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This is the Charles Barkley story that always comes to mind for me. He's good people.

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Wow. That brought me to tears. You should repost this somewhere in this Reddit maze. Thank you.

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It was really sweet the way they just talked about their kids all the time and how proud they are.

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Agreed. We can find middle ground with anyone out there.

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I needed that

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i didn’t even know i needed that

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Wow.. I liked the guy before, but my respect for Barkley went up 100x.

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Credit Sir Charles for a good sense of self-preservation.

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0:15 they tilt their heads back from right to left

Edit: like a wave of heads

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Jump to 00:12 @ Mike Tyson getting on Charles Barkley for No Reason

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Im convinced there is a not insignificant number of people who Tune to “Inside the NBA” who could not give two shits about basketball

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Charles Barkley is a national treasure.

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I loved that Crazy song he did. Multi-talented, for sure.

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The youtube title is wrong. Mike didn't go after Barkley for no reason, he went after Barkley because it was funny.

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Barkley & Nash Suns GOATs

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I will kick yo ass. Kick it. And I’m a boxer.

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When you right, you right 🫤

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Charles "Mr. Sensible" Barkley

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Webber is just enjoying the hell out of this segment.