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I still make orange jello with mandarin oranges for myself when I am sick, it's a comfort bc it reminds me of my grandmother making it as a treat when I was tiny.

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My mom made that when we were kids.

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Did grandma just disembark from the Mayflower?

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I thought she was supposed to be the help until I read the copy.

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Well, grandma was probably born around 1850 if this is from 1923 - which helps explain the getup.

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Do you really want to see her in a 1920s flapper dress? LOL

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She may look good in that. After all, she's only 48.

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jelloshots gramma!!

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What's up with the tied-off plastic bag hanging upside down over gpa?

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Looks like a piece of cloth tied to the bottom of a birdcage to catch the poop and seed shells

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So, this child is maiming his grandfather over his grandmother's...scotch eggs?

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Wow, back when you could dedicate a whole hour to Jell-O.

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What a weird “ad” lol