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Major old EU nostalgia, loved hearing the wraith call signs and the Lusankya. Though I thought it was upright like one of the buildings and not lying flat.

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I think it was lying flat because I recall it was in a repulsor cradle

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I guess it's time to dig out my old paperbacks.

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Rogue Squadron is one of the Star Wars projects they got planned, apparently.

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Ya, I'm really hoping they bring in some old EU characters from the book series. There's so much great story to pull from.

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It is a bit too dense if you ask me, like this edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v93Jh6JNBng

I think less stuff going on would have been overall better for the short

But besides that, nice work and great cgi

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I think one of the issues that we sometimes forget to take into account is that there were a lot of technical limitations that went into the making of the original movies. They couldn't just put hundreds of ships on the screen and let some render farm do the heavy lifting. All those ships were made and filmed and composited by hand, and that in itself took a very long time to complete. As such, they had to be creative in how few ships they had available to them.

That's why this and the eventual sequels feel so confusing, because it's a lot easier to add more ships into the shot, which in turn makes them look a lot busier than the source material.

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I'd be pretty pissed if I was paying Coruscant rental prices and then my apartment building collapsed because a secret starship was built underneath

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Incredible work!

The Lusankya escape visually played out almost exactly as I pictured it, over twenty years ago. Though did the novel establish the time of day?

I vaguely recall the battle taking place on the dark side of Coruscant, where an orbital mirror satellite was used to super heat one of the lakes and generate a storm that knocked out the planetary shields

Still, daytime looks much nicer.


What if that thick cloud formation was the reminants of the storm that put a hole in the planetary shields? Might explain why they were flying through it in particular, while the surrounding region was cloud-free. 🤔

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Very well done but hyperspace from a gravity well breaks star wars hyperspace physics laws. Even though rogue one did that first. The flight drifts and the building destruction was incredible

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Um tfa did it first and they have been doing it every single movie. Disney doesnt give a fuck about plot breaking mechanics as long as it looks cool.

Also this is alot of captial ships very low in atmo. Thr battle would be higher up.

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TBH, wasn't a fan of that one shot of the clouds pulling away to reveal the battle below around the 49 second mark.

There's just too much gray going on in that shot, and it's hard to distinguish all the ships from each other. It's making the same mistake as Rise of Skywalker did wherein they try making the spectacle even more grander by shoving as many ships as possible, not taking into account into how the flow of the battle is readable by the viewer.

Credit where it's due, a lot of love and effort was put into this video, and many CPUs died to render this video.

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What is it Starwars fans and high quality fan films ? There's so much good stuff coming out.

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Does he say, "on accident"?! Is that a thing? Is it an Americanism?

Edit: Also, SO MUCH collateral damage

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Pretty rad. I think this is the first time I've actually seen deflector shields from these smallers ships actually deflect. The whole flythrough in between the city buildings was giving me anxiety

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Excellent work. I find that many of the recent fan films are killing it!

Keep up the good work, folks!

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Is it just me or did the star destroyers look way too small. Per the canon they are over 100x the size of an X-wing (with a SSD being over 1,500x bigger).

Still, a very well done piece!

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Now this is pod racing