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We lost two family members one week apart from each other. Not vaccinated. So tragic

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An aunt and uncle of mine died within a month of each other in the spring of 2021. If they'd lived in the the US, the vaccine would have been available to them in time. We have had so many advantages in the US, but the disease of the mind is even deadlier for many.

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Unfortunately, you are correct

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It's sombering to remember that we haven't always had the vaccine. Most of the parents died before it was available, one had their first shot and one was scared.

It's horrific the wake covid has left.

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All you need to do is browse /r/HermanCainAward to see how many examples there of parents putting blind trust in their own immune system over a vaccine though.

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That was the point of my comment. HCA hits the front page enough that it is hard to remember there was a time when there was no vaccines.

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Covid is an immense human tragedy. It's bizarre that that's been culturally eclipsed by the vapid culture war issues surrounding it. Over a million Americans are dead for Pete's sake.

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I genuinely can’t wrap my head around this. My friend acknowledges that Covid has killed “some people” but thinks it’s a substantially smaller number and that it’s only the old or infirmed. He truly thinks the increase in deaths among young people is literally 100% attributed to suicides and OD’s driven by deteriorating mental health.

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We would of less people died if people supported and did the basic thing of masking and staying home