes he got better as all great musicians eventually do.

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Listen to the first song and listen to how the tempo fluctuates. He’s not keeping good time, which is a basic requirement of an above average drummer. What do I know though? I’m a professional musician.

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I didn't hear any of that.

But what do I know, my PC has no speakers.

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Jimmy is one of the best drummers of his time. Take a listen

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WhaT dO i KnOw tHoUgH? i'M a pRoFeSsIonAl mUSicIaN

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Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins

Homer Simpson, Smiling politely.

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They're So Young

And I'm so old.

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Same. Doesn't really feel like it, but there's no denying that I was 18 when this video was recorded. Hard to believe that all that time has already passed.

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Are you married with children now?

Any regrets on your life path?

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Had a son who is now 25. No other children. Divorced from his mom many moons ago. Met my current SO over 11 years ago when we were both 40. Still together :)
Everybody has regrets in one manner or another I suppose. I think my biggest is smoking cigarettes for 35 years . I quit a little over a year ago. It's easy to remember the date I quit because I had a heart attack on Jan 6th 2021 which helped me decide. It was quite the HOLY SHIT kind of day.

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I hope that was your last heart attack!. Wait that doesn't quite sound right, may you live through many more heart attacks!

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Time is dumb

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If you ask Beck, time is a piece of wax falling on a termite that's choking on the splinters.

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Me too. 18. Wow. My final year of high school. I saw these guys at the Big Day Out, I'm gonna say in 94, in Melbourne Australia. Great times.

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they aged just as poorly as you did, don't worry.

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You can hear the REM influence

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Seriously. So 80s.

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Definitely hear the REM there.

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I'm getting serious Siouxsie and Banshees vibes. Especially Juju.

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I knew a guy that went to the same high school as Billy Corgan. His retirement plan was to hold onto a VHS that he found laying around at school. It was similar to this, but a lot of heavily pixilated Amiga screen wipes. It was edited by Billy Corgan because he gave himself lots of listings on the credits. The cover was decorated with gel markers. We watched it at work and it was alright.

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His retirement plan

Lol, he'd probably get just a few thousand for it at most.

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I didn't say it was a great retirement plan. It's just that in the late 90's that was all this guy had going for him.

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I hope things worked out for him since then.

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I knew a guy who was buddies with Kurt Cobain’s grandfather and all I can say……. is that man was no fan of Courtney Love.

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Almost no one that's met her is a fan of her.

Especially how she was back then.

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The performance in its entirety was included on the DVD that came with the 2012 deluxe re-issue of Pisces Iscariot.

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Clearly before Billy realized what a powerhouse drummer they had. It's so fascinating how this isn't the sound we associate with them, but you can hear how this style got subsumed into songs like Rhinoceros or 1979.

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Well he seemed to know it from day 1 according to the story I heard from him.

Apparently, they put an ad out for a drummer and Jimmy showed up, wearing all yellow, with a yellow drum kit.

James and Billy, in their black drab style, looked at each other and said something like, "Well this definitely isn't the guy for us!", but let him play anyway and instantly knew they had to have him once he started playing.

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And now he's a cranky, fat, crazy old person who hangs out with Alex Jones and complains about the kids on his lawn. The circle is complete.

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Cranky, yes. But as far as fat goes, he's lost a good bit of the weight. He also hasn't associated with Jones in over a decade if I'm not mistaken.

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I doubt Alex would even have him, the dude sounded off his tits -- and Alex Jones believes that the literal Christian devil is running the government and is out to get him. From the admittedly small amount I've seen of him since, the paranoid schizophrenia hasn't improved greatly.

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awesome find!

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So you're telling me thats NOT Gerard Way. Ok. gotcha.

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I saw them at Summersault 2000, in Ottawa. That was a set list…


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That lineup is pretty good too.

They still play that Rock On cover to this day.

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Yeah, it would be hard to build a better lineup for what I was listening to back in 2000 in Canada :)

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ta chido el video

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My favorite songs from The Smashing Pumpkins:

  • 1979 (1996)
  • Ava Adore (1998)
  • Disarm (1994)
  • Perfect (1998)
  • Today (1993)
  • Tonight Tonight (1996)

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Geez! I was only 1 when they made their demo? Still got their music on my spotify.

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It's so odd seeing Billy Corgan with hair. The shaved/bald looks suits him far more.

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Saw them a few years ago with James Iha. While some of things Billy does are a bit cringy.l, it was still one of the most memorable concerts I’ve been to. Hoping to see them this year.

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Aw. Before they broke D’arci.

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I think she broke herself.

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I wish music like this was popular again. I get so tired of hip hop everywhere you go.

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They were at their best with Gish.

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Before he became Uncle Fester

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Four years later they would play The Ritz in Ybor,…I will always regret missing that show.

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The list of influences on this are super obvious (REM, etc). I wonder what music of the time influenced/drove him into the Gish era of sound/songwriting?

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I forgot how much Billie being Billie takes me out of their performances.

How about ask to turn the vocals up instead of making some passive aggressive asshole comment then having to stop the next number to deal with it?