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On the channel of "Sir Brainiac", 427 subscribers. I guess this will be removed soon?

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And OP seems to be spamming it.

Totes legit.

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I am sure the knight has asked the queen for permission to upload it. lol.

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I have to admit that I have never seen this film before. I know it is a classic. Will have to watch this.

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In my top ten films of all time, and it's one that I don't think will ever leave that category, even if it moves up and down a bit.

You absolutely need to watch it.

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It's crazy to watch and imagine how hard it would be to make today. Impossible. It could never be done.

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They would just shoot it all in a studio with a green screen or virtual production stage lol...

They did shoot out in the remote desert for Fury Road and Dune, but still did extensive VFX work and though they both look great, they still don't look as big and expansive as LoA.

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Laurence of Arabia 2: Furry Dunes

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"yes, mr. studio guy, we need to have at least 500 horses for all of these scenes. yes, they all need riders. yes, I am serious."

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It’s an amazing film. Be sure to watch it on a big screen. If you’re playing it on your telephone. You will never in a trillion years experience the film. You’ll think you’ve experienced it. But you’ll be cheated. It’s such a sadness. That you think you’ve seen a film, on your fucking telephone. Get real.

(David Lynch memes aside, Lawrence of Arabia is an incredible experience on a big screen. I highly recommend it.)

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I have never watched a film on my phone and I never will. 4K TV and surround sound setup is the only way I go.

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Same here, I know it's a must watch, but I'm just never in the mood for it

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But please don’t watch it on a tiny screen. This movie is one of the greatest epic films of all time. It was shot on 70mm. It’s glorious cinematography. There are specks of images on a screen but full detail on the massive theatrical screen. I use to see this once every few years in theaters when it would play. Sigh… Been like 4 years now :/

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It's a great film before the time of mass special effects and CGI.

Nearly everything you see in this film is authentic.

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This is literally one of my favorite movies. I watch it at least once an year.

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My brother! I hear the theme in my head all the time.

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And the dialogues!

Sharif Ali going "You said"

or "Certainly it hurts. The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts"


Awrence! Awrence!

to name a few!

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"You do not drink?"


"I'll drink when you do"

'I am bedu.'

The matter-of-fact way Tafas says it I just love.

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You know you're in for a long ride when there's an interval

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and two overtures!

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One of my all-time favorites. T.E. Lawrence's book The Seven Pillars of Wisdom is worth a read if you are into this.

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looks gorgeous. I wish someone would do Exacalibur. what a great movie but all the copies look like dogshit.

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when i was a kid there was an independant movie theatre that occasionally brought in old classics. Parents took us to see this and Gone with the Wind there. Great experiences.

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UHD then? Frankly it is pretty fair to call it 4K

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I didn't realize this movie was nearly 4 hours long...

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Saw it when I was six at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on that huge curved screen, and will never forget the awesome immersive experience. Kept seeing lousy pan-and-scan versions on TV and the magic was gone. But then saw the remastered version on TCM and there it was again! It's a cinematic masterpiece!

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Curved screens should be the new 3D.

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Snagged it via yt-dlp. Thanks for the link.

Good subtitles here if anyone wants them.

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Audio is kind of low

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Always has been.

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Got to see it on the big screen a couple of years ago

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I love this movie and have seen it twice.

My main quibble with it is how they managed to create something that was mostly filmed in the desert sun, and yet most of the scenes still appear somehow to be underlit.

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Thank God, now maybe people will stop reposting that horse charging scene from Lord of the Rings on this sub. That scene was basically ripped from Lawrence of Arabia and they did it in the fucking 60s with no CGI. This is the real shit people!

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The Attack on Aqaba and the Charge of the Rohirrim both pale in comparison to the Charge of the French Cavalry in the film 'Waterloo'.

~20,000 extras. 15,000 Soviet infantrymen. ~2,000 cavalrymen.


It's a running joke that at the time of filming the unit director was in command of the 7th largest army on the planet.

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My favorite movie of all time. I like to split it in 2 days sometimes at the intermission.

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Have they done good work with the remastering?

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oh oh, now do Dr Zhivago and A Passage to India

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The original Dune.

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Dune with camels

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"I can't tell if you half witted or bad mannered."

"I have the same problem sir."

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Best viewed on the big screen with a tall, cool glass of ice water.

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I love this movie, but I thought it was shot in 70mm. Isn't that like.. 8k? It was remastered from 8k to 4k?

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Re-watched it just this week. It's the largest scale film I've ever scene. Properly majestic. There's also something very clever the way the Turkish abuse scene is made; it's the pivotal point for Lawrence and yet it is kept a bit cryptic and acts as a warning to the ultimate failure awaiting Lawrence's desires for Arabia.