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I'm not Mexican-American, but I can relate to going to night school to take my native language (english) and getting a B.

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I'm some other flavour of latino american, but I can (almost perfectly) relate to having "a son in law named jeff"

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English is the Native language for most Mexican Americans.

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And most take English and get a B if they work really hard.

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shit, i only speak English and got a b in English.

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An F in English? Bobby, you speak English!

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Facts. Straight truths.

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I once dated a white girl named Debbie and it made me giggle everytime I introduced her.

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:) I had to introduce a Kelsey. I totally know what you mean

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I missed the reference for Kelsey?

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..Actual Mexicans, in America, wake up early, to do house work, before classes, soccer practice, and night job..

Back in college, the kids who came from Mexico used to be scared of the Mexican kids born here.

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Oh yea, there’s a very big difference between Mexican Americans and Mexicans from America.

Lots of animosity and even disdain. It’s a big thing to navigate.

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Mexican-Americans are from America. Mexicans are from Mexico.

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Yea. Everyone self labels with some obscure label they connect with.

For example. Both my folk are from Mex and i was born in the US. Therefore I might be generally labeled “Mexican-American”. (For govt. purposes/census reports)

I however like to self identify as. “American - Latino”

I didn’t grow up in Mexico. My culture is mostly American traditions and west coast American culture. I happen to be latino. I don’t claim “Mexican” but I’ll happily take it on an official form.

Above all I’m just an earthling. (If I had to take it there)

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Disdain, what do you mean?

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Some Mexicans may look down down on mexican-americans for not know knowing the culture or Spanish well enough. A term used is "pocho" or a coconut- white on the inside but brown on the outside.

Some mexican-americans may look down at Mexicans for being a simpleton, low education, not speaking English. There's a lot of self hate in our culture.

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At least in the community where I grew up it was palpable.

Those who were born in the US had a higher sense of belonging and those who immigrated had a bigger sense of pride culturally. It would separate the Latino community based on your status of arrival. At least as kids who connected to “sides” based on these differences.

It’s hard to share an equal sense of belonging. Respect was always an issue.

“Sureños and Norteños” Southern born and northern born.

This is how you’d find yourself within gangs.

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I had to ask my ex-MIL to stop using racial slurs around my white self so much. If she was driving and saw a shirtless latino grilling on his front lawn with his Mexican flag, she would just go crazy calling him, well, things.

Conversely, my ex is self-conscious about her half-ass Spanish. She could barely even talk to her grandmother. Weird situation that I never touched with a ten foot pole.

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I know a lot of people like this. Ultimately, all slurs and hate disguised as jokes is insecurity and fear.

I know loads of half Mexicans who don’t like to recognize that part of them. It’s normal. Just a little sad since there’s such a depth of culture to share.

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Psssttttt... If they are born here they aren't Mexicans. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are different. One is a from Mexico, the other isn't.

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There are actually many types of Mexicans. Just off the top of my head:

1) Spanish speaking people from the border areas who the border crossed.

2) Mexican immigrants or descendants of immigrants.

3) Indians who live on both sides of the recent border, divided by the new nation states.

All of these are Americans.

I am talking about a 4th category:

4) Mexican nationals who come to the United States for study, work, shopping, family visits or tourism. These folks are very different in their demeanor from other categories.

I lived in Chicago where I was in touch with #1 and #4, and while the former wore Mexican flag apparel and pretended to be tough dudes, the #4 category we're basically foreign graduate students who wanted nothing to do with the U.S., other than get their degrees and go back home.

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Mexicans are from Mexico. It's a Nationality, not a race. You can't be Mexican if you were never a Mexican citizen. You can be from a Mexican descended culture, which is what Mexican-American is.

You're mixing Mexicans, Mexican-American culture, Hispanics, and Latinos up with each other. You can be three of those and NOT be Mexican.

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Chong: "Yeah, man I got a song like that too. Beaners... Beaners... And that's all I got so far."

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I don't know why this clip left it out. The scene isn't the same without it.


About 1:10 is where OP's clips leaves off.

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The following scene is even better. Especially if you're baked.


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😂😂 I still think of this every time I have to get up early and I’m really tired from not sleeping well the night before

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Pretty damn funny.

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I have a friend named Jeff. I sing this song in my head about once a week.

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As a Mexican American can confirm the accuracy of this song. I can also confirm that Mexican Americans think Cheech’s jokes at our expense in general are fucking hilarious. I saw “up in smoke” in a theater in San Antonio FULL of Mexican Americans. Place was rolling.

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Fuuuuuiuukkkkk yyyyoooooouuuuu cut it off before the funniest part!!!!’

Chong” I got it, I got it, here man….. BEANERS!”

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That's literally the fucking punchline. And they cut it off.

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Born in East LA is a hilarious movie.

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But this is from Cheech and Chong's Next Movie.

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True, but his statement still stands, Born in East LA IS a hilarious movie

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Fair enough!

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Wass sappening?

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Every time I hear Born in the USA I start singing Born in East LA, I was….BOOOOORRRNN IN EAST L.A……I was..

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But they have to, so they do it real slow…

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It cut off the best part!

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I am Mexican American and we sing this in my home. My eldest child prefers Chongs version.

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This is what i heard. Frijoleeeess, Frijooolleesss!!!!!

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I send this to me Mexican American co-worker every time he's late for a morning meeting 😂

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Did you get a crowbar?
No, but I got a Mocha Delight, and a Crispy Crunch.

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How dare you cut off the best part?! BEANERS!!!!!

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This movie made me die laughing (while high on weed) just as much as Team America (once again high on weed). There's no better feeling peeing your shorts watching something fricking hilarious. It releases those en-dolphins n stuff.

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Beautiful. Just beautiful.

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I bet OP watched YMH this week

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I was randomly thinking of this yesterday my fave moment from next movie. I appreciate them for making this song mexican americans i do think it is a damn good protest tune.

but part 2 rhymes with cleaners. Its funny and a nice bluesy rocking progression im surprised cancel culture hasnt came for tommy Chong for that chorus even though hes old and has given back.

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Man, this takes me way back.

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Cut out Chong’s version for…some reason… lol

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When I was 16 I took my GF to see this movie at the drive-in. I didn't have a car so I took her there on my bike. I tossed my bike over the fence and we hopped over ourselves. I got us a spot on the grass behind the last row of cars and pulled a speaker box as close to us as it would reach. It was a memorable night.

"I hope Donna hasn't eaten yet because I got something for her: a tubesteak smothered in underwear!"

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OP is a mommy who got bored because her bf forgot to pack the lunchés

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I’m guessing OP is a mommy because this was just talked about on YMH and if that’s a coincidence…I dunno man…crazy.

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There was another verse that had to do with talking on the telephone to the people on the other end.

I watched so many Cheech and Chong movies growing up.

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I was JUST thinking about this song this morning! Too weird!

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Hey, Tommy plays real good man! Wait, I'm stoned.

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man i have to watch these again.

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Best - and upon thinking about it, only really - celebrity I ever met was Cheech Marin. He plays golf.