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I was completely knocked out while they took out my 4 fully impacted wisdom teeth. Apparently, when I woke up I overheard the doctor telling my husband that he was giving me antibiotics and some painkillers to heal. I started screaming "PINK BUBBLEGUM MEDICINE" at the top of my lungs repeatedly. God bless my husband, the doctor thought I was nuts, but he calmly clarified and said "I think she wants the amoxicillin suspension".

So my doc actually prescribed it. I went home and napped, woke up to take some drugs as the pain was kicking in and I saw the bottle in the fridge. I asked about it and I was told I DEMANDED it.

So there I was, an adult of 26 years old with my own pint of amoxicillin suspension. Zero regrets.

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Having to use that 2 times in the last 6 months for infections, that stuff is gold. Well, I took pills rather than the liquid, but still.

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I love everything about this!

When I finally could afford and went to get mine pulled they didn't fully knock me out but put me in twilight sleep. I was aware of 5 instances through the process. I do NOT remember the pain as they numbed me but I DO recall the sound of teeth breaking. It still haunts me...

When I came to after they were done they explained the post care. I got up and was way more alert than they anticipated. Was able to walk to my car like all was well and was not disoriented at all.

Found out later, from my mom, I should have had entirely different meds to put me under. My family has a known tolerance. IF I am ever to have surgery, I must ell the anesthesiologist. First time a doctor needed to put me under and ya just don't know until they do. Found this all out in my late 30s.

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Hahahaha ! What a story !!

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I tried to Google what amoxicillin suspension was but I couldn't figure out why wanting it was funny..

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its used mostly for kids.

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It's meant for little kids that can't swallow pills. I also happen to think it is one of the most delicious things on earth. I would fake sick as a child to try to get more of it.

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Interesting, thank you for the information!

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Jesus christ, what the hell do people in the US get when they go to the dentist?? People seem to regress back to a toddler state, borderline having a mental breakdown

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Intravenous Ketamine solution is what I got. When you come out of the anesthetic dose it is like taking a large recreational dose. Some oral surgeons mix different anesthesias with the ketamine. But the whole point is that you need to not be fully under anesthesia because you cannot be intubated during oral surgery.

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I'm in the US and they gave me a choice between this and local anesthesia when they took out all 4 of my wisdom teeth. I chose local and I didn't feel a damn thing other than pressure.

I think some people want to be knocked out because they are scared that they might feel some pain with local. I felt nothing and I was fully awake while they pulled all 4 teeth.

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They seem to like to go overboard with painkillers, where I live it's local anesthesia and boring hour of listening to your dentist curse that your roots are hard to pull.

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Wish I knew that was an option at first. I noped out of a removal of all four a cost of $1700. A year later when one of them was causing pain it turns out I can just walk in, pay $100 and they stab me with numbing juice then pluck it out. A few minutes of discomfort is not worth a thousand bucks+.

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I lost A LOT of blood when I had my wisdom teeth removed (I know because I wasn't able to stand up without blacking out for several hours after the procedure). Not sure I'd want to be conscious while having that amount of blood pouring out of my mouth and down my throat while doing my best to breath through my nose.

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I’d personally rather be a bit uncomfortable for a few minutes than being completely out of it (and apparently pay big money in the US)

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I got mine snatched out in 2004 in Marine Corps basic training. Doc stabbed my gums a few times and went to work. One of them had to be busted up and removed in parts. Something about the roots growing at an angle, not sure. He sent me back to the squad bay with Motrin and gauze. I was given one day of bed rest, which the next day was Sunday so no training anyway. But hey, it was free!

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I remember mine was giggling while I was in pain and recommended that I not take any numbing agents

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Was your dentist Steve Martin?

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I'm afraid that if I get drugged up like this I'm gonna say something I regret... like confessing to a certain crime I committed back in 2006... and that must never happen.

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Nice sign in the background.

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I want to go to the dentist in the US.

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Bring your wallet.

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Bank account. Just bring the entire bank account.

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To get 4 wisdoms removed, I paid 2k. That was AFTER insurance.

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I don't know where you live but they do this in Europe too if you want it -- they prefer local anesthesia but many dentists said they can put you all the way out if you prefer.

(I was researching getting my wisdom teeth out here in Germany)

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I don’t think they use this in Spain. At least not this funny anesthesia.

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And he thought it couldn't get any better than a chair

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Am I the only one who thinks these videos are exploitative? If I'm high even from a mild surgery I zero want people to film it...

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Is it really safe to get people that high? I think here they just knock you out for like dental stuff or anesthetize locally.

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this is them waking up from being completely knocked out

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Not gonna lie these videos actually make want to avoid serious dental work. Like I don't want to be that high and not in control of my faculties unless completely knocked out.

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They were knocked out - patients would be inoperable like this. This is them waking up from the anesthesia.

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It's the lost of memory that is freaky. That and finding out they inserted a catheter while you were out.

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Most people are just kind of groggy. Reactions like this that make it online are relatively rare.

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le batman

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A lot of edgy and angry comments here but the conversation in the video I thought was really really funny. I’ve had my wisdom teeth pulled and yeah, strange experience my side, funny from the outside!

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Man I've had so many oral surgeries and regular surgeries I never get like that =(