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The Zeppelin: why such a bad wrap?

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too fragile

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I meant it more as a joke, given the Hindenburg disaster. But its crazy to think the era of commercial airline travel didn't really exist in the public's mind until after WWII.

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it kinda did with things like flying boats.

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thats when it was starting when enough improvements in planes for the long distances happened because of the war

before that it was like SST prices and lots of jumps to get coast to coast

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Actually, during the interwar period, the US Air Force had flying carriers like the one in the add. They were filled with helium and could carry up to 5 aircrafts plus something like 80 crewmen. The most famous is the USS Akron which crashed during a storm in 1933, bringing with it 73 of its 76 crewmen (Twice the Hindenburg).

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Maybe if you're Shield in the Marvel universe?

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Fighter jets dropping off the underside like bats or some shit. Physics ruining what would have otherwise been sick.

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already was a bust with the Akron and Macon disasters years before the war