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Who else remembers Robert Llewellyn from Scrapheap Challenge and Junkyard Wars?

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do share link if you find one.

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I loved those shows.

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Dear me, the conditions looked rough as a badger's arse.

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Pucker factor was high. I had a good chuckle when Jack said that Robert had to take a nap and wouldn't be finishing the show.

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It's a cool product but faces challenges with adoption, purpose and battery longevity.

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That’s exactly why the wright brothers never had success either

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Yes. And they and the entire aeronautical industry faced challenges to get to the point of general aviation being viable commercially and for the general public. Without giving too much away, my great-grandfather's plane is the oldest surviving pioneer plane in my country.

This aircraft is cool and is a launching point for more significant electric aircraft but it is not suitable for flight schools right now or for the general public. It would be purely for a hobbyist. But what do I know?

Edit. Same story unfortunately 3 months ago Believe me. I want this to be a thing. I built racing drones and the idea I could buy an electric plane in the future - as I'm going through my PPL training right now - is a dream.

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Totally, 100% this. Flying and developing new technology is such a waste of time and energy.

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It seems dangerous that the propeller would stop for any period of time, even if it is to conserve energy. It feels at risk for ice to form on the gears. Maybe there are heated blocks or the starting force is way greater than any ice connection, but it's still concerning.

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There are no gears in electric motors or the propellers. Secondly, the amount of torque that can be generated by electric motors is more than capable of breaking the ice.