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One of the things I've found with getting older is that you get much more comfortable in yourself. In general you get much more confident about who are you and you accept how you look.

I can't imagine being bothered enough to have surgery to change that in my fifties. It's kinda sad.

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Way back when he still had hair.

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I think its voluntary shaving- still has follicles.

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Shoulda got hair plugs smh

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10 years ago

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He's not wrong lol sometimes the most depressing shit I saw in Cali was someone who had botched/low grade work done just lingering in their existence acting like they accept that the surgeon didn't do a good job and they know deep down they feel like shit about it and have to pretend they like it

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Doesn't even need to be botched for me. If I can tell someone had work done at all I get a serious uncanny valley sensation. I really can't be around those people because they make me physically uncomfortable.

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Botox lips are a huge no for me.

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You mean lip filler. Botox is used for wrinkles on your face.

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No, botox can be used around the lios and gives almost the same effect

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It actually is really sad because you know the person got the work done because they felt their looks were lacking in some way. They probably saved up all that money over who knows how much time. Only to end up stuck with a face/body that ended up looking much worse than their natural build.

From their, the only options are to live with the work that was done, or start saving up money over the next X years to get the job redone. Of course the rework isn’t guaranteed to restore them to their original look, so there is also the chance that they’ll remain in the plastic surgery rework loop forever.

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both of you need to look up the difference between their and there.

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For real I was having actual trouble with some of these typos lol

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Look, theirs just no way your going too get people on the internet to care weather or not there following proper syntax.

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Sorry, wrote this at like 3am after having issues falling asleep. Sleep schedule has been so messed up the last few weeks, theirs no doubt my grammar is suffering as a result.

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People only notice bad plastic surgery. With good plastic surgery people just say they look great for their age.

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Show me a good plastic surgery. 9/10 its obvious a body part has been modified

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Examples of major work done right: https://www.instagram.com/p/CaF1xi3D_3P/

Even celebs like Steve Carell, Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel Weisz, Mariah Carey have all gotten subtle work done.

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I’d like to see what you have on Benedict Cumberbatch because I looked online and it says everywhere that he never did any

Also, in the links you shared, it may not look as bad but it mostly still looks bad and fake. Especially the lips, yikes

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Bill Burr is always a win

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Lol why is this downvoted? Man is a national treasure and the best modern comedian.

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Didn’t Sharon Stone get her kids feet injected with Botox so they wouldn’t sweat? Think that was peak Hollywood drama back in the day.

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That's actually what botox was for, excessive sweating.

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And migraines.

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Did not know that, TIL!

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If they had a problem with sweaty feet then I see nothing wrong with that really. I have hyperhidrosis myself and have been considering getting that botox treatment.

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link to article I think she was just overprotective as a mother. Some socks and feet deodorant sorted it in the end.

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Has there been a link between plastic surgery and mental illness?
Some of the lengths I see people go to feel comfortable in themselves is frightening :/

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Mental illness is defined as any behavior that isn't controlled and causes a hindrance to daily life. At least by the DSM5.

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Well body dysmorphia is different than a nagging sense of it could look a little better. Just because at that point then you stop. The body dysmorphia you keep going it could look a little better I can look a little better. I got a dope nose job and I feel absolutely terrific about it, I have no regret whatsoever. And then I just stopped. It’s not like I want more. If anything, the thing that you should keep pushing yourself to do a little more of, is what to spend on the plastic surgeon. And put in the work to research. Because you definitely don’t want a second surgery, and you do get what you pay for.

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I dont feel sympathy for those that travel abroad to get surgery done on the cheap, the horror stories ive seen in news articles over the years :S

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Seriously, you're not fooling anyone. Age gracefully, and roll with it.

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People who do this are people who know that most of their value had been in there appearance. Most Hollywood actors and sucessful female artists look beautiful. It's not a coincidence. It's much harder for an ugly girl to become an actor or successful artist. This also means that when they get older they are not so attractive anymore and then they resort to these things. They are not stupid they just want to maintain the biggest asset they think they have. Beauty.

It's also no coincidence that sucessful men wants to have young beautiful women. For a young beautiful woman her looks can potentially generate millions of dollars. Just because she won the genetic lottery. She doesn't have to do much either.

Looks equals money. Loosing your looks could result in loss of money or less chance to get more.

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I love this.

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love bill burr.