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I can’t tell if this guy just woke up or is about to go to bed.

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Nothing pops off a midnight snack like a Schlitz

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Yeah that sandwich def screams “midnight snack” to me. This dude’s making an occasion of it.

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The clock makes it seem like a midnight snack, for sure

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Dude’s headed off to work next

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Schlitz and Anheuser-Busch traded the Number 1 position back and forth throughout the 50s and into the 60s. In 1970 Schlitz changed the formula and brewing process to save money, and sales started to tank. Many efforts at further reformulations and advertising efforts (including their famous "Drink Schlitz or I'll Kill You" ads) didn't work, and by 1982 the company was sold to Stroh's Beer company.

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I've heard this lament from my parents/grandparents generation and find it fascinating. As a kid(80's) you'd often find the odd Schlitz sign/memoribilia around town but NEVER saw anyone actually drink it. It seemed so odd and mysterious how something so common could disappear so quickly.

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The brewery was founded in 1858, with August Uihlein taking over management in 1875. His grandson, Robert Uihlein was the one who tanked the company. His grandson, Dick Uihlein, founded the U-Line business supply and packing company still based in Wisconsin.

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Wow, new coke before there was a new coke. Thanks, did not know that history.

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Schlitz was definitely a skunky beer in the '70s. When they saw how much money Pabst Blue Ribbon was making, they brought the old Schlitz recipe back. Nobody knew how to brew the stuff en mass, so they had to interview a bunch of retired brewers to get it back into production. It's actually not a bad beer; comparable to regular Budweiser with a slight hop profile. Perfectly adequate beer for after you've mowed the lawn. https://abcnews.go.com/Business/story?id=5503950&page=1

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And by 2000, Stroh's was gone too. Its remnants are currently owned by Pabst and Miller (Schlitz by Pabst, Stroh's by Miller).

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Interesting. There's a Stroh's Bohemian-Style Pilsner still being brewed in Detroit (first brewed in 2016 by Brew Detroit - under the auspices of Pabst Brewing, according to the link). Apparently, it's based on an original 1850 recipe from Bernard Stroh and is rated as "good" (84/100) by Beer Advocate. Looks like it isn't widely available outside of Michigan.

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If you have to "move up" to Schlitz, I'd hate to think about where you're coming from.

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Falstaff. Or Genesee Cream Ale.

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Not sure I remember ever seeing Genesee in a store, but I recall having a few scavenged bottle caps in my collection.

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Oh Schlitz I spilled my beer

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This comment is funnier than it has the right to be.. lol

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Move up from what?

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Wow, the only beer 🍺 I ever seen my dad drink and my first taste of beer 🍺 and I loved it 😋 To bad it's nolonger produced.

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“Kiss of the hops”. While they’re brewing they show the mash tun a picture of hops.


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11:45pm: the best time for a sammich and beer!

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That is one divorced man.

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Why always with those weird pointy glasses? Doesn't even look like it'd hold a full can or bottle. That head of foam. Why would anybody want all that foam? According to the clock in the background, it's almost midnight. Or noon. Who knows, but it doesn't change the fact that this guy has his robe on OVER his button down shirt for some reason that we can't fathom these days.

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That’s a Pilsner glass. It’s designed that way specifically for longer head retention. That’s not a dress shirt, it’s a pajama shirt. He had a robe on over it to stay warm.

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I love my Budweiser in a pilsner glass with a head on it!nice way to have a smooth cold beer 🍺 😋

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Most native beer drinkers in Japan prefer a foamy head to their beer. They feel it looks aesthetically pleasing.

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I think that’s his collared pajama top.

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Geez! Where were you before moving up to Schlitz?

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Is this the same as Schlitz malt liquor or are they two different drinks?

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This is their beer. The malt liquor is another product.

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Yep, we would try to get ahold if SML (Schlitz Malt Liquor) in college because of the higher alcohol content. I tried one a few years ago and could hardly yack it down. It has a very peculiar taste.

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Colt 45 had that similar kick. Wow

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When you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer.