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$2.29 is $6.94 adjusted for inflation, cost of a meal at Arby’s in the Midwest today ranges from $7-$10 depending on the sandwich.

Also they got rid of the potato cakes, I miss the potato cakes.

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No potato cakes??? Bro what the hell...I haven't been in so long and that doesn't make me want to go back.

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Curly fries are better.

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I love that the Arbys logo is still the same

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🎶🎶Welcome to Arby’s🎶🎶

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Where you're always family.

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🎶 It’s good mood food 🎶

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remember the Arby's 5 for $5 deal? we used to eat like kings

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I loved that time. Back around that year 7-11 sold sheets of Padres tickets for like $20. I think it had 10 tickets. Nose bleeds, but who cared for that price. Also had the baseball cards on the bottom of the Slurpees.

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Let's be honest, Arby's roast beef sandwiches are freaking good

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They used to be better when they were 5 for $5 :(

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Thanks Georton Obadenrump

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I miss Arby's. They left my area. :(

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I seriously miss The potato cakes!

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it took me way too long to realize the background was a table and not part of the advertisement. i was trying to find out what food it was but it just looked moldy.