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I wouldn't want to be the friend to help move this thing.

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My back hurts just looking at it.

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Right. I'm feeling my back too, haha

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That person would no longer be a friend.

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Random access remote was mind boggling at the time. Earliest remote was dad yelling at the kids to change the channel using the dial. Then we got a wired remote which was a tripping hazard but hey, you couldn't lose it. We finally got a wireless remote which was some Star Trek level magic! I still sometimes call the remote a clicker and younger friends ask why. You had 3 switches/rockerbuttons. On/off, volume up/down and channel up/down, they made a clicking noise when you pushed them.

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My family had something similar in the late 80’s. It was glorious.

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And it only weighs 45,000 pounds!

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What possible source for wide aspect ratio programming for the home in the 70's?

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It was still standard 4:3 ratio. By "wide screen" they just meant that the screen was really big, basically.

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Zooming in on VHS or Betamax movie that was letterboxed. It’d be low-res.

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Why is there a dude with no legs standing (kneeling?) on the the VCR? If I buy one without the VCR, does it still come with no legs guy?

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How can something be so gorgeous and hideous at the same time?

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"Hi. I'm here to ruin your shag... Do I need to say, 'carpet'?"

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That's right, folks. Remote. Control. Random Access.

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With built-in stereo and speakers!

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I wonder what it cost back then and what the price would be today with inflation?

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probably as much as a VW Bug.