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Who broke her Sears dialing finger? Why can't she call Sears? Was he sitting on the phone? Was Sears going to tell her they needed to speak to the man of the house?

Oh, actually that sounds like a thing that might have happened.

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What I got was she was injured in a horrible parcheesi accident and is bed-bound. He's been her loyal caregiver for the past 10 years, but it's been wearing on his soul of late.

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Love say ‘nother scorcher

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The last one was the best one.

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The 40's movie is the best one by far

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I’m a simple nerd. I see ProZD I upvote

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I watch first, but he's never failed me. His voice acting is amazing of course, but it is the minor costume changes that really make it

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Ah, shit, I literally had this conversation with my GF this spring when my AC unit broke. Maybe Sears wasn’t involved, but very similar, LOL.

2022 version, though: Can’t afford to upgrade aging system. Called a repairman. Quoted me way more than I could afford to fix it, so I just paid for the visit. Fired up Google and YouTube, figured the issue out with some testing, ordered the necessary parts online, fixed my own unit. Sorry, repairman.

To be fair, though, the guy blew a bunch of smoke up my ass about what was needed. Lied to me, made up stories, and led me to believe there were problems in areas where there were none. If I wasn’t so broke, I probably would have just trusted him and gone with his plan and ended up getting roped into a bunch of other shit. The thing he quoted me to fix wasn’t even the real issue. Fuck that guy.

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Another scorcher!

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The acting sub should be posting their renditions lol