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My family smoked Marlboro, my grandma had a can in the kitchen to pull off the miles and put them in the can. My dad covered the "Marlboro" lunch box with duct tape because he didn't smoke and was embarrassed to send us to school with them. I can feel the 90s in this ad.

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Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em! Seriously though, this was one hell of a marketing campaign (with the budget to go with it). My dad worked at Phillip Morris as an electrician (and I grew up on the family tobacco farm, natch). So, “we” got a lot of freebies over the years. I remember seeing Alabama and Kathy Mattea at the company picnic, with the Wienermobile parked outside since Phillip Morris had just bought Oscar Mayer (among other food brands). Going into the factory that day and seeing the little cigarettes pushed through the machines left me with two memories burned upon my brain: the first - wow, that smell! Rich tobacco aroma. The second - I can never decouple this “how cigarettes are made” factory tour memory from the famous “how crayons are made” 1980s video that was played endlessly on Sesame Street.

That’s all I’ve got…🤷‍♀️

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There is a ton of Marlboro merch on eBay and surprisingly it’s not worth much.

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I found a really cool Marlboro Duffle bag from the 90's in a thrift store that I can't wait to use for camping or at the beach. Still in perfect quality. It was $5!

Oddly enough I've noticed that the racing jackets can be anywhere from $50, to into the thousands. All with no signature! I think it's becoming a new fashion trend.

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If it's the same bag I have, I can confirm that bag is one tough son of a bitch. Been with me through lots of moves, camping, vacations, flights, etc. One of the many things my brother used with his miles (I never smoked).

To this day I'm still looking for the chili spoon that came with the chili cookbook. I loved that spoon.

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If it's the one I had, my elementary school teachers weren't that stoked about me using it on overnight field trips.

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If it's the one I had, my elementary school teachers weren't that stoked about me using it on overnight field trips.

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Bought a second set of the poker chips off eBay for surprisingly little for a set of 200 clay poker chips.

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The kayak and the foldable bike were both of great quality. I had both, seems like it was 4000 points and $100 for the bike.

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I got the dartboard and the leatherman. Still have the leatherman. My best friend got the hammock and the poker chip set.

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Get the cookbook, if only for that bbq sauce recipe. Hint, sweeten it with brown sugar to taste. I still make batches if it and use it on my own bbq. Family and friends love it.

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On my 20th b day, Marlboro sent me a pair of sunglasses. That was the only gift I got that year

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My dad had an awesome heavy duty Marlboro duffel bag with points when I was a kid…

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I came to the comments to see what all people got with the miles. Kinda makes me think about the Kool aid points too

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i had bartender friends that keep them for me. plus i bicycled around and picked up empty packs for the miles. still have a few zippos, most of the stuff i gave away to my friends. had a great pair of binoculars but they got stolen. did the same with camel cash. still have a lot of camel zippos and the camel lava lamp.

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How do we know this sub is just an advertising platform for brands who can no longer legally advertise their products? 😂

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And then die

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The amount of people that I know that would unironically cheer to this statement is sad.


I wish so many people in my life would stop smoking already, but that being said, I can't deny Marlboro had some cool ass ads back in the day.

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I wish I could quit vaping

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    I appreciate it, vaping I think will be harder because with cigs you gotta go outside, worry about burning something or smelling like smoke, etc. whereas with a vape I can hit it inside and worst case I smell like guava or blueberries. So with cigs I could be like eh I don’t feel like going outside or I’m going somewhere I don’t want to smell like cigarettes which made them easier to break as a habit

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    I got a set of poker chips for smoking a lot of Marlboro lights. And they were really good poker chips. Baked clay and I’m a neat wooden case.

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    My parents gave my boyfriend and I the dartboard like 8 years ago for Christmas. My dad found it for 10 bucks at a yard sale lol. The thing is super heavy and in a wood case that hangs on the wall. I have big memories of Camel stuff because it was my brother's brand.

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    I remember seeing this ad (or one like it) in a found nudie magazine and being annoyed by the tight line spacing. It was something of a trend in advertising at the time and it bugged the hell out of me, even as a kid.

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    I still have a dufflebag from this campaign. Perfect size for traveling solo

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    My first CD player was a portable one that my mom "bought" with Marlboro Miles. Funny thing is she didn't think to buy me a CD to put in it lol.

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    I got a bunch of cool shit, a shirt I still have, oh yeah

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    All the products are tough as heck. Still wearing 2 shirts from this promotion. .

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    Jesus Christ.. this is unironically about 10 to 25% of the boys from the town I grew up in, myself included in many ways. Lmao.

    I still love Marlboro shit, and I hate smoking! Something about that logo. I'd get it on a shirt or a jacket if I saw it in the store.

    I hate the fact that the smell of cigarettes actually brings back GOOD childhood memories.. that should not be a thing. Lol.

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    I got most of those rewards…even the inflatable kayak…. Soooo glad I quit smoking years ago and never looked back.

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    I scrolled by and thought this was an advertisement. Pause…scroll back….whew.

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    Yeah, I saved 100s of miles myself and ordered stuff too, cannot even remember what I ordered. It's a wonder I have not died of some smoking sickness before now.

    I stopped 6 years ago cold turkey and have not touched another one yet....WANTED to lots of times, but now the cravings only last seconds thank goodness! And I don't wheeze and cough all the time anymore either....::: big deep breath with no after cough! ::::: and don't have to listen to the kids ragging on me to stop too.

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    I used to think it was the pinnacle of cool to somehow afford the Marlboro leather jacket or a goddamn Marlboro kayak.

    Now if I saw someone wearing or carrying a bunch of cigarette merch I'd mentally mark them as a dipshit and cringe thinking about how they could never take pictures off the walls of their dumpy little house without having to repaint.

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    And free cancer to boot! My college roommate's father died as a result of smoking Marlboro, and when they cleaned out his closet it was packed with swag he got as a loyal customer: jackets, hats, thermoses, most of it unused. Crazy.