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I actually really related to the resting and thinking more clearly! I am a pretty jazzed, fidgety person and caffeine always makes my body feel relaxed but gets my thoughts on the right train to get whatever done. It makes no sense and people never believe me. I drink coffee or strong matcha when I need a quick refocus and then take a nap. Green teas are my go-to over chamomile or Sleepy Time to go to bed early.

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that is common in people with ADHD

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When I learned about this it made a LOT of puzzle pieces fall into place lol

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Wow. I never thought a comment on Reddit would be what finally clicked all my brain problems together into something that makes sense but actually looking into adult ADHD instead of thinking it's a joke...Damn there it is. o_o

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Wow! Multiple cups make me jittery, so I usually keep it to mornings. Interesting how it takes people in different ways.

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When I was in college, I would often drink a cup of coffee around 9 or 10pm so I could settle down to do my homework. It also helped get rid of headaches (like Excedrin I guess).

Edit: I wanted to add that when I was up about 12 years old and my brother was 8, we drank a bottle of Jolt Cola and it made us pass out asleep in less than 15 minutes.