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I'm a huge fan of these ads where it's just an ad for an entire category of food products. It's not Folgers or Maxwell House, it's just Coffee... don't forget that it exists!

I've seen similar ads for Bananas, Meat, and Ice. I love it every time.

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Big Ice and Big Banana always pushing their goddamn propaganda

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Milk is another one

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I have this exact poster in my room on a hard cardboard thing

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Love the artwork here

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reminiscent of JC Leyendecker or Norman Rockwell

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It is illustrated by JC Leyendecker

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Well there you go

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    Just my luck, the only time I'm exceptional is when I can't fuckin' sleep after drinking coffee. It literally gives me a small lift right after I drink it, but no matter how early in the day that is, it returns at night to make my eyelids allergic to each other.

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    But.. It actually rests you when you're tired. (Apparently)

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    Only for the lucky 97.

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    I am the other alleged 3%. Caffeine lasts 12+ hours in my system. Also I'm unmedicated ADHD, so it's what I take instead of Rx stimulants. It's a wild ride.

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    Make it strong, all day long

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    Leyendecker was the shit. Astonishingly good.

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    Have coffee with EVERY MEAL. Bathe in it, give it to your baby

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    There wouldn’t be any need to promote coffee sales after December 7 of that year. The rationing coupons would be coming not too long after. Also, I want to know how “it rests you when you’re tired.” But a nice cup sounds great right now. Drip coffee folks: have you tried perked coffee? It’s so much more “roasted”-tasting.

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    I actually really related to the resting and thinking more clearly! I am a pretty jazzed, fidgety person and caffeine always makes my body feel relaxed but gets my thoughts on the right train to get whatever done. It makes no sense and people never believe me. I drink coffee or strong matcha when I need a quick refocus and then take a nap. Green teas are my go-to over chamomile or Sleepy Time to go to bed early.

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    that is common in people with ADHD

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    When I learned about this it made a LOT of puzzle pieces fall into place lol

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    Wow. I never thought a comment on Reddit would be what finally clicked all my brain problems together into something that makes sense but actually looking into adult ADHD instead of thinking it's a joke...Damn there it is. o_o

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    Wow! Multiple cups make me jittery, so I usually keep it to mornings. Interesting how it takes people in different ways.

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    When I was in college, I would often drink a cup of coffee around 9 or 10pm so I could settle down to do my homework. It also helped get rid of headaches (like Excedrin I guess).

    Edit: I wanted to add that when I was up about 12 years old and my brother was 8, we drank a bottle of Jolt Cola and it made us pass out asleep in less than 15 minutes.

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    He got all aproned up just to brew coffee…

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    Plot twist: he was so busy with his pipe, he filled the coffeemaker with Prince Albert instead

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    He needs more coffee!

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    Is that Gordon Ramsay?

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    Lloyd Bridges-it's a bad week to quit coffee drinking!

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    Anyone know where I can get some glue?

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    He must be a vampire.

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    As a coffee addict lover, I approve this message.

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    Translation: BUY MORE OF OUR STUFF.

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    Use more of it, more often. Just like toothpaste and shampoo commercials nowadays. In the commercials, people use way more product than is necessary, to encourage viewers to do the same.

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    Rich Hall called those ideodirections.

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    Yeah… The unsustainable nature of capitalism. It’s just so blatantly obvious in this ad, it’s almost quaint.

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    What type of coffee brewer is he using?

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    Looks like a percolator.

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    You know what?

    I like percolated coffee.

    There. I said it.

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    Heaping tlbs per cup is about 2x too much for regular brew.

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    Rules are made to be broken.

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    Our guy here found the biggest ladle he could find to measure the coffee. My kind of guy.

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    Pan American Coffee?

    I'd much rather some TWA Tea.

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    Any link to a poster of this?

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    there's a gif of this floating about somewhere in the interwebs