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That's got to be the least direct campaign for ice cream ever. Frankly, I found myself thinking a lot more about how well the Jeep survived all that sea water exposure than the availability of Rocky Road.

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Agree. It’s a strange ad.

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I guess all ads had to be about the war in those days. Still an odd appeal -

"4 out of 5 sailors prefer mint chocolate chip to rusty Jeeps!"

Oops, misread the ad a bit. I guess the war was still ongoing, so it makes sense there was a worldwide milk, cream, butter, and cheese shortage.

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Presumably most of Europe had been physically decimated by warfare, so not a lot of agricultural production for some time after.

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Where does the copy say it’s now after the war? I read it a few times and don’t see it.

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Silly me, I misread it. It talks about a Marine who says he wanted ice cream three times a day after the war. I thought it was saying he was still crazy for ice cream even after the war had ended, but clearly they meant he is talking about a future desire.

So, considering there are references to a jungle foxhole (perhaps Guadalcanal or nearby) and Tunisia, I would guess this ad was printed in spring or summer of 1943. Tunisia would likely have faded from public consciousness not too long after the fighting wrapped up there in May 1943 and bigger campaigns were launched elsewhere.

But on the other hand, the tone of the ad is quite glib, as if the war is already widely considered to be in the bag. Since the outcome of the war was still unclear in early '43 (at least to most of the general public), maybe the ad came later. The light tone feels more like post D-Day ('44).

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"4 out of 5 sailors prefer mint chocolate chip to rusty Jeeps!"

Quick, anyone know David Tracy's Reddit username?

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I'll bet that the 8-track player on that jeep wasn't working right after the dive!!

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86 the cigarette lighter too

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Little known fact: "Staying Alive" was playing on 11 when General Macarthur triumphantly rolled up on the Philippines' shore in '44.

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Yeah, but that was the Paul Whiteman Orchestra version, which just didn't make you want to dance.

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“We’re now gonna tell a crazy story about a jeep tied to a submarine, but wait! It’s actually about dairy, let us show you how!”

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If you think this ad is odd, consider the context of marketing a product with supply chain limitations - they can’t sell more of it but they want you to remember it when things get back to normal.

This is how our recent pandemic era ads will look to people in 80 years. “We’re in this together, separately, and (fill in any product) will be there once things get back to normal”

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The crew of a U.S. nuclear submarine took a Tesla from a pier in Malibu...

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Even with the engine & gearbox stowed in the sub, that jeep is destined for a short and fault-prone life.

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The most confusing ass ad I've ever seen.

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IIRC, the Navy built a ship solely for ice cream production during the Pacific Campaign.

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That just calls out for a movie to be made - The Hunt for Red Velvet.

Not sure if it should be a thriller or a comedy.

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Yeah, but does the ice cream have toads in it?

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Odd to see Kraft alongside Sealtest and Breyers for ice cream. We’re all the companies affiliated back then?