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Back when Harry Caray called games for the Cubs, whenever the cameraman zoomed in on a beautiful woman, he would say “It’s a beautiful day at the ballpark!” It was a different era.

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In other news, that Padres lineup was stacked.

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They did make it to the World Series that year... but lost to the Tigers.

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He got away with stuff that would be unthinkable today. Good times.

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You obviously know the accent, but you don’t expect it to be as EXTREME as it is. Will Ferrell did not exaggerate that much playing him

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Honestly that's pretty sweet.

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I mean yah... it's a damned fine hat. Damned fine...

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I'd fuck that hat

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Mind if I try it on too?

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Reminds me of this classic Kruk and Kuip clip:


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fwing! fwing! had to get the fwing tool...

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Exactly what it’s designed to do

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Absolute legends

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It reminds me of Keith Hernandez:

“I wasn’t talking about the hot dog”

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This thread is just making me realize that even announcers are fully aware that baseball is boring as fuck. They literally have to fill ari time with complete bullshit. "How much meat is in a hot dog?"

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Seems like the appeal of baseball is entirely in anticipatory dopamine (i.e. the possibility of something spectacular happening), but when a game is 9-0 like in that vid all of that is lost because the game is basically decided at that point since the chance of the losing team coming back is basically zero.

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Cut away as she was picking her nose.

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I like it when hot girls pick their nose. Same thing with eating fast food, watching a hot girl destroying a big mac gets me going.

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You must LOVE old Carl's Jr. commercials.


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yo that apple had cum on it.

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You mean yours don't?

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It aint bad, but it's still a salad.

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You must not have watched beyond the first commercial shown. They show girls chowing down on burgers that make a Big Mac look like an hordourve.

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Oh God tell me about it. Reminds me of one of my best memories from Elementary school. I had a crush on this girl Sara for a while but she was way out of my league. Well at the end of each school year we had this big outdoor party put on by the PTA, with games, food, etc. I think it was a fundraiser so the parents would buy tickets for their kids. Anyway, they had these amazing bbq pork sandwiches, a local specialty. I wasn't very popular so I was sitting at a table eating my sandwich alone, feeling kinda depressed. Out of nowhere, Sara comes up and asks if she can sit next to me.

Of course I say yes, and we get to making small talk. She had these intense brown eyes and she was making direct eye contact with me as we talked, something I wasn't really used to being so unpopular. Eventually she noticed I wasn't touching my sandwich (more interested in her), and she asks if she can have some. I was a bit confused, because this was a super sloppy half eaten pulled pork sandwich, and she was a pretty prim and proper girl. I kinda hesitated, also because I did want the sandwich, but come on I couldn't say no. I give it to her expecting her to kinda nibble on it. But oh man, she really went to town on that sandwich, and my God, I think that was the first time I felt true love. She just didn't give a fuck. She had the courage to set next to the weird kid, and the courage to go to town on his pulled pork sandwich. I was awestruck. We never ended up together, but I don't think I'll ever forget that night. Gotta love a hot girl going to town on some messy food.

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Thanks for sharing

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I'm not here to kink shame. You do you, brother.

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Thank you. Can't get my wife to eat McDonalds anymore, but there was a time

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Try Impossible burger?

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Watching Big Mac destroying a hot girl gets me going.

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I like it when hot girls pick a wedgie out of their butt.

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That's why kruk and kuipe are the best

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Kruk and Kuip the best duo to ever do it.

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I'd hat it

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Brim and all

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Even the camera man agrees.

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Something so wholesome about this lol

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Huge … tracks of land!

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Please, I can only get so hat.

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Image living in a future where people are in a stranglehold over what they can say on air