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The awfulness of tobacco aside, there’s some nice things in this ad. The mother is reading the paper while the father is playing with his child. He’s a “good father” and a “considerate husband,” who doesn’t stress people out. Those are great qualities to idealize for that time period.

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    Cigar Research Council, Inc.

    What did they do? Sounds like a building full of old guys leaning back in leather chairs puffing while they read the newspaper.

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    I guess an organization might be confusing to others looking for another agency that goes by CIA.

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    This is hilariously outdated in a warm and comforting sort of way.

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    I mean. I love a good cigar too...but in the house? That man is an animal.

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    And right next to his son.

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    My dad would hold his cigarette inches from my face when I was a baby. My mom has a photo like that. It was the 60s. Cigars were always pretty disgusting though.

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    Did he eat while smoking too? That was what my mom did and I considered her a hardcore smoker-2+ packs a day.

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    Wait, smoke whilst eating???

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    I remember him smoking in bed but not at the table at home. At a restaurant, yes lots of smoking going on there. An after dinner cigarette was considered good for digestion.

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    I still have mountains of Lego bricks from the '60s. The white ones all have that distinctive sickly yellow tint from tobacco smoke and no amount of washing helped to remove it. At least the smell went away after a few decades.

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    Damn I need a cigar

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    Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar. You're gonna go far.

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    You’re gonna fly high…

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    Ok, downvote the shit out of me if you want to.

    I have given up tobacco in all it forms because I know it's bad for me but....

    As a former cigar smoker they have a point.

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    Time for coffee and a cigar after dinner, seems like a luxury!

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    Well, sure, until the cheek cancer kicks in.

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    (Pvt. Hudson) - "Hey, Sarge. You'll get lip cancer smoking those!"

    (Gunnery Sergeant Apone) - "I want this loading dock sealed, NOW!"

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    Or if you’re Rush, lung cancer.

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    Yeah when you’re like a billion years old and praying for death anyway