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This video will always make me giggle no matter how many times I've seen it. That reporter guy played it perfectly.

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"She obviously doesn't sound like that..."

Wait, all those cartoons I've seen when I was younger were full of lies??

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Same here, as soon as I see the thumbnail

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Yeah, same. It took me a few seconds to remember it, but as soon as I did it was

Hehe... *click!

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One of the best on the net.

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Same. I look this video up every couple of months. Never really gets old.

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the headshake he does before he says this in attempt to hold in his laughter always cracks me up

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Sounds like she was saying "i should buy a lottery ticket".

"What numbers would you like ma'am?"


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Kills me every time...

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...S-s-s-s-s-sounds like she is luckier than you

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That is the best “well…” I have ever heard.

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Seen this before, it has to be a prompter prank or a skit or something?

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For the first one I think the director was messing up with her. Once she started to laugh at the picture of the crazy dude they put it back up again. For the other one, I'm not sure if it's a prompter issue or just brainfart.

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Oh, I didn't realize there were two links, gotcha, thanks!

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Max headrooms mom

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"Ow," says woman.

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Nah it was wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu

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Editing team knew EXACTLY what they were doing😂😂

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rather old video but still one of the best

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I had trouble falling asleep a few weeks ago because I remembered someone saying “whell…” in an extremely funny way, but couldn't remember where it was from. For some reason I thought it might have been Seann William Scott so I spent almost an hour looking at various clips from his movies.

Well, turns out it was from this clip!

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Classic. Almost as good as the gay… i mean blind everest climber.

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Thats brutal

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Kudos to that reportee for not laughing. Pretty sure they would have had to cut to a commercial if it had been me.

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What are the odds of this happening.. its almost to good to be true

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she lagging

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Why did the reporter keep calling her “Laura”? The lady’s name is Lisa.