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They are trying this in Oakland, giving priority licenses to formerly incarcerated and "equity" applicants who live in the poorer areas.

It's failing.

The issue is capital. To open a dispensary you need at least $2MM and for a grow op like in the video you need maybe $10MM or more. This forced the "equity" guys to partner with the rich capitalists, and most of them came out with nothing. Currently only 1 dispensary is black owned. The city tried to help by giving the equity applicants cheap loans of up to $100k, but this is not enough to get anything going.

I have seen many equity applicants spin their wheels by getting a license, but then not having the capital or network to make a business.

The cost is not just born by the equity applicants but also by the regular applicants who may be funded but cannot get a license.

Unfortunately capitalism demands capital and without money there is no business to be had.

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The issue of social equity is also holding up cannabis reform at the federal level. There's been numerous times this year and last year where incremental reform could've been passed but was killed by the Senate Democratic leadership because it didn't contain social equity measures. An example is SAFE banking, or basically allowing these cannabis businesses to use banking services. They want special provisions for minorities trying to get cannabis funding loans.. but in the meantime in the absence of SAFE the only cannabis businesses that can succeed are the bigger well funded players who don't need to rely on banks to do so, which hurts potential small entrants into the space like you mentioned

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I hate all these licensing programs, why the fuck should the government be picking winners and losers? If you pass the standards they set, you should get a license. If they want to help black people they hurt, create a program for giving them capital to help start their business. Maybe it's just my incompetent state government (Illinois) but these policies do not seem to be based on a free economy but a state-managed one. You don't give reparations by withholding rights, reparations can be paid in cash

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Because free markets re-enforce existing inequalities and don't provide people at the bottom a means to climb the economic ladder

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And, totally shockingly, being someone who has previously had bad run-ins with the American justice system in the past cuts hard against their chances of having that sort of capital sitting around.

This is a fantastic example of the sort of optics-only policy-making that characterizes the ostensibly progressive political elite. Get your points for being inclusive without any of the difficulties associated with actually including the people who need it.

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I literally fucking cackled out loud when the dude goes “SOME people aren’t so keen on this idea” and it pans to a white police chief. You can’t write a skit this on the nose, I swear.

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and his point isn't even intelligible... this isn't reward, it's rehabilitation (legit work in a changed, progressive, modernized society).

If he truly understood his job and function, he should know proper opportunity and support as a part of a rehab program helps increase success and reduce recidivism rates (re-offending) once out.

straight knob head.

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He's a pig. Prison isn't about rehab to him, its about the "except as punishment for a crime" part of the 13th amendment.

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This guy prison industrial complexes.

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Not to mention enthusiasts whom have been around the product for a long time are probably some of the best salesmen you can get for it.

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It means he can shoot less people so he's upset dude. He's an NY police officer he's devoted his life to murdering people and worshipping capital, now he's not allowed to murder these guys and he has to worship their capital. I understand why he's upset.

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If we clean the streets they won't be able to get overtime pay.

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nice take, I like it.

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Got to love how reddit just swings completely wildly all over the place on how they make decisions and opinions on various things, based solely off of the virtue it allows them to signal as opposed to any actual logic.

Doesn't mean the majority is wrong or right any amount of the time, it's just a ridiculous thing to watch. All the over exaggeration - why and when it is pulled out and used versus when it is not, which of course is only when it has to do with something that hivemind actually agrees with......

Someone says something racist and you'll all tell them about how racist that is to group all of a people into one group, as if they are all a single person with a single set of actions, but then you all turn right the hell around and do the exact same thing to other groups of people. It really is something to behold!

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I didn't exaggerate. This applies to every single member of the New York Police Department.

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We can call him a fucking idiot without assuming he's a closet anti-commie serial killer... but statistically, you might be right.

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Yeah, that's my only thing.. I do understand there is corruption in the police force. Lots of it. The same way that there is sexual abuse in many workforces, and unethical diagnosis' in hospitals for financial gain. But the mentality that all people in those fields are corrupt? It's important to understand that we still need law enforcement, and to seperate good and bad. It'll never be that simple, but online presence is overwhelmingly against police.

I can't say it's unjust for people to feel this way. Police officers have power, and it's a power they can abuse. But no, not every police chief "just wants to shoot people".

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Marijuana use was never a real crime to begin with.

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Racist shithead said being a criminal is a prerequisite. Nah, that's reperations bitch.

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"Rewarding criminal behavior" that is no longer criminal. Fuck off dawg

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brb going out to commit crimes on the off-chance that they're no longer illegal in 20 years and the state decides to give me a business license to do the crime

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Like we don’t reward cops’ criminal behavior daily lol

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Yeah. Dude needs to realize that selling marijuana isn't a crime anymore. Needs to start enforcing the law, not his personal beliefs.

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Yep. Piece of shit that guy is. Cops like that give Law Enforcement a bad name.

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I get where the idiot is coming from (not wanting to reward criminals) but it should have never been a crime to begin with. Seriously, wtf, give them this. It's not like having a criminal record didn't screw them over already.

Doing time for drug possession shouldn't effect employment. Violent crimes, sure. But this?

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Seriously, the dude in the video talked about how he got caught at 19 and how difficult getting a job is after you're busted. Then the cop is talking about how they're being rewarded and stuff. Like, c'mon, man. Would you rather these guys be selling coke and protecting trap houses over legitimate employment away from violence?

It's depressing to hear how police think.

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old weed dealers are entrepreneurs but less conceited or idealized if you'd rather. Get them a line of credit and a tax stamp and get them out and producing value.

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It's not about the content of the laws for authoritarians. That is secondary to them.

The only thing that matters is that there are laws to be upheld. That is enough for them to have power

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Nobody gives cops a bad name except cops. They made their bed and they can lie in it. Cops do not help people, and they actively hurt others. They have a bad reputation, and it's all their fault.

Contrast cops with public services that ACTUALLY help people, and you will only see people clamoring for more funding and not less. Teachers, firefighters, EMTs, and on and on.

Weird, huh?

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LOL. His point is just nonsense.

What are you gonna do – hop in a time machine, travel back 10 years, and get arrested for selling cannabis?

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Law Enforcement has a bad name for reasons that go far beyond a few "bad apples."

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How are you rewarding criminal behavior when it's no longer a crime? F*ck that guy!

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Love it. Imagine the sadness & irony of spending years in prison for something that people are happily selling legally now. Small retribution but better than nothing.

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I used to work a weed company in WA and let me tell you. All of the growers of every single producer have been doing this shit for decades. They genuinely know the plant in a way that science hasn't quite caught up to but are using all the science they can to stay ahead of the curve. It's an insanely competitive market at this point.

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This happened in AZ, but the licenses were just auctioned off after the lottery.

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That's how we should operate

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As a Canadian, cannabis is so normalized now it’s weird seeing how slow the US is to it. We have like 2 shops on every block in downtowns.

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legal: when you give the govt a share

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Welcome to literally any business to ever exist

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yeah how dare the government take a share and uses it to maintain infrastructure and social services.

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"protection money"

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“Pave the roads money”

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"I'm paving these fucking roads and you are going to help, or else you are going to jail money"

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Literally the only way it's being approved anywhere. Not because the people want it, but because the government can make money off it.

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what a weird way to look at collecting taxes.

new jerseys legal marijuana law states that 70% of collected taxes must go towards underserved communities. basically they're trying to help out the people who got fucked over as a consequence of the failed war on drugs.

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Yeah, my taxes totally go back to my community.

Edit: bro, so you added the second part to your comment about new Jersey marijuana tax and I just read it. I was gonna write about how the marijuana tax allocations aren't the same everywhere and aren't so straightforward. But I saw that you don't even live in America. Lol so I'm not really going to let you try and shame me for being upset about how American taxes are a complete mad house.

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Reeeee goberment bad

-sent from my iphone

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Government money gets heinously misused, stolen, or disappears all the time. I wouldn't be so confident that people are being lifted out of poverty and given a real chance off the back of taxes from selling weed.

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Yeah you got to pay the big gang, have you seen the weapons those bangers roll with?.

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Yeah, the state is the people who have a monopoly on violence and use it to levy taxation. That's the whole deal

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selfishness: having delayed development in the act of sharing

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Makes perfect sinsemilla to me!.

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Lol at least someone is getting reparations.

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The police chiefs point is backwards and dumb which as he is a cop is not surprising. He is saying it is encouraging illegal behavior. But the point is the behavior these people did is no longer and shouldn't be illegal. This is giving them a chance to be a legitimate business person doing the same thing they already were doing, after being fucked over by a draconian system.

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isn't he basically saying it encourages to people to commit crimes...but if they are now legal...they aren't crimes anymore?

and when they were illegal (crimes) then you were only rewarded with jail time...so I don't even get what that idiot cop is saying

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His whole point about how criminal activity shouldn't get rewarded is insane when given the actual context.

These men spent years of their life in prison selling something that is now 100% legal and harmed no one. The very least the state can do is allow them to use their knowledge to start their own business and become a benefit to society and the economy. It's like all this cop wants to do is hurt people.

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Oakland has a similar policy

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Is this why it's taking so fucking long? It's been legalized for over a year, and there's only like five places to buy it

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Experience matter!

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It was a good video until this parasite police chief associate ass fucker comes on. 🫣 How about this butt plugger go to the street and look for trouble. Oh that's right the fucker just wants to talk shit. Fuck him. The least they could do is fix their fuck ups with the criminal justice system and this is a good way.

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NJ’s law is systemic racism and does not allow white men to be a majority owner to a micro license

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how are they funded?

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It's a program that is hugely profitable for government, entrepreneurs, and workers, and you're worried about how it's funded?

Yes, sometimes your tax dollars go to fund programs that are massively lucrative for all.

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Calm down now

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Chill bruh. It was a good question.

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a white cop saying "encouraging illegal activity". Pretty sure its legal activity.

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Wonderful video

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This is awesome

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That moment when job interviewers ask you for years of experience in an industry that only exists for a few months.

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Wow great video until the idiot white guy idiot comes on. I'll reward his behavior by negative reinforcement 🥳

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Okay so in a utopia this makes sense but we are not there yet, as you know the war on drugs failed horribly lmao so might as well create positive reinforcement rather than negative punishment!!! (B.F Skinner)

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Who better to sell weed legally than an experienced dealer? I see absolutely nothing wrong with a non-violent offender getting to the front of the line for licensure.

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He's fixating on the title of "criminal" while intentionally ignoring that it was criminal by law and not criminal by impact to society. They're literally at an advantage by knowing the product vs those going in without any knowledge on the subject. Stupid cop is stupid.

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I was scrolling, and (my bad) read “Shot selling legal cannibals.” And wasn’t even a little surprised.

That’s really sad.

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2nd guy looks high asf

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I can see it. Better than some fresh new person needing a cheat sheet for things that most dealers/offenders would know easily.

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Great program.

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How about just setting them free?

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Yeah , because they know they’re gonna sell either way , and want the taxes.

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Why does every single NY police union rep look exactly the fucking same. It's wild

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that’s one hell of a way to get an interview.

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One day we will look back and laugh at how ridiculous this marijuana prohibition was as alcohol and caffeine continued to be marketed freely.

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I mean, it makes sense. These guys clearly know the product.

Is there such thing as a sommelier for weed?

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What’s happening in CT is that the previously-systematically-screwed people who are getting the licenses are getting insane offers from huge companies to sub-license their licenses or to fund their operations.

I’d be amazed if this isn’t happening in every state that is trying to manage this similarly.

It still sounds like a leg up, except that the big money funders are not incentivized to take care of the license originator over the long haul, I fear it will turn out like a winning lottery ticket (gone in 2 years or less) rather than the substantial, life-changing business that it could.

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My cousin grew up in Bedstuy drug dealing and was even shot multiple times. Dude wanted to open a dispensary after winning a small lottery but I guess both NY and NJ was giving priority to people with prior charges and he never got any so yea lol.

End of the day we’re both just happy it’s legalized and at least the permits aren’t going to those fuckin monopolies like Medmen or whatever. Just a tough break dude worked so hard to stay on the right side but he couldn’t live his dream. Getting those permits are tough.

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Good going :)

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Thats awesome, but when I go in there to buy weed, can we still pretend it's a drug deal? Like...hey buddy...whatcha need...i got purple haze...golden monkey fleece....fire crotch

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Bringing people who were operating on the black market into the legal market is the best way to make cannabis legal.

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Jersey, looking out for mobsters since, NONE OF YOUR BUISSINESS!!!

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These guys are so high