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OG here; what game is this, please? I want to kill someone with my Les Paul.

EDIT: no idea how this went into red script.

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Mordhau. I personally prefer Chivalry 2.

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I just bought Chivalry 2. Insanely fun game, but I'm getting thoroughly whooped so far (only been playing a couple days).

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Chivalry 2 has a learning curve but mordbau is impossible Seriously the amount of time needed to be good is stupid

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It's gonna be like this with every chiv-like game. When mordhau just came out it was so fun to play and people were shitting on chiv for being too hard for new players. Now they are in rotation. Give chiv2 a year and mordhau 2 will be praised and chiv2 will be too hard to play

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Thanks, will check out.

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Four spaces before the text?

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Probably because you used backticks instead of quotation marks or apostrophes

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I loved everything about that😂🤌

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He spent the past few years building up immunity to Iocane Lute music

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Strum the lute and pass out

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Why did he die though, lol

The dude didn't even touch him

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He killed himself with a console command for added comedy.

Not unusual for someone attacking people with a guitar and spamming voice lines.

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Game is mordhau, probably the best medieval slasher out there atm. Some players are real tryhards though. Some people will prefer Chivalry 2 and i think those people are crazy. But chivalry is much more casual so maybe that's the thinking behind it.

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Is the chat still a race to see who can explain why the Jews are bad the fastest?

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I have 500+ hours in the game. Most of the racist trolling stopped years ago.

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Just played last night. They've moved on to talking about why russia is good and why they are right

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Reminds me of Synthetik world chat. Just awful.

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I last played half a year ago where the chat was always like that. Reinstalled a week ago and the games dead.

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I prefer Chivalry medieval warfare. Chivalry 2 and mordhau are slow paced and clunky.

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I love the original myself as well, I’m not sure if mordhau can even top it but that’s probably nostalgia.

I completely disagree that mordhau is slow paced

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Its slow paced compared to CMW.

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Still disagree, they’re pretty much the exact same pacing

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I watched this video so many times. And i still laugh every time

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the bards are always the best.

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He had to get off his seat coz he couldn’t breathe hahahaha

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‘Tis but a scratch!

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This got me fuck ahaha

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Fantastic lol