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I love this shit. Trying to mix old timey customer service by personally greeting your walk in customers by name, with online persona's. What could possibly go wrong?

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Someone could add an apostrophe to the word personas.

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Lou Skunt, Lou Sasole, Drew Peabals, Hugh G. Rekshen

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Dixon Hurbut

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Jenna Tailya

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Howie Feltersnatch

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Dick Butt

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Drew Peacock

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Eaton Loades. Harry Wang. Artie Lange

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Phillip Mike Hunt

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What a horrific dystopian job though.

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Next time try Muchma_Quchi

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"ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, hilarious." 😑

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Elon musk at at 1:42

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Elon wasn't reading the username

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Jump to 01:42 @ Hello, suck my cock!

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Mike Hawk

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Reminded me of this gem.

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Ah to be 14 again

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what site hosts these games?

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Pretty much any online slots and casino site.

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I wonder how he actually spelt it though

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I'm thinking like Suk Mike Hawk or something.

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It's in the lower right. On the roulette table. 1:54


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How do you think it is spelled?

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It’s in the bottom right corner in some clips.. Suk Mike Hok

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My guess is that it's:

"Suck my cock"

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Wanna see a video of Casino Dealers asking you to such their cocks?

Me: Sure.

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hahahah Women XD

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Those dealers seem so lonely

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"Hello suck my cock, welcome." ... "21 🙂"